Peter Gunz On His Family & His Past Mistakes (Ep. 3) | VH1: UnVeiled

Peter Gunz On His Family & His Past Mistakes (Ep. 3) | VH1: UnVeiled

– I think people think that
I’m mean, I have no heart. – Are we together
or not, yes or no? – Yes, but it doesn’t feel– – Have you broken up with me? Have I broken up with you? No
– No, that hasn’t happened. – So are we together? – They would see a
different side of me. Oh, hold on there, man. They would be surprised
at how fun I am. I care about people,
and I care about things. I know that it
doesn’t look that way. It looks like he doesn’t
care about his own kids or kids’ mothers. He’s running around
cheating on them, but I care. – You sit down and you
look in the mirror, and you own your
own (beep) for once. – I do. I don’t know what to do. Everything that people say
about me that I know I’m not, I just keep proving them, and I’m starting to wonder maybe
I am who people think I am. (inspirational music) (upbeat hip hop music) I have 10 kids. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, yeah, 10. During the school year,
I make it my thing to get to the kids every
morning and take them to school as part of my routine. Well, today we’re gonna take
them to a sports-type arena. We’re gonna play a
little basketball, they have these
little bouncy balls that kids can climb in and
they run into each other. We’ll just have some fun. Ready? We’re going backwards. Then we’re going frontwards. Run, run, jump. (laughter) You know, Jameson like
catching the football so I like throwing
the football at him. Kaz is good. Milky, get that out of here. Kaz got a little attitude. Gunner’s just a
spoiled little brother. Whatever they have, he wants. Okay, wait. My kids are not
athletically inclined. Juice. These are the type of kids
that join a Fortnight challenge or something like that. They’re not with the sports. I had the most fun show
them I’m still cool dad. I’m still superman. Can I dunk it from this
side and land over there? Let’s see. (basketball bounces) Ah, I think I better
go straight ahead. Think daddy can do it? – [Kid] Yeah. – All right, the
coolest daddy trick. (children chatter) (laughter) I almost didn’t make it. They look at me as strong,
so jumping over that ball, it made me feel like, they probably got on the
phone with their friends and said, “My dad
jumped over this” you know, it was like superman. They just don’t know the
pain in my hip after that. – Daddy, sorry. (laughter) – You glad to put
the PlayStation down and have some real fun? Cheers, c’mon, everybody cheers. Cheers, Milky man. Cheers, cheers, cheers, Juice. I love you guys. – Love you too. – It was a rough childhood. I grew up in the South Bronx. If you go back to the
Bronx in the late 70s, it was burned to the ground. It looked like a
third world country, but to me it was home, it
was wonderful, it was dope. It’s awesome when you
grow up that bad and poor and not know it. It’s not til I look
back at my childhood and look back at old pictures, that I realize how
bad things were. My dad was pretty much what
you see from me was my dad. My dad was engaged to a woman
while he was with my mother, and it wasn’t just my dad. It was uncles, friends’
dads, it was normal as a child coming out. Your dad had
extracurricular activities going on with other people. It was like normal to me, so maybe it did
affect me growing up. (upbeat hip hop music) It’s time to drop the kids off. It’s hard to leave. They’re sad that I’m leaving. Me and Tara, we’re cool. She’s family. It’s co-parenting. I see relationships where
people have to have mediators. Thinking about
taking a family trip. – Where? – I don’t know, some
island, something special. I want to do something
special for you and the kids. I’m still not on bad
terms with anyone. I’ve never been
on child support. So it’s good to still
have a relationship that I can still go inside
and ask if she okay, and I’m lucky for that. All I ever wanted to do
was embrace my family, even with all the craziness. It just come together
just for once. I was asked to join “Love
and Hip Hop” two years before I actually
decided to go in because I was worried about
what my family would see and the world would see. I wouldn’t stop her
from having an abortion because I knew you was pregnant. I never looked at “Love and
Hip Hop” paying us anything. I looked at it as, we gonna
get on this national TV screen, and find a way to get our money. – You just took it a
little bit too far. – Daddy’s home. – No, daddy’s not home yet. Daddy lives across the way. – The problem I had
going on the show was, I knew that I had married Amina. Tara didn’t know
I married Amina. – I asked you to come
down because he was saying that you guys were not together. – That’s not true. We together, right? – Yeah. – So why are you lying,
saying we’re not? – There’s a million things
I could point out with Amina that I feel bad about too, but I think Tara
got the worst of it because I brought
her on national TV and let a woman tell
her that we’re married. – Are you guys together,
or is she telling you you guys are together? What are you doing? – Can you answer are
we together or not? – But when I see
clips of the show, it make me cringe, and
mourning that part of my fear is having to explain this
to my sons and daughters when they get older. (chill hip hop music) I’m on my way to the
