Packing Essentials & Hacks

Packing Essentials & Hacks

Honestly the thing that’s saving me the
most is my lash perm. No mascara. I do it every time before I travel. Buenos dias!
I am in Spain right now specifically Sevilla. So traveling to Europe has been
an experience. It’s our first time in Europe. There’s a lot of things that I
definitely came well-prepared for, and there are other things like bringing a
rolling suitcase and big day bag has been a bit of a tricky thing, namely lack
of elevators. But there are things that I am here to prepare you for. This is not
as fashion based but these are travel essentials that I have learned to carry
with me, and have been lifesaver. So these are incredible products. Since this one
is not as style based you can see all my outfits and my highlights on my
Instagram @letitiakiu to check out what I’ve been doing in Spain. First
thing that I learned is to bring a power bar. If you’re going anywhere that you
need a converter for, instead of buying a whole bunch of converters, bring a power
bar and then you just plug this into the converter and you have multiple of your
outlet to use. I do have a couple of fashion items. One
thing is this bag. It actually comes with a shoe bag and a laundry bag. Inside, it
has a safety pouch, a bunch of compartments on each side, and then an
extra case for your laptop. So that’s my carry-on luggage. I actually saw the
other night a couple, they each had two rolly suitcases. It’s just brutal if
you don’t have an elevator. Having to carry two suitcases each, having to carry
one was already brutal enough. Then my next bag this one is from Everlane. The
hostel host was like oh be careful about your big bag the Dagne and Dover because he said Europe is really bad with pickpockets, but Barcelona pickpockets are like a whole other ballgame. So I’m extra
cautious and I had a fanny pack before but it was very small and I wanted a bag
big enough to carry my camera, my phone, it just barely fits everything but it
has all the essentials that I need. I was thinking that it was very versatile so
that I can use it as a clutch if I need to, but for the most part I’ve had it
hanging over my shoulder like this. So hanging in the front magnet closures
make it easy to get things and yes it runs pretty deep. It holds a lot of stuff
a lot of you have been asking about this hat. I got on my first vacation ever with
Stef. We went to Panama, and then we just bought it at a local
shop. I’ve always stuffed my accessories into like a ziploc bag. Mejuri has
their own accessories case that actually holds all of your jewelry that you need.
I really like that it’s a really small case. It’s very unassuming
nothing flashy and when you open it up it has everything that you need don’t
it’s a little thrown together at the moment because I haven’t sorted anything, but you have somewhere to take your earrings or your necklaces like this
tiny pouch and then I just flip and nothing gets lost. Nothing gets messy it
has a section for snap closures, for studs, this is for rings but that I put
my hoop earrings through it. I throw my barrette. And also, it’s not soft. I was
looking for sandals that had arch support but were not Birkenstocks
because they just don’t look good with everything. And then I came across these
on Everlane. The only problem is see this one is looser than this one. So it
don’t have much room on this strap versus having more room on this one. And so this second strap has been rubbing into my left foot a bit other than that
it’s super super comfortable and the color is, you just don’t find shoes of
this color and I just felt like it they were really special. So for beauty
products, not much as different from my travel makeup essentials in the video
that I’ll link in the description but a couple of things worth noting, I
think I’ve mentioned this before but powder sunscreen, it’s great. If you’re
wearing makeup and it also actually helps as blotting powder. Just a note
that I’ve been told that powder sunscreen is not as effective as liquid
sunscreen. Solid particles just don’t distribute over your face as well as
liquid so use at your own risk. But I have found that it definitely has helped
with preventing sunburns. And then another product is this dry shampoo, and
it’s really the dispenser. And then if I put it on my hair. The brand is Voir. Because I’m a true
believer of double cleansing, I cannot live without an oil cleanser to wash off
makeup, and then a gentle gel cleanser after. But it sucks to pack a liquid oil
when you’re traveling. So in comes Farmacy’s Green Clean. This is a solid
oil cleanser it makes it so much more convenient to travel with. I don’t need
to worry about it spilling and it’s 50 mls so you can even put in your
carry-on. So then the things I’m very excited to tell you about that I think
will change your life when you’re traveling. You definitely need a charging
case for your phone I have an iPhone 7. The batteries don’t last long. You could
get a power bank but that means that you have to carry a power bank with a cord
and then have multiple things to juggle. With this I bunzed for this and it has
four charges. Makes my phone ten times heavier, but at least it’s not bulky. Not that
bulky. At least I don’t have to carry an extra power bank. So highly recommend
that when you’re traveling. And then we also got a Wi-Fi. A portable Wi-Fi. The
company that we went through is my web spot we have some troubles with them but when it works it’s great. When we’re traveling to Japan, after a long day of
walking, Stefan’s feet smelled disgusting. They could have
ruined the entire trip. But this time I thought ahead and I was like you need to
get shoe deodorizer. I really didn’t think anything would work on feet like
his. I’ve tried baking soda, charcoal, and then just picked this up at the pharmacy.
If you spray on black shoes or anything it could leave a stain,
a temporary stain. So this one is the Doctor Scholl’s odour destroyer. You
don’t, you don’t realize you need this until you really need this. And then
another thing I bunzed for you would not believe what this is. It’s a water bottle
yeah. You know when you go to the gift store and they have those squeezy
cucumbers but that slip out of your hand? Funny enough the person that I traded
with she said that she was gonna bring it to Spain, ended up for getting it at
home and didn’t have a use for it anymore. There is a technique to drinking
this you can’t just here you have to hold the lid or the base squeeze the air
out. This holds 750 milliliters. I would
choose this over carrying my heavy heavy S’well bottle any day. We’ve been using this for 4 or 5 days now and it has not gotten smelly. I’ve been, I’m worried about it getting
smelly because my S’well bottle gets so smelly after one use. But this doesn’t smell at all. I don’t understand. The other life-changing
product I don’t even need to explain. I’m just going to show you. This is
called the travel pillow. I switch it when my neck gets tired. And it works so
much better than a travel doughnut. It can be a bit better, but it’s been the
best thing I have ever used so far for traveling. And then the last thing. You
don’t need to buy anything for it, if you have a dog. I saw this hack on
BuzzFeed where if you tie a leash behind the tray table and this is what I
did I just closed the loop like this. You create a hammock for your feet. It’s
great because I have short stubby legs and I could hang my feet and then on
that article of travel hacks, I also learned that if you ask the attendant
for the full can of a drink they give it to you! The travelling is really fun and
it can be fun and comfortable if you have the right things with you. I really
wanted to let you know all the really cool things I carried, and I hope it
helps with your travels. I’ll see you guys next time, bye.

14 thoughts on “Packing Essentials & Hacks

  1. That charging phone case thing is awesome! I'm gonna look into getting one for my phone so if I forget my cable again I won't have to worry.

  2. You can also ask for a low salt diet (or any other diet thing that you have) on long flights and you get your food first, and i read a throw away line somewhere that salt makes you swell more when you fly but idk, but the diet food first totally works

  3. Thanks for the tips! Definitely love efficiency when traveling, and that leash hack is a lifesaver for us short legged girls

  4. I always travel with solid products (perfume, shampoo, conditioner, cleanser) they use less plastic, they won't Leak, they are lighter AND they aren't liquid so if you are traveling with just a carry on you don't have to worry about being stopped by the stress inducing security people!

  5. Actually you can youse the powerbar but you have to set a transformer between it. The cheap converters dont have them anymore
    And if your bottle gets smelly, just clean it with hot water and let that sit a bit… Afterwards let tge bottle dry overnight

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