PIN COLLECTION on my kanken backpack ☆

PIN COLLECTION on my kanken backpack ☆

– Hi guys, I’m Abby. So one of the first videos I ever posted on this channel last year was a what’s in my backpack
video where I basically just showed everything then I keep in this backpack
that I carry around with me everywhere. And since then the only thing people
comment on aside from “You look like Sabrina Carpenter,” which I don’t see it all, but thank you. The only comments I get on that video are either “Do a pin collection video,” “Where did you get all of your pins?” “How do you get your pins to stay
on your backpack?” It’s literally the only thing people
want to know, and so I figured it’s probably about time I actually do a
video showing you all of my pins because it seems to be something people want. I never would have thought to do this video, so you guys wanted it, you better
watch it. That’s all I have to say, thank you. So let’s get started. I don’t know what order I’m supposed to go in, so I’ll just show you them. So this is my Miranda Sings cat pin. These are the cats that are on her
sweatshirt she always wears. I got this at one of Colleen’s live shows in Charlotte last year. Next I have this Sweetener pin
from Ariana Grande’s merch store. I don’t think she sells anymore. It was from her last album, but it’s a really cute pin. Then I have this Golden Girls button that I actually got in a pack of four or five. I got it from Five Below, and it just says Squad Goals. I love the Golden Girls. So then I have this
banana and this ice cream cone. These came in a pack together from the little
kids’ section at Target. I love being an adult. Then this little blue button that
says Love All Bee-ings, and it’s a bee. That one’s from Etsy, as well as this
little pig button here. These are from the same Etsy seller. Then also from Five Below I have this little narwhal. It was in a friendship pin set type thing
where you keep one for yourself and give one to your friend, so my sister and I
have matching ones. And then I have all of these little fruits. I have a pineapple, a cherry — Actually, that’s two cherries. I have a pineapple, two cherries, and a
watermelon slice. These are from Michaels. I got them on clearance for like $2. Thank you so much, Michaels. Then some of my favorites, these little dinosaurs. They came in a pack of five at Forever 21. I have four of them, I gave one to my
friend. I freaking love dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are some of my favorite
animals. Then I have this Ravenclaw pin because that’s my Hogwarts house. I am such a Ravenclaw it’s not even funny. And I love Harry Potter and they sell a
lot of Harry Potter merchandise at Hot Topic, including these pins, and you can get one for whatever Hogwarts house you’re in. Ravenclaw’s the best. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. Then I got these two Beanie Baby pins at a flea market. This one is the pig Beanie Baby, Squealer, because pigs are my favorite animals ever. And then this one says Beanie Babies
Official Club. I unfortunately am not, nor was I ever, in the Beanie Babies Official Club, but one can dream. Moving on to my little bottom pocket thing, I have this Punky Brewster pin, possibly my favorite one on this entire backpack. I love Punky Brewster. It has been my favorite show since I was a fetus. Then this little Beatles button I got
at a thrift store. It was a quarter and it’s cute and I
like the Beatles, so we love a thrifted find. Then I have this license plate pin
that says Hello Wisconsin. It’s a That ’70s Show reference, and I’m from Wisconsin, so two in one. Love That ’70s Show, love Wisconsin. And then also, me being from
Wisconsin, I have a Wisconsin pin because I missed living in Milwaukee and now I
live in the yeehaw , and I just, I really — We don’t stan. Then I have this little Minion holding a pig. I got this at VidCon in 2017. A bunch of my friends and
I all have matching minion pins. It’s also holding a pig, my favorite animal. Then also from Etsy I have this Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley pin. That was also one of my favorite shows when I was little, and it still is one of
my favorite things ever. I guess it’s not a show,
it’s a straight-to-VHS series . If you don’t think I still have the VHS tapes and watch them frequently,
you are sadly mistaken. Another Etsy pin is this little chick
and duck, and it says I’ll be there for you because on Friends, that’s the theme
song, and Joey and Chandler have a pet chick and duck named the Chick
and the Duck. Then I have this little sun which I got at a thrift store, and this one
totally reminded me of Punky Brewster. In the first couple seasons of the show,
Punky wears these little sunshine ponytail holders that look exactly like this, so when I saw this, I was like (gasps) and I needed it. Also it’s just really cute, and it was really cheap, so we love. And then my last pin is this baby Winnie the Pooh. I love Winnie the Pooh. I got this at Disneyland when I went
to VidCon in 2018. And then for keychains I have this
little “A” that I got when I went to Disney World with my family when I was
ten or 11. I have this JoJo Siwa Bow Bow keychain
that I got at Target. It was a great find. And then I have this little Best Friends keychain. A bunch of my friends and I have
matching best friend keychains, so lots of fun memories on
this backpack. So this backpack and my pins
are basically my pride and joy, my heart and soul, so as far as how I’ve kept all of them
on this backpack and haven’t lost any, I have
genuinely no idea. I’ve had this backpack for over
a year now, and I carry it with me everywhere, so I honestly don’t know how
I’ve kept them all on here. I would glue them all on because I am
afraid of losing them but I switch them around sometimes, so I don’t want them
to be stuck there forever, but I do sometimes, when I’m getting in
the car or about to go into a store, I just kind of push them all down and make
sure that they’re actually attached, or the buttons sometimes fall off really
easily so just look at them and make sure that they’re actually fastened because I have caught them a few times before they’re about to fall off or if
they’re coming loose or something, and then I can fix them before I actually
lose them. I’ve also seen people with buttons sew the little loop on the back
of the button to the actual backpack so that even if the little clip on the back
comes undone it’s still actually attached to your bag and you can just
hook it back on there, and you can always hot glue or superglue
the backs of pins. I’ve seen people do that too, but like I said, I switch mine and move mine sometimes, so I don’t want to do that, but yeah, the only advice I can really give from my
own experience is just check them and make sure that they’re not falling off
if you don’t want to lose them. But I hope you guys liked this video. Thank you so much for watching, and thank you for suggesting it. I hope this was what you wanted. If you like my videos, subscribe, watch
some more of them. I don’t know. Do whatever makes you happy. Bye!