studio right now, and I’m about to give
my daughter, Kennedi, a phone call and see
how things are going. She’s about to her
pre-law at LSU. See what’s going on. Kennedi Pankey. – Can you see me? – Yes, you look
beautiful as ever. How you doing, what’s going on? You ready for
school, you focused? – Yeah, I start Monday. – I’m at the studio with
your sister, Whitney. She working on a new song. She gonna need a lawyer, so
luckily, her little sister. – Yeah. – Love you, be good. – [Kennedi] You too. – All right, bye-bye. (elevator dings) – Whit Whop. – Hey, dad. – What’s up, baby? You working?
– Yeah. – You focused?
– Yeah. – What’s going on? – Right now I’m working
on this new song. – What is it? ♪ (beep) poppin, poppin,
my ass twerkin, twerkin. ♪ – You get on my nerves, no. – What? – Something like that a
little bit, but not too big. – It’s hard for a father, a
dad to listen to his daughter talk about riding (beep)
for a bag, a Birkin bag. ♪ – These (beep) too,
(beep) you surprise me, ♪ ♪ I’m immune to it. ♪ ♪ Swear imma make
it to the top, ♪ ♪ And that’s cause
I refuse to quit. ♪ ♪ Get used to it. ♪ ♪ Heard them rumors bout
me, I’m immune to it. ♪ ♪ They say it’s in
my blood line, ♪ ♪ Guess I got the juice to it. ♪ ♪ No patience, I
be movin’ quick. ♪ ♪ Now he a trip, we getting
up, he got me thick, ♪ ♪ I’m lookin’ like
I here to lick. ♪ ♪ No friends, cause
they all wanna (beep). ♪ ♪ And I can’t trust
bitches either ♪ ♪ cause they stay
switchin’ up. ♪ ♪ Bitches haters,
they need (beep), ♪ ♪ They be doin’ too much. ♪ ♪ Why it’s so hard
for all these (beep) ♪ ♪ Just to keep it above. ♪ ♪ I can’t have no
(beep) friends ♪ ♪ Cause they all wanna (beep). ♪ ♪ And I can’t trust
these bitches either ♪ ♪ Cause they stay
switching up. ♪ ♪ Bitches, hater,
they need (beep) ♪ ♪ They be doin’ too much. ♪ – People always say, well
your parents didn’t like when you started rapping
too, which is true. When I would rap, my mother
would say that’s mumbo jumbo. I’m starting to sound
like that with my daughter when she comes to me. The talent is there, the
talent, the flow is crazy. It’s natural. You got natural flow. – But you don’t like my lyrics. – It’s hard, you’re my baby. I have to be as open as
possible with my daughter because I didn’t get
that from my parents. The thing is right here, I understand this
is what’s going on, but you gotta understand, I used to change
your (beep) diaper. So to hear you talk about ♪ I wanna (beep). ♪ – I said they wanna (beep). – I know, I know what you, eh, don’t say that again. (laughter) – Dad. – What I am most
proud of Whitney for is she didn’t say, well I’m
gonna curve what I’m doin’ because my dad’s
not gonna help me. She’s doing it on her own. So with or without you,
this is what I’m doing. And there’s something
to admire about that. – Amina and Bronxy and
Cori live in Los Angeles. Getting to Los Angeles is
rough for me right now. I can’t do it as
often as I used to. But when I can’t make it,
I try to at least FaceTime with them at least once a day. (FaceTime chime) – Hi, dad. – Hey, booby. – Say hi to daddy. – Hi true story curry. Hi Bronxy. You’re only one person, and you can’t be several
places at one time. You just gotta do
the best you can. Give daddy a kiss. (kisses) Oh my god, I’m in the
studio with Whitney, so we just working. I was just calling to check
and see where you were. – Yeah. – Y’all good? – Yeah, we good. – Amina’s always been cool. She has a boyfriend now, and that’s like a weird thing because when I go to L.A.,
I’ll stay at her place, and I don’t know, but
he may not be happy. It may not make my
girlfriend here too happy for me to be there either, but it’s nothing like the
kids waking up in the morning, running and jumping on
you on the sofa saying, “Daddy, daddy.” They seem happy. (children happily scream) – They are. You know how happy they are. – Yeah, you definitely do that. – You know I would never
have my kids unhappy. – You the best. We have a good relationship. Topsy turvey sometimes,
but it’s good. When it gets too
toxic, I try to fix it. What’s up, what’s going on? But it’s mostly money. Money, money, money,
people need money. That’s why I’m here. I’m trying to create income. Appearances, music,
royalties, writing, hustlin’, and some things I
can’t say on camera. Love you, boo boo. – Bye, daddy. – Bye, love you. – [Amina] Okay,
talk to you later. – All right. Young people come up to
me and all type of men, I got the same thing,
I got multiple women, I got this going on,
thinking it’s gonna be cool, I’m gonna smile about it. And I’m always like, well as
soon as you get rid of that, you’ll be a much better person because you can’t
keep up with the lies. But I think the show really
put a mirror up to me as to what I look like
and how I’m running around out here looking ridiculous
and hurting people. Today was a good day. It was a very successful day. I had fun with the boys,
Whitney’s glad that I came to the studio and listened
to her (beep) You record, it’s a good day. I just got to go home,
put some ice on this hip and this knee, kick back,
throw on some Netflix, and call it a night. Same thing tomorrow. What up? It’s your boy, Peter Gunz. And you just watched my
episode of “VH1 Unveiled”. To catch more, subscribe
to VH1’s YouTube channel so you never miss an episode.

