Precious Plum for President! | See Plum Run [Full Episode]

Precious Plum for President! | See Plum Run [Full Episode]

(upbeat music) – My name is Plum, I’m six years old, and I’m a beauty queen. My mama drive me around to pageants. – She’s my precious Plum. (country music) (energetic music) – Plum Miller and her
mother Blueberry Mama Miller became overnight sensations with their hit reality show Precious Plum. – Mama? – Yeah, baby? – Where do babies come from? – Dicks and pussies. – But plums turned to sour grapes when it was discovered that Mama was having sex with Plum’s 16 year old manny. – Way to cock block America. – While the relationship
was technically legal in Mississippi, viewers
boycotted the show, advertisers pulled out, and
Precious Plum was canceled. So where is the diabetic duo now? Well rumor has it that
they’ve started over somewhere in New England and some fledging network has given them a new show. – [Mama] Aw dang you’s a
good looking sound man, yeah you put that in my ass pocket. Ah do that, do that yeah I like that. So um, we back. – Yay! (funky techno music) – I’s 12 now. – Uh huh and we rich too is was
the other thing was changed. We’ve been on the road for awhile so we was jonesin for a home of our ownsin. It was just Plum and me
so we didn’t need much. But um then we found a place
that was fuckin’ awesome. (door closes) – Remodeled in 2014, the
house originally belonged to author Nathaniel Hawthorne. (toilet flushes) – Mama look, a inside toilet! – Uh huh, and uh how many
outside toilets you say you have? (laughs) – Any thoughts so far? – Yeah, it’s a little spooky. – The price? I hear you. But currently a tenant
lives in the basement and he can help with the mortgage. (dramatic music) – There’s a what that
lives in the basement? – Oh he shouldn’t be a disturbance. – A disturbumps? – He’s got his own entrance. He pays 1800 a month. – So we’s moved in with a ghost
and um I didn’t see him much but when we did I near done shit myselfs. (Mama screams) He was so pale and skinny
and just not a human being. – I’m a grad student at Harvard… University. (sitar music) – Hello, can you hear me? – Yes, hello? (gasps) – What is your name? – Brian. – What is your bidness here Brian? – Well I’m a poli sci major. – What is that? – It’s like the study of politics, um, the affects of power on people over time. – We’s bein’ studied. – By a powerful timelord. – I’m sorry was I late with the rent or? – Oh no, actually you was on time. Um, we really appreciate
that thank you Brian. – Ask if there’s others. – Brian, is you alone? – Not at the moment. – Hi, I’m Tim. (Mama and Plum screaming) – Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck! Get in the fucking car there’s a ghost. – Go Mama, go! – Now ghosts okay, they
like mo fucking roach cocks. You think you got two, that means you actually
got like two thousands. So Plum and me, we went an
got some ghost hunting gear. But by the time we got back… Oh my god. Place were fuckin’ infested. A’right baby, y’all suited up? – Mama, I’s scared. – Hey, did or did not Blade
take out a whole night club of vampires with nothin’
more than a leather jacket and a couple of good swords. – But ghosts is dead, vampires is undead. – Baby, you don’t know what
the fuck you’re talkin’ bout. (party music playing) – Mama, why ain’t they talking or nothin’? – See if you touch ’em, your
hand go right through ’em. (girl yells) – Guys you’re here, I’m so sorry, I thought you were gone for the night, you left in such a hurry. I can kick everybody out,
the party’s a bust anyway. – Turns out, there wasn’t no
ghosts in the usual sense. They was sad ghosts
that threw bad parties. I just had to help ’em out. Maybe throwing a good party is part of our unfinished bidness or some shit. (drink pouring) – What’s in this? – It’s a um, family recipe. I call it Mama’s Moonshine. It’s tequila, nail polish, taco seasoning, contact lens solution,
anti-anxiety medication, a Reese’s McFlurry, orange soda, whatever expired milks and
cheeses be layin’ around and the secret ingredient, myselfs. Mmm, splish splosh. Drink up. Yeah, good. (loud party music playing) (girl screaming) Now that’s what I call
a party, right Brian? – I think I’m blind. – Mama, can I have some? – Baby what I tell you,
no drinkin’ til you 14. (doorbell rings) Aw, fuck it. – Good evening and or morning neighbor. I’m Jim, this is Rain. – We just wanted to say hi,
and welcome to the neighborhood but also it’s 2 a.m. and
Jim has bird watching in the morning. – An early Jim catches the bird. – Not to mention it’s a school night. – They got it at night now? That’s two schools you’re missin’. – Jim there’s a child at this party. – Hello there, are you
in some kind of trouble? – I think I’m blind. (throws up) Yay, I can see. – So Rain and Jim, they turned
out to be kind of a assholes. They said they was gonna
call child services unless I put Plum in school. So I was like, do it. An they was like, do you
know what child services is? I was like, maybe. An it was like, they gonna
take your child away. An I was like, good. An they was like, and put you in jail. An I was like, you’re kind of a assholes. So I had no choice, I googled school. (whimsical music) – Welcome to Buckingham
Academy, my name is Kennedy. You might recognize me from the fliers they handed out with your brochures. Kennedy for student body president. Now these fliers are made out of 100% recycled A+ test papers, so not only are they promoting my candidacy
and helping the environment, they are also highlighting our school’s many academic superstars. Oops, this one’s mine. – Mama what’s she sayin’? – I don’t know baby but I
wanna hit her for some reason. – Buckingham provides a rigorous education for middle and high school students of all backgrounds regardless
of race, means or creed. – Now as you begin the tour, feel free to ask any questions at any time. – Y’all got food? – Uh yes, our cafeteria
program is the healthiest. – I mean free food, now. – Well when we stop by our
cafeteria you’ll have an– – So is that’s a no? – I have no food now, no. – Can I eat this? – That’s paper. – So that’s a yes? – Why don’t we just begin by– – How do y’all feel about
no child left behind? – Uh, that’s actually a great question. – ‘Cause one time, I left Plum
behind for like three months. – I lived in a Walmart. (whimsical music) – Unfortunately, Plum just isn’t up to the standards of Buckingham Academy. – What you mean? She know all her ABC’s, show ’em honey. – A B C D and all ’em
others, one two three four and all ’em numbers. – See? She even threw in some math. (snaps) – She scored a zero on her entrance exam. It’s multiple choice, she
should’ve at least gotten a couple of questions right by accident. – So what you sayin’ is she gifted? – I’m saying I’m disturbed. She’s 12, girl look like she’s 30. Based on these results she
should be in preschool. – Yay, blocks! – Pull outta me for a second okay, don’t your brochure say
y’all pride yourselves on educating students
from all backgrounds? – Yes we do. – Okay cause lookin’ around
I see a lot of whites and blacks and rainbows and silvers. – Rainbows and silvers? – Gays and cripples, you know the silver for the wheelchair color.
– Wow. – And all they is is a buncha different colored smarty-pants. What education y’all be givin’, y’all so smart in the first place? Okay? – I got into fancy school! ♪ She got them books ♪ ♪ She got them books ♪ ♪ She got them books,
books, she got them looks ♪ ♪ She got them titties so
smart they’s a backpack ride ♪ ♪ She got them pussy so
smart there’s a book inside ♪ ♪ She got them books ♪ – I done brained principal
Harris into a yes. Even asked us to host somethin’
called a new parent mixer. As luck would have it
we had just had a party, so we had some extra stuff layin’ around. (man screaming)
(loud party music) – That’s enough about us living in an alien stimulation, how’re the kids? – I have kids? (doorbell rings) – Ohhh… – Hello again fellow
Buckingham Academy parents. – This is our daughter Kennedy. – Kennedy for president. – Oh okay, no wonder I
wanna hit you so bad, it’s a um, it’s a family thing. – This party is completely inappropriate, I mean a college rager is one thing but this is the new parent mixer where are the name tags and the baked goods? – What have you done to Mr. Jennings? – I know no words. I know no words. – He’s the English teacher. – Hey everyone just relax, a’right? Take a deep breath a’right? Jim, what’s your poison? Poison? – You are a Neanderthal. Oh, and you’re raising one as well. – Hey, my daughter is not a Neanderthal… That’s fair, that’s fair, hi baby. Well at least she at no George H.W. bitch. (gasps) – Hillbilly! – BillHillary. (door slams) (loud party music) (paper crinkles) – My name is Plum, I’m 12 years old, and I’m runnin’ for president! ♪ Dum dum dum dum dum dum
dum dum dum dum dum dum ♪ – What happens next Mama? – We’ll find out, you gots
to sign up for Dropout. – What’s Dropout? – Its a premium ad-free
uncensored comedy platform from the people what do CollegeHumor. – Oh wow, I’m gonna sign up right now. – Hey, how in the fart
did you get a credit card? Lemme see this, who is Amanda M. Traze? Well it’s not me, yeah girl you
can sign, sign up it’s fine. That’s fine. Swipe dat all you want. – You too old for them pageants now. – Yeah. – This’s the biggest pageant
of all, the presinemcy.

