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Welcome back to my channel Today I’m going to show you How I’m going to pack for my upcoming South Africa Safari trip And the biggest challenge of this whole exercise is to stay within the weight limit of 20KG for the Safari I can’t even use a hard luggage but I’m packing everything in the hard luggage And when I reach the airport I’m going to have the luggage sent to Cape town And for the Safari, I’ll be packing all my stuff into soft bags that have size limit as well I’m tired already even before I start my packing I’m already kinda exhausted Look at this tiny tiny bag This will be what I’m gonna pack my stuff into for the Safari Because we will be travelling on this very very tiny plane And so The maximum size of the luggage would be something like this I have two of them I choosed a harder material for my toiletries So that they would be well protected This is all I’m going to have for four days How am I going to have enough outfit for four days in this two tiny soft bags I really don’t know Which means I can’t change three times a day for my pictures! So I’ve been shopping around for cloths that are not too heavy and I think I’m going to stick to just having two To three pairs of shoes and very light dresses that do not take up much space So nothing too bulky, too heavy I think my cloths are going to be kinda crumpled being packed into bags like this which means I can’t like Fold them straight. But thankfully the place I’m going would laundry it to perfection for me So this is a revised travel toiletry bags with all my skincare packed into small containers Smallest possible for the trip And toiletries, this is the part that really drove me crazy I had to take out so many things and this is the least I could live with At least I have all that So usually I travel with four of these, which is a lot I know, but I just like it that way I like to have all the stuff that I may or may not need with me but not for this trip There is no space for anything that I will not need Let’s start with the toiletries and this is the first time I’m actually travelling with soft luggages like that I’m gonna try to see if it’s even possible It is pretty small I like these because they have a shape and it will ensure that the bottles are sitting upright I don’t know if I checked it in what happens but we’ll know when I get there Now, I’m gonna get my weighing scale I brought my bathroom scale to weigh my bags But we do have a weighing scale for luggages right? I have a luggage weighing scale! And this was bought because my luggages was so overweight from Paris one time And my boyfriend had to pay 4,000 Euros for overweight charges And we were travelling by planes so can you imagine how many luggage I had Ok now let’s switch it on and It’s 2.7KG, yes! I think I may be able to have two change of cloths a day Yay! Now I gotta put this back Maybe I shall weigh myself, how about that? Let’s see how much weight I’ve lost or put on in the last few days after the ball Cause I was really dieting for that dress No way! I’m not 36-37KG That is not acceptable! I think there is something wrong, let’s try again No freaking way! I think I may have to call the doctor if I’m really this weight Something is wrong Hello! Please! You are scaring me, I am not that light ok! You see the pressure of being a girl? You can’t be too light you cannot be too heavy as well Ok…Third try…Ok Ok It’s on zero! Now I’m gonna step on it Hands down Nooo! I am not that weight! Common! Maybe it’s on the carpet This is weird Super weird And not possible Come on! See! Alright! This is normal! 48.8KG, that’s my normal weight Now let’s put in the camera And weigh again 20KG per person Per person! I hope Terence can give me 10KG of his weight limit We’re at 2.7KG just now and what are we at now? Zero? Ok that’s not weight, let’s try again Ok be good Wow! Ok, with the camera I’m at 4.35KG That’s heavy, wow Never knew cameras were that heavy Ok, let’s move on So, what else? Make up I guess I really have to decide very very carefully what I really need and just stick to one eye shadow pallet I think these colors are great for the color tones of the cloths that I am going to bring This one is a definite, so I’m just going to go with not one but two. Tried to go with one But I think this burned orange is going to be so beautiful with all these woody tones And the place that I’m staying So yea Usually I bring two blushes on my trips, one for warmer tones and another one for pinkier tones Can I please bring both, is really a hard choice Can I live without the pink? Guess not! So, two eye shadow pallets, two blushes This is the absolute best I can do I’m sorry honey you just have to give me your luggage limit. Some of it, most of it I guess No heavy lipstick like this, this weigh a ton So I need to pick some of my lipstick that I really really like I’ve already shrank the powders down to two, usually