17 thoughts on “PRETTIEST CAMERA BAG | VLOG #11.2019

  1. Girl, you looked hecka cute in both of those outfits. I absolutely love that yellow top.
    I’ve been wanting to print some photos too. I love the idea of having a bunch of photo albums and boxes to look through. My grandma used to have so many pictures and they were always being looked at.

  2. Kristina, you're so beautiful in green! I love your vlogs and all the work you put in your videos. 😘

  3. Love all your videos! I would love an update on the tanning I think I need to try the marshmallow one!!

  4. Thank You, Kristina x100 for all of the time you put into your Vlogs for all of us. I know that I am very much appreciative of what you do. It is a lot of work…<3 It was nice to
    see your Mom with cutie pie Bella…she's so tiny tiny. Awww…Gidget and Leeloo too! <3 Baby Girl Harper is getting bigger and cuter every time you share her with us. <3 Glad you had a great vacay and the very nice Sunday outside with HB and Harper. πŸ™‚ Love your purchases.

  5. that camera bag definitely reminds me of my coach purse from the 90’s that i love! and nice sweater

  6. Love the camera bag, reminds me of vintage Coach. Those sneakers though… I just don’t get buying sneakers that look old and dingy lol

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