57 thoughts on “PIN COLLECTION on my kanken backpack ☆

  1. Hi Abby! I have a kanken too, yours is very aestetich and I love it! But I can't find any pins to decorate it and it's a real shame! I want to make it a little more personal and decorated .. Would you give me a counselor? ❣️ however your backpack has the same color as my lol💁
    LOVE AND SUPPORT FROM ITALY❤️ (but my mum is American lol)

  2. Oh snap! My comment made it into the video ❤️ Never was able to get the Mary-Kate & Ashley pin that I asked about but, thanks to you, I was able to find the Punky Brewster pin on Etsy a few months ago. It’s one of my favorites in my collection. Also, I didn’t know you were from WI. I’m from Minnesota #StateNeighbors

  3. You can buy industrial pin backings for enamel pins on amazon they keep your pins from falling off and there removable.

  4. What’s the specific color of your backpack called? I really want to buy it, but want to make sure that it’s the right color first 🙂

  5. Where did you the hello WI one ? I’ve been looking for a that’s 70s show enamel pin but had no luck :/

  6. want pins on my kanken backpack but am afraid of ruining it .. Will the holes from the pins appear when you take them out?

  7. I swear where I live in the uk I can’t find any, I only have 1 on my Kånken and it’s a unicorn with black main from this rlly weird shop

  8. I have a kanken too and I have some pins that I would like to put on my bagpack but I'm afraid of ruin it.. I don't know what to do, if one day I want to take them off there will be big holes on it.. I don't want to ruin it.. What can I do? All the pins leave visible holes or not?

  9. I use earing backings to keep my pins on,they work really well but you have to be careful because the backs of the pins hurt duh

  10. This is cute as heck. I’ve always wanted to collect pins but I don’t have anything to attach them too (I don’t like backpacks). Also I don’t watch ‘small yters’ really but I thoroughly enjoyed this vid so thanks! 🥰💖💫

  11. I want to add pins to my kanken too but I don’t know what I like:(( love that you had different cool stories for each pin!

  12. LOTS of cheap enamel pins on aliexpress with cheap shipping, may not be as many options (say etsy)but you can find cheaper

  13. you can buy pin locks on Amazon!! They come off so you can move them around, but they only come off it you use 2 hands to take them off because of the locking function 🙂 you can buy a bunch in bulk and I havent had any pins fall off my bag since i started using the locks

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