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  2. It’s nice to see that he cares so much for his children but the way he treats women are horrible. It’s pathetic for a man to make women cry that much. He says being in seven places is a struggle, so that’s ten children with seven women?!

  3. Not wanting or being able to settle down doesn’t make you a bad dad. It is what it is as far as the women in his life, although we all know Tara didn’t deserve that Amena knew he lived with Tara, that said it all , she didn’t wanna hear it tho.. older daughter is lit 🔥

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  6. Kudos to him for being a good father in all that but so many lives involved in his short comings I couldnt deal with all that you have a girlfriend u sleeping at your ex wife spot who now has a bf yea way too much to deal with

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  18. Peter Gunz has something internally wrong with him. Pain, trauma, something. He needs help. And I’m not being funny when I say that. Something happened in his life. But, he seems to love him children very much, and they’re beautiful. ESPECIALLY that damn Whitney! She’s gorgeous

  19. He is still manipulating these women…that’s crazy that they don’t have him on child support. He is a narcissist. And the fact that all three of his boys aren’t “athletic” probably has something to do with him not spending time with them, outside of this interview, doing physical things. Don’t make excuses because they only play video games. That’s all they know. How would he feel if his daughters allow men to treat them so disrespectfully like he has done to their mama’s? Hypocrite!
    I am so glad Cardi B put him in his place and proved him wrong. He didn’t think she would be successful because he has absolutely no respect for women. Chauvinist!
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