71 thoughts on “Pelican – What’s In My Bag?

  1. I liked there side project tusk. The album "tree of no return" is definitely one of my top 10 favorites of all time

  2. Halloween III may have a cool soundtrack, but that has to be one of the worst movies in the entire series ! ( i say that w/ love)

  3. Love Pelican, seen them a few times, great live band. Can't wait to listen to new album. Warm Leatherette is my jam

  4. Shot of Trevor at 00:13 with a Stereolab record in hand…unfortunately this album didn’t make the video.

  5. Not enough time with these guys. Definitely in my top ten of the last 20 years. March Into the Sea. Australasia. Now the new record is epic.

  6. This was a great one, sometimes I feel the artist try to hard to be eclectic or weird with the music. These guys kept it real

  7. Shiiiit I just was listening one of your Pelican old albums! Great to see just two of the band, great, amazing instrumental band.

  8. How can you like stuff like This Heat, Low, The Jesus Lizard, Fugazi…and then your favorite bands are Radiohead and Deftones.

  9. It would have been funny if they would have got a Tusk album and said we are also in this band. Awesome video, also awesome new album.

  10. Man i wish there was a what's in the bag episode which is Josh Homme (The Leader of the band Queens Of The Stone Age.)

  11. Soo awesome seeing Pelican here. Been a big fan of theirs since City of Echoes. I don't hear these guys mentioned too often anywhere , so its super nice seeing them featured on the channel. Thanks guys:)

  12. I knew and liked, to some extent, Deftones since my teen years, but Diamond Eyes was the record that Really got me into them – now they are one of my fave bands as well, even if I dont like Gore…
    Also, Double Negative is one of my fave albums of 2018, and the song the guy mentioned is great. However, for me Dancing in Blood is a song that is something truly magical.

    Oh, and who doesnt like Radiohead? Though, I do think that Ok Computer is a tad bit overrated…

  13. Another band that produced a few very good first records, and then did a lot of boring stuff, even though critics and the public seemed to prefer the later boring ones… Bands like Isis and Mastodon followed the exact same path.

  14. Best thing of the interview apart from the "Goat" and "Slip" albums is the Young Widows tshirt.
    Check them out, they are absolutely fantastic.

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