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  1. I just realized, Mama looks EXACTLY like a younger version of my little cousins ex… I wanted to punch her as soon as I met her… Bitch was trying to draw attention, from my dying aunt (his mom btw), in her fucking hospital room… Smelled worse than 3 year old fermented shit, had no concept of personal space, and turns out she was an addict, with a huge rage problem. Also, her son was older than me, and I have 6 years on my cousin… Well, at least he learned his lesson… after 4-5 years… and she had a violent outburst that put his friends mom in the hospital… Starting to think bad luck with women runs in the family…

  2. Oh my fucking God, I did not except that gay line! Oh my God! Im crying, because we are definately rainbows

  3. That moment when you realize that Precious Plum's "Mama," is more responsible than the real Mama June!

  4. Plot twist: Plum is actually incredibly smart, she knew all the correct answers and decided to answer incorrectly

  5. Did the whole got caught while doing with his son actually happened or is it just for the show 🤷‍♀️

  6. 6:02 Actually in Germany it's absoluty legal to drink alcohol (for example beer/wine but not vodka and that stuff) in age of 14.

  7. The last one had so much more to offer! They had originality on a parody. This was unnecessary and terribly written and produced. They ruined it 😱

  8. what is this? My sibling just died after watching the intro. I'm not kidding he laughed to much and couldn't breathe.

  9. I can’t believe it! I remember watching these when I was in college with my roommate. So happy they brought it back. Definitely a guilty pleasure. But, I a damn good one!

  10. I wanna try make Mama's Moonshine that consists:
    Nail Polish
    Taco Seasoning
    Contact Lens Solution
    Anti Anxiety Medication
    Reeses McFlurry
    Orange Soda
    Expired Milk and Cheese
    And Mama herself (or myself lol idk)

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