Prepping 6 P’s of Bugging Out- Bug Out Bag Must Have Items- Prepping For Beginners

Prepping 6 P’s of Bugging Out- Bug Out Bag Must Have Items- Prepping For Beginners

prepping 6 P’s of bugging out prepper supplies tips for new preppers hi it’s alaskaGranny Alaska Prepper today I wanted to share with you the six P’s of preparedness prepping preppers in case you have to bug out in and emergency survival situation you need to have the things in a plan ahead of time so that you’re ready for emergencies no
matter what you encounter on a day to day basis the first P for bugging out is people and pets do you have your bug out bag have you checked it to make sure that
it’s complete nothing is outdated you have all the components that you need in a bug out bag emergency survival kit
from food water warm clothes shelter first aid some tools a way to make a fire all the kind of things that you would need in your bug out bag emergency survival gear kit make sure
that every person in your family has a set of gear emergency supplies that in a pack that they can take with them and then spread the emergency survival gear around in your packs don’t have one person in your family carry all the food and another person carry all the tools because if
you if you had an emergency and you couldn’t carry all of your bags or you
misplaced one of them you still have a variety of emergency survival bug out components in each person’s bug out
bag so that you could share with each other the equipment that you have in
each bag rather than everyone is going without one important emergency survival component make
sure that you have also a bug out bag 72 hour kit in your car in case you’re away from home and
you need to get back to your home you need to have get home bag an evacuation plan make a plan with your family where will you meet if there’s an emergency while
you’re in your home where will you meet if there’s an emergency when you’re away
from home have an evacuation location bug out location meeting place already planned out ahead of time know
the route that you would take to your bug out location meet up location have a paper map that shows you alternate ways
to get to your desired location in case the main road is blocked review the gear that you have periodically and include new gear
as you need it if you have a new family member say a new baby make sure that you include the emergency supplies items that your baby would need in an emergency survival situation you don’t want anyone in your
family to go without their essential items and if you have a pet make a bug out bag emergency kit for your dog or cat
for them pets also need food water a safe leash maybe a blanket a favorite
toy your dog cat pet is going to need their own first-aid supplies perhaps and you need
their identification a carrier is something some way to keep them
contained and safe the second P for prepping is papers you need to have your
identification your insurance paperwork prescription information all kinds of
banking information and the important contacts people you would need to get a
hold of in times of emergency don’t rely on electricity working and people’s
phone numbers are stored in your phone if you lose your phone phone isn’t
working you still need to have a hard paper copy the people that you need to
stay in touch with in an emergency situation the third P for prepping is prescriptions do you take prescription
medication make sure you have a few days supply with you in your emergency survival bug out bag gear
make sure you keep a copy of your prescription so that if you’re caught
away from home you could go to a pharmacy and straighten it out to get it
refilled make sure you have your prescription glasses if you use hearing
aids make sure you know where they are how to make sure you have them with you in an emergency situation
and store extra batteries that fit your equipment the next P of prepping to bug out is your pictures and your personal irreplaceable items we can’t have a stack of everybody’s pictures in
our bug-out bag but you can store them in a format so that you can easily have
and replace them if you needed to store important papers documents photos on a memory card put them on a
thumb drive put some into a file in your computer store them in a cloud so that
you have access to them should you not be able to return to your home in a bug ut emergency situation where the
hard copies were damaged at your home and take a picture of your precious
possession so if something happens they’re swept away burned up lost
forever you can still have a photo memory of it and it may help you
afterwards if you need to file an insurance claim and remember never risk your life to save stuff you can always get more stuff
things can be replaced but your life or the lives of those of your family can’t
be if you risked your safety for things next p of prepping for bug out situation you need your personal electronics
lots of us just rely on them so much but then you need to have a way to make sure
that you keep electronics charged maybe you want to carry an extra charging cord with you in your car and your bug out bag perhaps carry an external battery maybe
a solar charger or even if something as simple as a power cord from the Dollar
Tree so if you had to evacuate you could plug in one cord and then charge up all
kinds of components with the outlet that’s available in emergency where you
are doesn’t mean there won’t be power or safety in another location the final P to prepping for bug out situations emergencies is plastic do you rely on a credit card and ATM you need to make sure that you
have something like that that’s with your emergency gear that you could
access if you need it too and keep a supply of cash with your emergency gear
cash in small bills so that you can pay for small things if you
but have an amount that could help see you through until you can figure out
what to do next sometimes cash means you have the
ability to pay for a hotel room or rent a car or pay for a cab or something like
that in an emergency bug out situation evacuation something that can keep you going or get you to safety so that then you
can figure out what to do next we never know what’s coming our way but you can be sure emergency situations and hard times come to everyone if you live
long enough you need to make sure that you’re ready you don’t have to fear the
future prepare for it so that you can face what comes your way if you’ve
thought about the emergencies and things you would want on an everyday basis no
matter what the circumstances you’re going to prepare so you have those
things then an emergency situation becomes a blip in the road grab your
gear get going put some of your plans into place that you’ve thought about
ahead of time and you’re going to find out that you’ll be able to face it and
make the best of whatever comes your way learn more at please
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7 thoughts on “Prepping 6 P’s of Bugging Out- Bug Out Bag Must Have Items- Prepping For Beginners

  1. That is so true about being prepared in case of an emergency and I have my bug out bag packed and ready in case of an emergency and it have the solar panel to charge up my phone and maybe my emergency radio.

  2. Hi AG, I've been out of commission for 6 weeks and just feeling better so I'm going through it videos I missed! This one just like all the others is spot on . Sure enjoy your insight on everything! Thank you very much! ยก!!!!!!

  3. I think you missed a P in the numbering system, although you mentioned it right at the beginning. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Number 1: have a plan. I feel everything else stems from that.

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