Packing for a Cruise – Flight Tips Edition

Packing for a Cruise – Flight Tips Edition

Hey cruisers,
I’m Sheri with CruiseTipsTV. We’ve made tons of videos on packing for
a cruise, but packing is a different experience if you’re flying to your port. Flying to your cruise port is riddled with
more challenges and restrictions than driving, but with a little pre-planning, your bon voyage
flight can be stress free…just don’t forget your passport! Let’s talk about how to fine tune your pre-cruise
flight packing game: #1. CruiseTipsTV subscribers KNOW we love using
Packing cubes. But why use them for a flight to port? Not only do cubes help with weight distribution,
but they keep your luggage tidy and organized in the event your bag gets opened during a
preflight inspection. Also, if you find your bag is overweight at
check in, you can simply open the suitcase, and pull out a packing cube to redistribute
the weight to another suitcase, or your carry on bag. Packing cubes are also great if you like to
roll your luggage, rather than fold it. Rolling can save space, and in some cases,
help keep your clothes less wrinkly. Don’t own any packing cubes? Try Ziploc bags. They come in variety of sizes and can be re-used
throughout your cruise for dozens of things! From separating out a wet swimsuit to packing
sunscreen and other liquids in your beach bag. #2- If you plan to check your bags, it’s
a good idea to Weigh and measure your bags before you leave. We invested in this under $10 Luggage scale
to avoid extra baggage fees. Of course, you’ll want to study up on your
airlines baggage and weight policies in advance, because they are all different. In general though, most will find a way to
penalize you if your bag is over 50 pounds. (Learn baggage fee policy in advance) #3- Get to know the TSA rules on liquids. In short, if you plan to pack liquids in your
carry-on bags, you’ll want to Follow the 3-1-1 rule. All liquids brought onto planes must be in
3.4-ounce (or 100 milliliter) or smaller bottles and inside a single, clear, quart-size zip-top
bag. Containers of liquids larger than 3.4 ounces,
regardless of what’s inside of them MUST be in your checked luggage. In most cases, You can bring medically necessary
medications and creams in excess of 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters in your carry-on bag, but
you’ll want to Remove them from your carry-on bag to be screened separately. #4- Be smart about your carry-on bag: Your
passport, identification, money, credit cards, jewelry, electronics, and other valuables
should always be brought onto the plane with you. Your Carry-on may also be a good choice for
dual purpose clothing like a jacket that can double as a pillow or pants that convert to
shorts. An extra set of clothing for every member
of your group is also smart, in the event your luggage is delayed or lost. #5 – Place heavier items at the bottom of
your suitcase, meaning the short end where the wheels are. It’s easier to roll a bag through long airport
hallways when the weight is down there. Shoes and toiletries are good candidates for
this space. 7. Speaking of shoes, try to minimize how many
you pack. They’re heavy and awkward to pack and chances
are, you’ll favor just 2 or 3 favorites on your cruise. Flipflops are a great alternative for warm
weather cruises, and are easy to remove during airport security checks. On the other hand, some of the most seasoned
travelers will tell you to wear your most HEAVY shoes on the plane. The choice is yours! Oh, and like we’ve sad before, don’t even
bother packing uncomfortable shoes on a cruise- nuff said. 8. Don’t forget your phone charger in your flight
carry on bag. If you have lots of USB charged items, a USB
charging hub can take the place of a handful of other chargers. 9. Stockpile samples, Like the ones you’ll
see in the subscription boxes we showcase on our CruiseGear channel or on our “shop
with me” video from our trip to the sample aisle at Target. Target and your local drug store are great
places to pick up inexpensive samples, especially if you plan to pack carry on only. 10. Make a packing list, or use one of the many
available lists online. Getting organized is the first step in avoiding
over-packing, and reduces last minute travel stress. 12. Accessorize! Use a colorful luggage strap for help id your
bag in a crowd. We’ve found inexpensive and fun straps at
discount stores like TJMaxx. 13. Create a travel size first aid kit – just
in case. Bandaids, antibiotic ointment, and even earplugs
can give you peace of mind, even if you don’t need them. 14. Wear it, don’t pack it. Dressing in layers can make sense for a few
reasons least of all saving space and weight in your bag. Layering is a good way to be prepare for changing
temp’s etc’. On a related note, if you’re traveling with
a heavy or bulky jacket, consider wearing it ON the plane so it doesn’t take up tons
of space in your luggage. You can use it as a blanket or pillow once
you’re in the air. 15. Pack a daypack or extra duffle bag inside
your full-size bag. Just because you’re flying or packing light,
doesn’t mean you won’t need extra space for souvenirs. 16. Be aware of your color palette when selecting
clothing. If your color palettes are cross compatible,
you will have many outfits from less clothing while you are on the road. 17. Are you an overpacker? You might consider Laying out everything you
think you need to bring on your trip, Then remove a few items for each person traveling. You don’t need all that stuff. Lastly, we have threeflight packing tips from
subscribers: The First tip is from Boatlover; “be sure
your name and cell phone number (not your home phone) is inside your checked bag in
the event it gets lost, and DON”T put your home address on your luggage tags. You’re telling people who encounter your
bag that you’re not home”.. Number 19 , Evelyn suggests you wear comfy
shoes and pack headphones. AND, twimama43 suggests you stop by Sephora
for some FREE toiletry samples.

