what is up spy ninjas we are looking for
the orange crystal right now the hacker has it I believe Vy and I are gonna head
to the tunnels here at Red Rock Daniel is gonna go elsewhere and we’ll see you
in a little bit all right all right see you later I think the
tunnels are right down this path here there I’m sweet all right I’m hoping
that the crystal is in one of those tunnels yeah so you’re gonna go in this
middle one over here I’ll go in this first one here okay all right we’ll see
you in a second let’s see oh I saw rock here thoughts might be the crystal all
right oh my gosh Oh tell those really long start walking
I’m a little too tall for this tunnel but I’ll survive. Alright, what’s that noise? Oh a cake just fell down. Oh shoot. Let me out. behind a gate all right I’m gonna I’m
gonna walk around to the other side okay I’m totally trapped in this tunnel now
me I’m trapped in the tunnel there’s a game that came down oh wait did it come
down and trap you in the tunnel okay I’m gonna see there’s a little opening here
above the gate it’s really small but I think I can fit the camera through there
yeah I can squeeze it the gate on the other side wait I hear some footsteps what do you want what
but you trapped us in here what are you doing hacker what do you want from us
why don’t you say anything be the hackers coming over to you hey let us
out who are you let us out of here stop them with me give me my camera back okay
expenditures I’ve got my phone out you’ll hear me record on your phone
hello Chad and V fans I have successfully captured your ninja idols
give me my camera back he’s trapped in there as you can see I’ll get out of
here and then you’ll be sorry okay and here’s Vy. Stand back. you better watch out
she’s a feisty one okay guys next time the hacker comes
over here so this old thing I’m gonna reach out right here and then grab my
camera back okay hey hacker I have something for you that you might
find really important what do you want what do I want I want my camera dig it I
almost had it guys why do you why you trapped us in here my mission here today
is to collect personal information without Chad and V I’ve trapped them in
these cages so that they’ll give me the information that I need to know okay why
are you trying to get information out of us hacker what’s the point of this
because you two took my mask well you took it off when you were trying to
steal the DeLorean you took your mask off and put it on the
ground so we took it I almost got fired from project zorgo good not good I need
this job so why are trapped in here today is because I need to get personal
information from you two and I need to report it back to project zorgo because
they’ve been so nice to me that’s to give me one more chance to be a part of
their organization projects are just being nice to you I don’t believe that
one second but okay fine we’ll answer your questions we’ll give you some
personal information but you have to agree the let us out of here in
exchange we’ll help you you help us okay that sounds about fine okay you got a
deal then let’s do this but any of your answers I’m gonna trap you with your
forever but how will you know if you lie or not I’m gonna be asking you and Vy the
same question and if both of you tell me different answers I’ll know one of you
is lying that’s true V I hope we both know the answers correctly fine let’s do
this let’s get this over with them really uncomfortable in here all wet in
here getting soaked all right let the games begin so charge you’re
married to be right yes that is correct that your first question come on you
just asked me a question and I answered it that does not count fine okay
so you should know it pretty well so I’m gonna ask you a couple of personal
questions what food is vy allergic to food is vy allergic to I think it’s like
fried squid calamari or something she’s allergic to that make mixer puff up a
little bit fried squid well we’ll see if you’re right I am and if not that’s one
step closer to you being trapped in there forever
I’m gonna be right all right B yes what food are you allergic to food well I’m
allergic to milk and anything dairy interesting what nothing
what then then just don’t know each other
what did what have you say she said squid right nope she did nope what did
she say she said milk oh shoot I mean yeah she’s allergic to
that too she’s lactose intolerant sealer to squid – I didn’t lie okay you should
go ask her if she’s allergic to squid I had told the truth so you shouldn’t
count that because I was honest about that I think you’re lying I’m not you
should go ask her I’m just gonna that’s one life man you
got two more chances okay let’s see if you can get this one what type of
outdoor activity is V afraid of guys I really think this after here is peaceful
because I think she is not admitting to it but the next time she comes over here
and trying to ask me a question I’m gonna try and pull her hood down or
something to see if she has no hair I can brown or
black I mean he’s not really afraid of anything she’s very brave but oh I know
swimming actually she doesn’t know how to swim so
she’s afraid of water final answer my final answer well outdoor activity do you hate the
most outdoor activity yeah well I don’t like water so any activity involving
water like swimming get your hands off my mask get me out of
here get me out of here calm down calm down Anja with that
attitude you’ll be in there forever so let’s just cooperate and you’ll be
out eventually maybe fine okay right now the feisty one man
I heard some screaming over those be okay your wife is fine she better be a
truce you’ll be in trouble so what it was her answer it was water right if you
were correct I told you I still have more questions it’s not over yet
next question who did you battle who threw at you at the ninja dojo oh yeah
okay this is what we thought we were figuring out who the real hacker was and
we unmasked my buddy Justin but it turned out he wasn’t the hacker but he
thought we were working with you guys so we got into a battle he threw like
oranges or or limes or lemons at me or something and I had to hit him with my
nunchucks it was Justin Justin yes and I confirm that would be speed what
who threw fruit your husband Chad after ninja dojo while the hackers over
