Patagonia Black Hole 32L Pack

Patagonia Black Hole 32L Pack

Extremely weather resistant, very durable
and versatile in a variety of conditions, the Pat-agonia 32 liter Black Hole pack is
great for anything from bike commuting to a daypack going into the outdoors. It is going
to take you through pretty much any adventure you can throw at it. The first thing I want to talk about with
this pack is the suspension system and how it carries the load. This is a 32 liter pack
so it is on the small side. You have got a molded back panel here and that is going to
support the weight that this pack, you know, is big enough to hold. You have got some channels
here all along this molded back panel that allow warm air to escape. There is no real
hard frame with his pack, but with that molded panel you do have some rigidity there. It
is going to support the weight of the pack. You have contoured shoulder straps. They are
nicely padded. You have got some mesh on the inside so that is going to also allow warm
air to escape. That is adjustable down here at the bottom. And you do have a port up here
for a hydration reservoir. So you can route the hose out through that port and into either
side of the shoulder straps. Of course you have an adjustable sternum strap
here and you can take that and put that on any of these little adjustment points. So
that adds a lot of adjustment there. And then down at the bottom just a really lightweight
hip belt. Moving the pack around to the other side and
taking a look at the other features of it, you have got a really unique design here.
So you can see there is a flap that goes over the top here, a really nice carry handle up
at the top. So that allows you to pick the pack up that way. And this flap is really
nice for protecting the gear inside. So this is a very durable material. It is rip stop,
450 denier rip stop polyester fabric, so a lot of durability here on the outside. If I open this flap up you can see that the
pack really extends out to be pretty big. On the front here you have another haul loop.
You have got daisy chain attachment loops here all throughout the front of the pack.
And then on the front you have a small pocket, really easy access into that pocket. And here
I have just got a map. I have got a little case there just to show the size. So this
is a pretty nice sized pocket. You don’t have a waterproof zipper on here, but this
is very weather resistant with that flap on the top. On the bottom of the pack here you have a
different material. It is a very, very durable material as well. So the big story here is
durability and weather resistance. If I flip this pack down you can see that
you have a really long zipper that runs all the way down this side of the pack. You also
have a zipper access into the top. So it makes it really versatile. If you just want to get
your hands on gear quickly, you can open up that side zipper, grab what you need. I have
just got a water bottle tucked away in the side. Or, if you need to open the whole thing
you can open this zipper from the top, a really unique design that allows you complete access
into that pack. And it is kind of where it gets its name. It is the black hole pack.
You can put so much into this pack, really pack it out and it works really well that
way. So if I open it up to show all the space inside,
you have got a really big pack bag. And then you have got some organization here on the
side. So if I show what layers I have got in here, just take some of these things out
to show the size. You can see I have got tons of layers in there. And I have got all the
organization that I need. You have a nice little stretch mesh pocket on that side. I
would put a water bottle in there maybe. Some organ-ization here. I have got my cell phone
tucked away in there, a wallet, some pens. And there is even a little area for your keys.
That makes it perfect for commuting. In here I have got just a map in this pocket
here. You could definitely put up to a 15 inch laptop in that sleeve. But up here in
the top I have got a tablet. So you could definitely fit either a tablet or a laptop
or both. This also happens to be the sleeve that you could put a hydration bladder. So
it works two ways there. And then you have also got just adjusta-bility there or you
can clip that off. It is a padded sleeve so you can definitely tuck away your lap top
in there and it is padded from both sides. If I start packing this back up it is really
easy to just put all your gear inside, throw it in there, pack it up. Use this nice flap
on the top to secure your gear down. The clips on this side are also used as compressions
straps. So if I cinch that down, if I don’t have this packed up completely I can really
cinch that down and make this a nice day pack. You can pack it out and take this on weekend
trips. It is a great daypack, a great commuting pack with all that weather resistance. With those durable features, this pack is
going to last a long time and you are going to be able to take it on any adventure and
be confident that it is going to hold your gear. It is the Patagonia Black Hole Pack, the 32
liter size.

9 thoughts on “Patagonia Black Hole 32L Pack

  1. TBH, don't know what's wrong with Patagonia and their designers. In at least two cases, they missed the mark massively on the updated versions of their Black Hole line. First is the Black Hole 3 Messenger being a huge step back compared to the v.2, but also now the Black Hole backpack. I luckily got the last version in 35L before they were all gone. First thing, it accomodates a 17.3" laptop, while the current model is for 15". Outside of that, losing 3L of volume in the new version for no apparent reason, since the footprint is nearly the same. Straps are much better on the old model and the design is more conducive towards allowing bulky items to be comfortably transported. Also, the zipper isn't as exposed. I will give the new model a win for the webbing in the right place, but also the old model has slots in it to run webbing-type straps, which even patagonia doesn't talk about much. This way a tripod, rain jacket, or something with that type of form-factor can be thrown on it and carried outside. Padding seems about the same.

  2. Love mine as a daypack and for longer mountain bike adventures. Design is awesome. Zipper side access, top loading, expandable storage capability but also compressible. No sweat back pad, holder for an Ipad or laptop, water resistant and very durable. Good job Patagonia!

  3. Must’ve been sponsored mine was terrible it couldn’t handle a bike in the rain all my stuff was damp

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