Perfect Blue (1997) | DISTURBING BREAKDOWN

Perfect Blue (1997) | DISTURBING BREAKDOWN

Welcome to the breakdown where we breakdown
all the messed up shit! It’s literally been over a year since the
last time I watched an anime movie or show for this channel. Corpse Party was the last anime and I had
probably 50 subscribers back then. Now we at 192k subscribers and its time to
get back into to some universal animation. Perfect Blue is one of the anime titles that
has come out of the 90’s age, a decade in time that saw the sophistication of anime
as well as just more adult or mature themes all throughout. Perfect Blue is a big example of this, and
came out in 1997 directed by Satoshi Kon. Perfect Blue is all about an ex J-Pop idol
named Mima who decides that acting is the way to go. Well not everybody likes this change in career,
including her ex fans, so she deals with both the mental problems that come about because
of the pressures, as well as the psychos stalkers around her that may want to kill her. {First before we get any farther lets have
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this video! Oh yeah so what was I talking about? } Oh yeah, So back to Perfect Blue. As a reminder, I’m not analytical or whatever,
but I acknowledge the richness such a film can hold. If you want something more than a synopsis
then maybe check out the links in the description. If you wanna see what happens including all
the messed up parts stay tuned for the breakdown. The beginning of Perfect Blue starts off with
a dramatic public performance of some fake ass Power Rangers called Powertron. They are the Power Rangers in this world,
but the audience is probably a lot older than the usual young individuals. A lot of people are really there to see the
performance of a J-Pop group called CHAM. Many people though gossip about one of the
CHAM members named Mima, who seems to be making an announcement near the end of the CHAM set. Mima and her bandmates next get on stage to
perform after a very hectic preparation, then title screen. The song itself slaps though, you can listen
to it if you click on the “i” on the right here. One of the part time workers though has his
eye on Mima in the weirdest way possible. That look is so fucking ugly, but Mima got
dodge moves like a wide receiver though. The person who threw the can at her was the
leader of some group of delinquents. The employee crawls over as Mima and the group
end their first song and begin their shocking revelation to the crowd. That’s all interrupted though when the employee
gets his ass handed to him’by fuckin Trippie Redd of all people, or Japanese Riley Freeman. They just let him act crazy like this? Where’s security? I expected secret service level for J-Pop
performances! Ultimately, the employee does stop the rowdiness! About damn time, this the guy she tell you
not to worry about, if you’re insecure enough to ask. Anyway the reveal is that Mima is leaving
the CHAM group to start a career in acting. She plays her last song as the intro goes
by. This song fucking slap too btw here go the
link for your forheads. Soon after the performance, Mima makes it
back through all the overwhelming environment of being a star. Despite being a star, she is pretty relatable. Who doesn’t lay in the bed like this? As the view pans around, a radio broadcast
talks about an earthquake that killed at least 200 people, but Mima is more focused on putting
her idol past to bed, not wanting anything to influence second thoughts. She reads some fan letters, but one says “I
always love looking into Mina’s Room! I’ve put up a link to Mima’s Room”. Mima just brushes it off, almost as much as
she brushes off her mommy’s little protests for her to keep being an idol. Its her on the phone, but also some weirdo
calls her, doing nothing but breathing all weird. Even weirder, someone sends in a fax with
large characters all over caller her a traitor. I guess for leaving behind the music group
to act. Speaking of acting, Mima is later on a set
for a very small role. She’s playing a small part is some murder
mystery called Double Bind, but the pressures start to get to her, everybody really sees
her as just that pop star. The main actress on the set is Eri here. Right before the scene is to start, an explosion
is heard. One of the managers of Mima is injured! Why? Well because he was holding a fan letter meant
for Mima. Someone is really not liking Mima’s decisions,
but I don’t think the letter was meant to kill or maim. Regardless of what happened, things go on
as usual. You would think they would get law enforcement
involved, I definitely think that was a threatening letter that should have got its own investigation,
but it was the injured managers idea to not involve the police. Right now Mima and her manager, Rumi are setting
up the internet. The reason why is cuz that fan letter saying
“I’ve put up a link to Mima’s Room” was actually referring to a website called Mima’s Room. The weird part is that the website maker has
faked a diary as if Mima herself has wrote it. But as she reads it, she realizes that nobody
should know the info that’s there, except for her. I mean she laughed it off at first, but then
realized someone is really knowing her habits. The only two explanations is that someone
is really watching her, or Mima is really losing it and not remembering any of this. Mima starts to believe the latter. Soon after, Mima complete the one liner scene
that was interrupted because of the rigged letter. It’s a pretty mature murder mystery that we
see here, yet Mima’s little roles introduce little faith in her ability to be successful
just as an actress. Anyway, Mima has a panicking moment after