47 thoughts on “Packing for a Cruise – Flight Tips Edition

  1. thank you so much for this video. it really helps me. you guys are awesome. we are getting close to the 200 day mark. ahhh lol

  2. I thought it was funny when you said "if you roll your luggage instead of folding it" LOL Thanks for the great tips.

  3. and don't forget the extra charges for bags on aircraft I just booked Ottawa to Miami and back for $400 and my 2 bag charge each way will be $60 so really the cost is now $520. thats more than 25% because of 2 bags

  4. Just an addendum to packing shoes. Like in most carry on bags, you have the bars that run down the middle. Its way easier to place the shoe in a bag, then line the shoes with the heels in a corner, bottoms facing out like your framing the inside of the suitcase. Otherwise you create really odd gaps to fill with other items. Things like flip flops, I'd be able to place in the middle of the bars, since they're flat.

  5. Sheri, you did a good job – all by yourself!! Lots of helpful packing tips that I am going to use when I pack for my trip from sunny FL to snowy Boston (I'll be wearing my lined boots onto the plane – no room in the luggage)!! Just wanted to mention that there are a few travel catalogs (like Magellan's) that have small, paper thin sheets to use in the laundry and the dryer. They also have those small sheets to use in the lavatory for washing, shaving, and sanitizing wipes). Easy to carry on, and hardly take up any room!
    Thanx again Sheri!!

  6. As a family we love your videos, we want to commend you guys, it's nice to see how you vacation as a family and enjoy yourselves. I was waiting for this one, thank you for the hard work you all put into your videos!

  7. used your packing cube tip for our Alaska cruise. it was wonderful! I sew colorful covers for our suitcase handles and add very colorful duct tape on all sides of our luggage. It made it really easy to spot which pieces belonged to us.

  8. if you are packing magnetic hooks place them in a side mesh pocket on your carry on, that way tsa and/or cruise line doesnt have to search the bag

  9. Hey Sheri! Thank you for doing a video geared towards those of us who have to fly to a port city for every cruise (being Midwesterners pretty much ensures this for us). Additionally, I would add that if it is at all possible, plan on having your flight into your port city be the DAY BEFORE you sail out. Not only does this help reduce the chance of missing your cruise in the event of a flight delay or cancellation, but it also allows a person a chance to repack once they are in their hotel room (shifting items from their airline-checked baggage to a carry-on and vice versa).

  10. Thank you for this video. I booked my first cruise for January and we'll be traveling from NC to Miami to catch the ship. Driving was considered but a 13 hour drive didn't sound like a good way to start or end a trip. we opted for flying. So this video fits that scenario perfectly. Question: since we're flying in… should we fly down a day early or is it an pretty safe to fly down the morning of embarkation?

  11. I am an overpacker so we drive to ports close to home. For those who do have to fly there is almost always a drug store close to your hotel that you can get alot of stuff that might be too heavy to pack or just extras like that wine bottle.

  12. Cruise Travel Tip: Double the possibilities
    Know your equipment and how flexible it is in making you life easy for 99 cents.