there I’m gonna call Daniel on my phone right here right now and tell him to fly
the drone over here and scare the hacker away with the journal oh they were at a
they were fighting Justin Justin Justin did okay you’re right with that one okay my
next question is gonna be for you v let’s see if you know Chad what’s his
favorite color his favorite color is green
Oh she’s crazy how to stay away from her
hey I can see that your hair is coming through I knew you were pz4 I knew it
you’re pz4 just admit it there’s many people with hair in projects ergo
I’ve never seen a project recommend with long black brown hair like that other
than pz4 you keep disappearing how do you disappear we’re not gonna know
you’re not gonna tell me how you disappear no just answer my question
fluffy favorite color my favorite color I’m sure Vee told you she knows the
truth everyone knows my favorite color that’s an easy one the fact that you
don’t even know my favorite color means like you’re not even doing your job
right you’re not even like gathering
information on us correctly well I don’t like watching their videos I have to
watch them you don’t like watching their videos not early is that why you’re
trying to repeat our YouTube channels there’s other reasons we won’t get into
this answer the question fine my favorite color is green we got it
right that’s correct hey hacker guess what what do you hear
that you hear that yes guys Daniels drone just flew by the
hacker was running this is awesome alright so the hacker is gone now you tried wildclay crew you guys think
you’re so clever with your flying drones if anything that’s gonna do to me I can
just knock you down easily it’s a matter of fact your little drone Daniel I
suspect it to you who’s in charge of this drone your own it’s in the bushes
good luck finding it hopefully Daniel makes it over here
really quick and let’s be a night out of these cages and some lifts up coming
hopefully most puts up sir Daniel Daniel you’re a little out of breath there
hacker sounds like you need to start exercising a little bit more if you’re
so out of breath a little jog can we just get on with this no more pulling
that drone to navigate and stuff I don’t want to deal with that anymore fine I’m
not gonna pull anything except for your hoodie my hands too big I can’t fit it
through hey guys I’m inside of the cage there’s like a few rocks I’m gonna see
if I can grab any of them you’re so silly be think you can get
that wrong what’s not gonna do anyways okay so the next question let’s see if
you can get this one okay what’s the name of the spy device would be used
when she was looking through the peephole I remember that I remember seems like you’re struggling a little bit what’s that sound oh I think you’re
getting a phone call miss popular hackers in there can you take this don’t
pull any funny business okay guys the hacker just got a phone call and just
let that be me right yeah here you so the hacker just asked me what was the
name of the spy device you use when you were looking through the peephole oh
yeah yeah that device is called the ID stands for a visual imitation device VID
visual imitation of us okay thanks Vy I think the hackers come back now okay
how was your phone call miss hacker was it your boyfriend no
yeah I bet it was I bet it was your boyfriend and you don’t know if I’m a
girl or a boy you’re clearly a girl can’t hear your voice even though your
voice is modulated down I know you’re a girl you still sound like a girl and you
have hair like a girl’s so I know you I know your PZ4. boys can have long hair
yes boys can have long hair I actually used to have long hair but I didn’t talk
like a girl like you talk like a girl Stop talking to me answer my question
super easy super easy I knew it all along didn’t even have to yell over to
me to get the answer it is VID visual imitation device
what was the name of the spy device you use new people I can’t really hear
the question weary well can you come a little closer nope
I’m not falling for that called VID visual imitation aren’t you getting
tired of this yeah haven’t we answered all the questions can you let us count
now pz4 doesn’t want to get fired I don’t want to get fired up easy forward
look at V in the caves where she belongs you think you’re so funny hacker you’re
not funny funny other news not even you have to go to comedy school to be
funnier than me you like you’re the type of person who cheats on a school test
when you guys were chasing a potential bank robbing subject it turned out they
stole a candy item from a store well candy was it wait a second it was
skittles are you the skills girl good girl I thought you sounded familiar a
girl stole skittles she had the same exact hair you had I don’t like skittles
so I don’t think it was me anyway the specific like this remember when you
guys stopped someone from stealing what was that person stealing she was
Brown thing you know it was good oh okay you got it right okay you’re gonna let
us out of here now did we get it right Vy got it right could have my camera back
then you gonna let us free you got the answers all right fair and square
even if you were flying those stupid games with me so I guess here’s your
camera back all right yes I got my camera back all right I
mean hacker are you gonna let us out now nope
what you’re not gonna let out that is what you promised there’s a timer set on
these in a minute you’ll be let out you can trust my word you promise yes okay
see you later okay where’s she going can you hear me even though she’s part
of projects or go she seemed like she was being honest she did give me my
camera back I think so I think there’s like ten seconds left I think five four
three two one do I think the time for a minute this way grab your backpack we
gotta find that hacker okay okay okay which maybe we should I start I think
she went this way I see you hacker. Get back here hacker! we’ll see you his box right here
how does shows do it here or something down there okay we go find Daniel right
now I don’t know what he’s up to but we’re finally free shout out to all you
notifications ninjas who gave you in the first 60 minutes of every video thanks
for having that Bell symbol on we’re gonna go find Daniel so make sure you
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