she leaves the train. Its uz it reminded her of what that fake diary
was saying. It described her literal way of leaving the
train which causes her to lose it a bit and run out like she running from zombies. She walks past the annoying fans waiting on
her, going to the manager building some floors up. While riding the elevator though, she sees
a little newspaper clip purposefully placed for Mima to read. It shows that leader delinquent has been in
a hit and run and is in critical condition. Probably ran over by this stalker fan that
Mima should probably throw hands with by now. With little options on gaining more traction
as a actress, Mima submits to the pressures and agrees to be in a rape scene that is surely
damaging to her persona. It starts with her stripping in a club, only
to be grabbed and assaulted by the men around her. Remember this is all acting, yet still just
being apart of a scene must be emotionally hard to take in. I know if I saw my favorite pop star being
raped, acting or not, I’d be just as sad as Rumi here. It’s this scene that causes Mima to confuse
reality with performance. After the scene and getting home, Mima goes
to feed the fishies, but they all died. Aww so sad, but uh Mima I don’t remember you
feeding them since the beginning. Nobody makes this much of a fit because of
some dead fishes. Really she’s not reacting all crazy because
of the fishes, but just seeing them dead also made her sad about participating in that rape
scene. Despite being all gung ho about it like “Yeah
sure I’ll do it, and it’s the next step to being the Hokage!”, she truly only did it
because there was so much pressure on what she should do, and did it to not let anybody
down. The main individual that starts to eat away
at her and criticize her, is her past Idol self though. We will see a lot more of her later. We also see that creepy stalker fixing the
fake diaries on Mima’s Room website. He may actually be following orders. We will get to that later. Even if he didn’t, he records damn near every
thing she does. Mima herself believes the Idol Mima persona
is writing those diaries, and she is continues to hurt Mima’s mind. Someone though is beginning a killing spree. One of the acting managers that suggested
Mima play in the rape scene is targeted in an empty garage. Baited by old Idol songs from Mima, we next
see him brutally murdered in an elevator, eyes gouged out and all. Things are getting hectic around our main
character, cuz she is having lots of trouble defining whats real and whats fake. Usually people would at least know they tripping,
but Mima seems to believe her hallucinations of Idol Mima is a real person. She’s got some mental wounds. The stalker also sees this Idol Mima as well. He is tripping too which we will get to in
a bit later. Her hllucinations start ruining her average
days! Injuring herself to chase this figment. But who knows if even that is real. Its equally confusing for both Mima and us
as viewers. She usually “wakes up” back in her bed which
I think gets progressively more cluttered. She also even begins to believe the fake diary
entries, saying yep I guess I went there today. So one of the things that Mima does in her
ex Idol exploits is get professional pictures. Including some nude pictures which is a big
contrast from that idol image I believe. Her photographer here gets attacked by someone
for it. Brutally stabbing him in the eye and chasing
the bloodied man all around his flat. He gets his killing wounds from the hidden
figure, who seems to reveal themselves as Mima. Killing him for ruining her “Idol” image. This is a pretty remarkable scene in the movie
itself by the way. Mima awakens again next, and even finds evidence
that she killed that photographer. Regardless of all that, we go back to that
mystery show Mima acts in. The scene in particular plays twice, firstly
as Mima literally plays herself. The character is the killer of the show who
is pretending to be “Mima”. The second time the scene plays, Mima is actually
in character playing the true villain of the show, no references to reality yet still pretending
to be someone relative to the show, and she gets much needed applause for playing the
character and finishing production. This was real for once. After the shoot, Mima walks to he dressing
room, but gets attacked by the stalker. This is definitely real I think. He speaks for the first time in the film and
he sound like a damn rat. Truly a leftover from one of the Lizards sick
experiments, he plans on killing Mima, believing the one in front of his is fake and is ruining
the real Mima’s reputation. The real Mima is the Idol Mima, which ironically
both Stalker and Mima see for some reason. She fights back as best as she can, on the
set of the scene in which she played a rape victim. She grabs a hammer and smashes it across his
face, killing him. As she looks over, TV crews clap ahead, but
I’m sure this is just a hallucination. Her manager Rumi discovers her soon after,
and when she leads her to the scene, the body isn’t there. The body isn’t there, but Stalker really did
die. I’ll explain later. Rumi drives Mima back, but oddly tells her
that she is driving her back to “Mima’s Room”. Its odd cuz she shoulda said, I’m driving
you back to your room. Mima’s Room is the name of the website. And, she awakens in her room. Rumi is in the back. Mima tries to call the manager of hers, but
he’s dead, as well as the stalker. Now the question is did someone move his body? Mima has another hallucination next though. Or..does she? The reflection in the mirror shows a big boned
clone! This is the manager Rumi, dressed in this
