Pregnancy Sleeping Positions and Postures with Dr. Karen Litos, PT, DPT, WCS (WBW Ep.10)

Pregnancy Sleeping Positions and Postures with Dr. Karen Litos, PT, DPT, WCS (WBW Ep.10)

39 thoughts on “Pregnancy Sleeping Positions and Postures with Dr. Karen Litos, PT, DPT, WCS (WBW Ep.10)

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  2. A big thanks to Dr. Litos and Cori T. for this collaboration! Check out their websites in the description, and feel free to leave a comment or your thoughts.

  3. hi, i am 17 weeks along and i sleep on my belly not intentionally, but i know i do it i am not sure how long i am on my belly what are the risk for this.

  4. Thanks! Wish the model wasn't wearing black so I could see how everything was aligned better. So happy to have resources like this though. I feel like a lot of stuff out there is just "oh well, being pregnant sucks." which is not helpful at all!

  5. Thank you for your help. The only comment is that the angle that Dr. Karen showed on the ruler was definitely more than 30 degree, probably 130 degree. 30 was in the other point of the bed.

  6. I'm in the middle of the 2nd trimester and the only way I can get sleep is laying on my sides and lifting up my leg which gives me space for my tummy while laying down,….my knee naturally holds up my hip and there's where the space is credited.

  7. Hi! I am at my 24 weeks now and I noticed that almost all the time I sleep on my right side coz I feel more comfortable. Will that affect my baby’s growth/development?

  8. I usually sleep on my left side. But sometimes I unconsciously end up on my back for more than 20 mins. I didn't realize I wasn't suppose to be on my back for a long time. I'm 20 weeks. Now, worried for my baby

  9. Every time I wake up and I'm on my right I want to cry …I worry and feel guilty. I'm a tummy sleeper so I've been uncomfortable. My partner bought me this pregnancy pillow, it helps BUT it's alot of work

  10. as soon as i found out i was pregnant, i started looking at videos on what to do. i saw that i needed to learn how to sleep on my left side bc i was a belly sleeper. i started practicing so by the time i got to 12 weeks, i was a pro. so it takes practice!!!

  11. I’m 30 weeks and it’s impossible for me to lay flat on my back. I fall asleep so easily on my right but can’t stray like that for long. I have to prop myself up with three pillows ( like sitting in a recliner) for the best sleeping position. I love laying on my left. On time I was lying on my back and my husband had to wake me up because I was gasping for air.

  12. I had to make my homemade pregnancy pillow, I used 5 pillows, two behind my back and two under my legs and one on my belly. Time to get pregnancy pillow, I always wake up on my right side and I hate it so much! 🙁 I would turn my left right away. Sometimes I wake up on my back

  13. I tend to end up on my back while sleeping. I don't like having any pillows under my neck and usually I get too hot when I'm surrounded by pillows. Do you have any suggestions on how to stay sleeping on my side?

  14. Im like 33 weeks pregnant n im dying with back pain.. this is 2nd baby my older son hes 4 n the things im hving now i didnt had with him.. the back pain im hving i cannot lay on my back no matter how hard i try becus i dnt feel comfortable.. couple days back i had my doctor appointment n she told me my baby head is on my rite side n hes turning.. but the only position i feel comfy n i sleep well is on my rite side.. but im rele worried that when im on the rite side laydwn if it would harm the baby head.. i feel scared lik im hurting him that i turn to the left..
    If its no harm or if it is could u advice me what to do..because i cant sleep only if im on my rite side..

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