Packing Cubes | Take Your Travel Packing to the Next Level

Packing Cubes | Take Your Travel Packing to the Next Level

Hi there, it’s Ernest from Trip Astute. In
this video, we’re doing a gear review of packing cubes, one of the easiest and
most effective ways to take your packing to the next level. (light chiming music) One of the things that
has really improved my travel experience in the last decade is packing cubes.
While there’s tons of videos and articles out there on the subject, we
want to do a quick gear review for those of you who might not be familiar with
these products. Packing cubes are lightweight zippered compartment bags
that allow you to organize the contents of your luggage. The bags often have some
level of elasticity, allowing them to compress the clothing inside. They come
in a variety of shapes, sizes, and manufacturers, and are fairly inexpensive.
You basically fold or roll your clothes, place them in the cube, and zip them up.
Once you’re done, you just place them in your suitcase. It’s simple but completely
genius. Here are some ways that packing cubes improve the process of packing and
traveling. Number one: Segment your packing. One of the benefits of packing
cubes is that it segments your packing, which allows you to pack in phases. For
me, this means that I usually start with my underwear and socks, pants and shorts,
then I transition to shirts and tops. It really helps to break down my packing
into smaller units, which at least for my brain, is super helpful. Number two:
Allows you to unpack easily. When I get to my hotel, I just grab each individual
cube and place them in the drawers. It’s not only efficient, but it keeps my
clothes from getting wrinkles. This is also handy if you ever get stopped at
customs and are asked to unpack your bag. This happened to me in Thailand, and when
I quickly unpacked all the cubes from my backpack, the customs officer seemed pretty
impressed. Number three: Compress your items. Another
benefit to packing cubes is that they can compress the items in your bag.
Rather than having clothing that can shift within your suitcase and take up
unnecessary space, your items are kept nice
and neat in the packing cube. I’ve also seen some cubes that are two-sided to
hold your dirty laundry on one side. I haven’t personally tried them, but I
think it’s a great idea. I currently use an Eagle Creek Pack-it Compression Sac
as my laundry bag, and I’m pretty happy with the setup. Check out our review of
the compression sac for more details. Packing cube sets start around $15, and
they go up in price depending on size, features, and quality of materials. I
personally have ones from Eagle Creek, eBags, and even a few from AmazonBasics. All
of them work great and have never failed me. They also make awesome gifts for any
travelers in your life. Lastly, once you start using packing cubes, you’ll want to
explore other accessories for packing. Some of the other accessories that I
would recommend are shoe bags, a compressible laundry bag, and a garment
folder. And that’s our gear review. Do you use packing cubes or any other special
gear for packing your bags when traveling? If so, please share them in the
comment section below. I’ve included some Amazon links in the video description.
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Until next time, travel safe and travel smart.

9 thoughts on “Packing Cubes | Take Your Travel Packing to the Next Level

  1. WOW, it's so convenient!! I have a packing cube where I can aspire with a vacuum. It saves space. Your videos are very professional!

  2. Packing cubes make travelling SO much easier. I'm in the process of trying to have everything I pack contained in some way, even shoes! Packing cubes really helped me out on recent trip. I had to take out medical equipment to be scanned. Almost everything was in a packing cube. Not only did it make putting everything back fast and painless, it maintains some privacy. Your stuff isn't all over the place.

  3. I never knew about these things, this will change my life as I'm obsessed with being organized and my luggage becomes a hot mess during a trip! Thanks for this!

  4. I love packing cubes. Got a set from
    Sharper image but found them really cheap at Marshall’s. I’ve also seen them at TJ Maxx.

  5. Packing cubes, my ass. What a stupid idea. Anything goes for consumerism. You are actually adding more stuff to your suitcase!!!

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