Pad & Quill Gladstone Leather Briefcase For Men Review

Pad & Quill Gladstone Leather Briefcase For Men Review

Hi this is Brian with Pad and Quill and
I’m here to talk about the Heritage Gladstone briefcase. So this is our
newest addition to the Heritage Line, It’s called our Gladstone Bags this is
the Gladstone Briefcase. There’s also a Gladstone Duffel. This, you might ask,
Where’s the Gladstone’s name come from? It actually comes from England in the early 1800s William Gladstone was the four-time Prime Minister and in the late
1800s this metal frame closure was designed and invented and named after
him and it was a it’s a it’s a really beautiful design. It’s very secure but
it’s also very classic looking so think of like, a doctor’s bag, and that’s what I
love about this design too is that we here at Pad and Quill we love to tie old and
new so here we have this beautiful laptop bag and yet it has this very
very old English tradition to it and that’s something we just love tying
together so as I’ve been putting my hands over it, I’m feeling this leather. It
is gorgeous this is an American full-grain leather. It’s the best of the best.
You can feel the stitches. This isn’t that cheap stitch material. It’s a UV-resistant stitch so it’s gonna last. It’s the same stitch used in parachutes. The
hardware we’re using on this bag is really tough. We’re using a very strong
high copper coefficient which just means strong hardware both on on the bag and on the strap, d-rings, the rivets in the front are really really cool. On the
front, here we have a pocket. It’s a very nice secure closure pocket. MacBook
charger, some cables, maybe a passport, something you want secure but need with
you at all times. On the back here you’ll see a very nice newspaper pocket as well.
Now, let’s go to the fun part which is inside. So the straps here, the handles,
have a very nice closure here to bring the handles together so you just pull
those open. Now I cannot stand fiddling with buckles. That is
the worst because the buckle fiddling it just drives me crazy and you don’t need
it on a closure like this. So what we have is a very secure but very simple
rivet closure. Pop it open. It’ll last thousands of openings. Open it up now. If
you take a look, you pull these two tabs, and we have our ampersands here and
uh-huh, come on, come on, It’s kind of cool! Look at that! So that’s the closure. Think
like, I always think like a doctor’s bag! Yeah and it has this little hinge point
here, as you can see, and it opens up and that beautiful! And when the bag opens, I
mean, it’s very spacious. It’s it’s a very big bag. We’ve built
this with a 15-inch MacBook, which I have here, in mind. I also have an iPad Pro in
here, in an Oxford case. We have a Techfolio Pro, the larger of our TechFolios,
caring for all your cables and hard drives, things like that. There’s a
Pad & Quill journal in here. And of course a water bottle, you know, just to take with
me through my day for work. So it’s very very spacious inside. There are multiple
pockets and on the outside of that laptop pocket, if you can see from above,
there is a big zipper pocket, a really tough thick Italian zipper that we’re
using here. Then, on the other side if you take a
look, you’ll have as well these multiple pockets here, which is really cool so
different things, different you know, hard drives, different items, can go
in there as well but it’s very spacious. This is a bag you can pack and put
quite a bit in. But at the same time, it’s very light. And one of the things, oh one
of these I want to show you, almost forgot, is the inside. If you take a look,
this is our Herringbone Fabric. Beautiful Herringbone upholstery grade fabric. This
is really tough stuff. We still have a 25 year warranty on this bag so we had to
have an upholstery that would last well. The key to this is that it makes the bag
light. For an all leather bag this is actually quite light in comparison to
other all leather bags. So I’m gonna close it back up here. Turn it around. Isn’t that gorgeous? So you’ve been looking today at the whisky (color) bag. This bag also comes in, I’ll show you as well in Chestnut. This is our chestnut version. Again,
beautiful, dark dark red color. It’s absolutely beautiful, ages beautifully as well. Keep in mind that as, like the whiskey bag, this
will darken an age over time. Think of like an old baseball glove and it
was designed to do that. As I mentioned, it’s a 25 year leather warranty on this
briefcase. It also comes with a 30-day money-back promise. If for any reason it’s
not quite right, we don’t know how that could happen, but in case it isn’t, you
can return it as long as it’s in like-new condition like when you got it.
Nope, No problem at all! So you’ve been looking at the Gladstone Briefcase. Buy
Pad and Quill. Thanks for watching.

6 thoughts on “Pad & Quill Gladstone Leather Briefcase For Men Review

  1. Truly a very nice bag, but 2 drawbacks (1 major, the other minor) keep me from purchasing.
    1) Major drawback – The handles don’t look like briefcase handles. They’re too long & thin. They make the briefcase look like a big purse or a piece of carry-on luggage. Would look much better with shorter briefcase-like padded handles like the Flight Bag which also has Gladstone opening from another company. 2) Minor drawback … I like the chestnut, would be nice in black for a bit more professional or formal option. Everything else about your briefcase is great! I like the “no buckles” closures on yours (I hate buckles too. They’re a pain in the butt to open & close.), I like the sleeker looking exterior, and interior design on yours; it’s much sleeker & has a more finished look to it than the flight bag. But I can’t get past the “purse-like” handles. Any plans on going to briefcase-looking handles instead of the long thin purse-like handles?

  2. the gladstone setup looks way better than SBL (their's stick out more). but i do have to agree with the comment below about the handles being too long and looking like a man purse. any future plans with different leather colors?

  3. this is a far superior bag than the SBL flight bag for this simple reason: it's 1 1/2 pounds lighter. if you don't think that makes a difference, wait till you load it up with a laptop, charger, cables, journal, phone, wallet, a book and other small items. every ounce matters when having to carry a briefcase around all day either by the handles or the strap.

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