    Most cruise ships will have both 110-US volt //and// 220/240-EU volt outlets. As with a recent giveaway for a USB port charger, it's described to have "Worldwide Compatibility: 110V TO 240V input,…"- – this is the prime candidate for a simple 99-cent US/EU adapter. Laptops power bricks, digital camera, tablets and phone chargers, and almost all electronics with a power adapter will automatically adjust.

    **Double-check the Double-duty, and please make sure to read the fine print on your device's power converter/brick for input voltage**

    NOTES: Some devices, like a laptop, may require a 3-pin 110/240 adapter, and your cruise ship electrical outlet are designed as such. Most important – This is an ADAPTER and not a converter. Your device's power brick is the converter; again, check your device for compatibility in being able to accept both 110-US and 240-EU voltage. For example purposes only, see (and buy the 6-pack, you won't regret it!)

  13. Hi Sheri! Just got back from my first cruise using the packing cubes and backpack you mentioned on an earlier video. Both were great! I just put my cubes on two shelves and never unpacked them. I just got what I needed out each day. Saved a lot of space and kept the cabin organized. Thanks for the tip! Regarding airline luggage, Southwest gives everyone 2 free bags. If you have another favorite airline most of them have branded credit cards that provide one free bag for up to 5 (usually) passengers if the fare was bought on that card. Additionally, you generally get priority boarding as well. They are usually up to $100 annually but one trip by a family each year saves more than that in baggage fees. Eventually you may also get a free ticket thought this is much harder now. However, most will let you use miles for merchandise, often things like newspaper or magazine subscriptions.

  14. Do you have any recommendations for a travel blanket? I always get cold on the plane on my way to port and using the one supplied by the airline just doesn't appeal to me. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  15. My husband and I are trying to plan our first cruise in 2018 and we really appreciate all of your videos. We will be going to Alaska to and from Seattle, hopefully. We have no idea yet of what cruise line to book with or what the cost will be. I figure I'll gather a lot of information before actually booking the trip.

  16. I haven't been on a cruise in 15 years, but I have an Alaskan cruise booked this summer. I found one of your videos on Pinterest that was so helpful, so I subscribed to your channel. I have been binge watching all of your videos the last few days and sending them to my travel buddies. Thank you so much for all the great ideas and information.

  17. Omg I love your videos , next year me and my family are going on a cruise and your videos help so much thanks for all the great tips and advice your videos are so helpful.

  18. I hear about some people mailing or UPS'ing their luggage to the hotel they'll be staying in near the port. Supposedly this is cheaper than those baggage fees (I haven't flown in 7 years before there was such a thing). Can you tell me anything about this?

    One thing you left out. If you're carrying anything that requires batteries, whether it's in your checked or carry-on luggage, take the batteries out before packing them. I learned this tip from a lady who imports and exports adult toys and will often travel with suitcases full of them. She learned that lesson the hard way. No joke.

  19. one trick I always use when flying is to ensure each persons clothes are in each bag, incase one bag gets lost!!  Then each person has "some" clothes, and not just one person without any clothes.

  20. We found a super lucky flight for our next cruise. We live in Kansas City, and are flying to Orlando. It only take 2 and a half to 3 hours, no layover. The flight takes off at 6:10 AM and gets there close to 9. We will have all the time in the world to explore the ship and get checked in and settled in hours before sail away

  21. Hi Sheri,
    Have you packed for a stay in a hotel and then catching a cruise? We will be staying in Rome 5 days before our cruise, so do I need to pack more and pack differently that packing just for a cruise?

  22. I still say the number one CCTV tip of all time is the packing cubes! I don't even ever unpack mine, just put them on the shelves so my wife has the whole closet for the most part. I didn't get it until I bought some.

  23. Hi i am going on a cruise ship for my first time on the 18th of July 2019 and i don't know what I can or can't pack to go on a cruise ship can you help i am so nervous about going on a cruise ship for my first time i know i will like it but i am still nervous about it watching your video and look up the cruise ship i will be going on made me a little bit not nervous but I would still like to no what i can or can't bring on the ship so i don't get the person talking me in trouble

  24. I wear flip-flops (we just call them slippers in Hawaii) and pack my walking shoes in my carryon. Once I reach the gate, I switch. That way, my ankles don't get cold on the plane and I'm ready to go-go once we land.

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