Idol dress and pretending to be Mima as she was during Idol days. I’ll call her Idol Rumi. She is nuts too, and was apparently using
the stalker in much of his deeds. I guess everything the stalker did to scare
her throughout the film. Idol Rumi herself though is I believe the
real author of the website, either that or she told stalker what to say, in addition
to murdering the two manager men. She attacks Mima and gets some stabs on her. She has to Nathan Drake across the complex
just to get away, like for real she was doing some Nathan Drake Lara Croft ass stuff. Also I know it look like Idol Mima/Rumi is
a fairy in her movements, but that’s just what the running Mima is seeing. This reflection in the mirror proves just
that, big ass. Idol Rumi gets a stab on Mima with some random
ass umbrella she found, and chases her to a stop right in front of a store. In the window, she sees her reflection. Its like it helps her realize she is the real
true ass Mima. The windows or whatever get destroyed though,
and Idol Rumi says there can only be room for one Mima, but true Mima doesn’t care about
all that anymore and knocks that wig off. Not only does it expose Rumi, even having
her react by screaming randomly, but she stabs herself in the neck on the exposed glass,
making blood shoot out everywhere. She crawls away in pain over to the street,
and puts that wig back on. This is a pretty iconic visual of this movie
as well, but crazy ass Idol Rumi sees a truck coming and think its just the spotlight of
being famous. I don’t know how the hell Mima really just
saved this girl but like I said she pushes her out the way, getting grazed by the truck
a little. If one thing is for sure though, Mima’s hallucinations
seem to be over! Then, some unstated amount of time passes. Could be months or years. Rumi is in some kind of mental help facility. And guess who her main visitor is! Mima here! I wathed the sub version, but in the English
dub that I saw again, Mima comments that if not for her, I wouldn’t be the person I am
today. Rumi still sadly suffers from a case of personality
disorder. Mima though appears to be successful. She’s even got long hair now like the lead
actress Eri that she worked with. I guess maybe its saying she’s on her level
of success now. Even some nurses outside gossip like OMG is
that Mima? No way Mima would be here? The movie ends as Mima gets in her whip, takes
a loot into her rearview mirror and talks to us watching with confidence, saying No
I’m the real Mima! I think that movie deserved some claps, it
was very interesting. I’m also quite happy they ended the film like
that. Now I’m sure there is some confusion on what
really even happened. I’m confused too trust me but I think I have
an idea. So Mima, her stalker, and Rumi are three different
individuals. Check. Mima begins to struggle mentally with all
the expectations and issues of her careers as a singer and actress. She goes kinda crazy with hallucinations seeing
herself as an Idol. These early hallucinations are different then
the final battle at the end because they are just that, figments. The only time the figment could actually hurt
her was when she was with Rumi at the end. And so about Rumi and Stalker. I wouldn’t have known this if not for other
sources, but it seems to be some kind of weird shared delusional disorder shared between
Mima, Stalker and Rumi. It seems likely that Mima got the delusional
disorder of seeing Idol Mima from Rumi I guess. And Then Stalker got it from Mima. That’s why Stalker could see the Idol Mima
as well as Mima herself. Rumi must have just went nuts some time early
in the movie, maybe even before it started. So it seems that Rumi was the murderer of
both the TV manager and the Photographer, quite possibly the Stalker too but I actually
think she just hid the body or whatever along with the other manager she murdered. To recap all what I said, I think that..despite
being rare as hell, got a delusional disorder from simply being around Rumi as well as her
own experiences, and Stalker did as well. So you had three crazy ass people linked together
through hallucinations all just from existing near each other. I’m sorry if yall still don’t understand but
that’s just my guess really. So lets get on with the most disturbing moment
and most enjoyed moment in that SPOOKY STUFF! So lets get right into it, the most disturbed
moment is probably either the rape scene that Mima starred in. Usually its cuz rape is just a horrifying
experience to witnessj, but right now I’m saying t because it was the start of Mima’s
delusions. If not that scene then probably the murder
of the photographer, he really was fighting to stay alive. The most enjoyed moment is probably the ending. Usually I say that because I’m glad a movie
is over, but this time I say that because Mima decisively took control of herself for
once really. She literally became so good of an actor that
she broke the film just to tell us that she aint dealing with no doubts anymore, no troubles
and that the real Mima is the one who goes forward in whatever she does. That’s some true ass anime swag right there
that you see a lot. And that’s it. I really really enjoyed watching this movie,and
despite getting a recap I implore yall to watch it yourselves. I gotta get through some more crazy anime
movies, in addition to the manga and comic series in January. Here on the left is Corpse Party. I made this video when I first started so
just don’t mind if I say anything stupid or ignorant. Here on the right is Suicide Club, another
Japanese movie that talks about the pressures and anxieties of Japan going forward. Thanks for watching, SPOOKY OUT!

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