I have three, I don’t know for whatever reason One for my neck, one for my shoulders and the rest for my face I guess I can’t have a small mascara because the brand that I use does not come in a tiny travel packaging You can’t live without mascara My brushes of course, I have like about fifteen when I travel. I really have to kind of shrink them maybe Up to eight this time Going to pick just three lipstick and not forgetting of course my sunscreen, very important And I guess this is it for my make up Safari outfit number one Wearing a swimsuit from Dior with these vintage Dior pants by Galliano I’m so glad I kept them See that’s why you should never throw away special pieces like that I haven’t worn them in many many many years but they still look pretty good Now let me pick out with the shoes for this outfit With matching shoes I love this print from this season. I have matching shoes and I have a matching Book Tote. You guys have already seen it before but I will show you again So this is my Safari look number 1. I got just the perfect hat for it Just got it that day from Miu Miu. Gonna show you how it looks like I should tie up my hair for this look Oh it looks pretty good too with my hair down But this time maybe I would try to do some plait for a different look This is look number two and I see just the perfect pair of shoes right up here I think this boots are perfect for the whole entire Safari look Do you guys have this same problem as me when you put on shoes like that? There are so hard Once you put them on, you never want to take them off because it is so hard taking them off as well Never wear this when you go shoe shopping Perfect! It’s perfect I’m going to match it with this new handbag that I got Quite nice with the pop of yellow And not forgetting my hat that I’ve been dying to wear but have yet to do so I think it looks a little bit much in my opinion Doesn’t really go Try another outfit with this hat For this I’m just going to go like that probably with a pony tail Think is a better look, don’t need a hat This outfit is by Balmain, I got it specially for this trip And this Carolina Herrera bag This is look number three Going all earthy tones and camo shades. I think I don’t want to annoy the animals So I’m just gonna stick to the color theme. No reds, no bright colors, no bright prints. Everything is going to be really down to earth Ok let’s see what bag would be good for this outfit Oh ok, not forgetting this new handbag but is white I don’t know if it goes No! No! No way It’s not going to go I think I’m going to just wear this little one here After all, I don’t need to put anything much, the rest of my stuff I could put it in the big Dior Book Tote I found another possible choice tho Look! It’s super super matching with all the outfits that I have prepared and it’s a Kelly bag I was actually thinking of not bringing any Hermes bag this trip but it will be such a waste to leave this bag At home because I haven’t used it in many many years And the theme is so perfect. Look at the horsey Ok you’re coming with me! Now this is look number four I don’t know if the white is going to be annoying to the animals but there is a miao miao here so I hope they would wanna make friends with me if I wear this And I think finally I found an outfit that would match with this hat Ok, my next look for the Safari would be this khaki colored dress. It’s one of my favorite dress I had it for awhile. I really like how asymmetrical it is. Really really nice I think it’s kinda big for me now because I lost 5KG So probably I need to have the tailor tick in today if possible Would be a perfect match with this Kelly bag How about the hat, I could go with the Miu Miu hat as well And the next look I’ve decided to go with a color other than the neutral khaki color So that my pictures don’t look so neutral in every shot And again I could wear it this handbag It’s a perfect match And the same shoes, so technically I’m saving space and weight limit Always remembering my weight limit So, we gonna have to put in all the cloths and weigh them once again when I’m all done I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna add more outfits tonight so that I could at least have two changes of outfits everyday for different picture opportunity So I would like you guys to stay tuned as well for next week’s Safari vlog And you will be able to see all the outfits that I have brought for the trip Thank you all for watching! If you like my video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel I will see you next week and in the meantime Stay amazing and good vibes only!


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  9. Just goes to show we can downsize our luggage! This video taught me that you can get all you really need into 20Kg! But we panic and try to take our home with us on our travels! Well I know I’m guilty of it!!! 😂

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