Peak Design Packing Tools Review | Tech Pouch, Wash Pouch, Packing Cubes, Camera Cubes, and More

Peak Design Packing Tools Review | Tech Pouch, Wash Pouch, Packing Cubes, Camera Cubes, and More

43 thoughts on “Peak Design Packing Tools Review | Tech Pouch, Wash Pouch, Packing Cubes, Camera Cubes, and More

  1. The tech pouch looks great. I wish there were other brands with the same kind of opening design, just a bit smaller and a bit less expensive… Especially for people like me not in the US, import duties add up to the 60$ price… I did order the travel bag few weeks ago, but I'll probably regret not taking the tech pouch too.. I didn't find a good alternative yet

  2. The only one I would be interested in is that tech pack. That has to be the best organizational pack I've ever seen. It would make a good first aid kit and mini-bugout bag too. Good video!

  3. This is really well thought out. I wish a company would do something like this for the motorcycle community. The inherently limited space necessitates an organized system. It'd be great to see a collaboration between a group of companies like PacSafe, Wolfman and Peak Systems.

  4. Great job on this one Tom! One quick question regarding tech pouch. An other reviewer complained that due to lack of space, an iPhone 8+ couldn't get charged while in the zippered pocket using the passthrough. Can you confirm? Still waiting on all of my stuff from the kickstarter campaign.

  5. Is it just me or do you wish the Wash Pouch had another external zipper with a bigger pocket? I also not incredibly fond of the hang hook, like you mentioned. Still new to it, so I could change my mind. I left the tech pouch at home because I wasn't able to fill it, so it's not the best pouch for minimalist travel but it is cool for a home base kit to store a lot of my specialized tech junk and extra cables etc.

  6. You guys rock!! We asked for this video and you totally delivered. Really appreciate it and your insights and thoroughness are awesome as always. Just got the Travel Bag with this whole bundle, and loving it.

  7. Awesome video. I'M not sure if I missed it: What about the empty weight? Considering all of the features, compartments and organization there must be a lot of extra fabric and hardware compared to other bags. Are this bag and the pouches noticeably heavier than others?

  8. You don't need to put toothpaste in the 3-1-1 bag. Take a full size if you want. I love the bag but the accessories seem obnoxiously over priced.

  9. Anyone knows if the small camera cube fit in the PD Everyday Backpack 20L or 30L? I was thinking to use it vertically along the side openings.

  10. Currently have to decide between the AER Travel Pack 2 (which in my opinion looks much better) and the PeakDesign Travel Backpack (which has more features and is bigger).

    Which one would you suggest for 1 bag travelling without cameras?

    Love your reviews, keep up the great work

  11. Tech pouch is way too bulky so is the Dopp kit !! I literally buy everything whereever I’m going . Tootbrush, toothpaste , deodorant . That’s pretty much it . Also the prices are insane in Australia . I own 4 peak design items , love the quality but they’re very hit and miss ..

  12. Great video and very helpful. I do have one question. I think you may have mentioned it, but would I be able to fit a medium camera cube and then two small packing cubes stacked on each other? Or could I even fit a medium packing cube and a medium camera cube?

  13. I’m trying to figure out how the small camera cube fits inside the bag, how much room stays available and how the side access is with it….

  14. Do you think you can fit an ipad mini in the tech pouch? Maybe you have one to try? I would really appreciate this!. Thanks!

  15. Is it possible to insert these Peak Design ICUs into the Shimoda Explore 40 backpack? I like that backpack itself, but I don't like Shimoda ICUs which in my opinion are not as good as Peak Design camera cubes. But I've noticed that PD cubes are little bit bigger. Have you tried to fit PD cubes into Explore 40? I'd like to buy small and medium PD cubes, but I'm in doubts.

  16. I also don’t carry many toiletries and am not super techie, so I combine my tech on one side of the wash pouch. Works fine.

  17. Loved the review !! One question , if you remove all the dividers, can you fit 1 Tech Pouch and 1 medium packing cube in 30 liter everyday PD backpack .

  18. Hi, can I fit the large camera Cube in an Aer Travel Pack 2? Otherwise how much extra room does the medium camera Cube have in that backpack?

  19. Have you guys reviewed the HEXAD Wandrd Access Bag? I'm torn between the Peak Designs bag and that one!

  20. Hi do you think I can squeeze in medium size for both packing cube and camera cube in the main compartment?

  21. Do you reckon that the shoe bag could be used as a little water sealed bag for putting in swim wear? The addition of the water sealed zip inspires a lot of confidence, but I'm not sure as to how water resistant the actual fabric is. Thanks in advance

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