Pros and Cons of Backpack Vacuums

Pros and Cons of Backpack Vacuums

Do backpack vacuums live up to the hype? It’s a great question and we’re going to talk about the pros and cons of backpack vacuums today. Hi there, I’m Angela Brown and this is Ask
a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question and I get to help you find an answer. Today’s show is brought to us by Drain Eazi which is a company that has an alternative to pouring those heavy chemicals that we use down our drain to unclog our drains. So this is an environmentally friendly product that is a pack of eight drain easy pieces. The pieces come in a package like this and you’ll see that they go all the way down your pipes. Here’s how it works. There’s a piece of plastic that is disposable
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and so that should be one for every sink in your house and you can give it a try. So if you have teenage daughters and they
have that long hair and it’s always going down the drain, this is an amazing to not
be pouring gallons of chemicals down your drain. You simply use the little reusable piece of
plastic which is in fact recyclable. So, there you have it, Drain Eazi Thanks for sponsoring today’s show. Okay, onto today’s question which is about backpack vacuums. Are they worth the hype? It’s a really interesting question and it’s
going to come down to personal preference. Again with any vacuum the one that’s best
for you is the one that you’re going to use on a regular basis. If you are a homeowner you may not want to
use a backpack vacuum because it’s more really for commercial probably or industrial use. There are house cleaners that use them as
part of their business. And usually they are used in teams of two. So there’s one person that is specifically
designated to just doing the vacuuming because if you’re a solo house cleaner to take it
on and off becomes a little bit cumbersome going from room to room. But if you have one person and that’s their
only job, when they’re done is they do all the vacuuming and they vacuum the whole house,
it becomes very easy to do and it shaves a lot of time off the vacuuming process. What are the pros and cons? First I should tell you that I belong to a
group of professional house cleaners and there are over 6,700 professional house cleaners
from around the globe and over the last year we’ve had multiple conversations on backpack
vacuums. And so this is a compilation of all of the
findings from that group and I have links in the show notes to the best backpack vacuums
with the best warranties that they recommend that they use. Here is what we found. The pros to having a backpack vacuums is like
I said a minute ago, it shaves a lot of time off the vacuuming process. Instead of you pushing and pulling a vacuum,
you get to just have it on your back and you get to go through and do it all at once. So imagine out raking a yard where you’re
doing all this movement where you’re raking and it’s all your body movement moving the
rake as opposed to having a blower strapped on your back where you just blow the leaves
and it goes so much easier. Yes it’s physical labor for both of those
tasks as it is with vacuuming but the one strapped to your back is going to go a lot
quicker. So if speed is what you’re looking for, the
backpack vacuum absolutely wins this vote. All right one of the cons of having a backpack
vacuum is that when you’re wearing the backpack vacuum, if you turn sideways, your body is
only width ways about that big. And you strap on a vacuum attachment to that
which is a great big canister on your back, instead of your body being this wide, now
your body is like this wide. And so you have to take into consideration
the space around you as you’re moving about in your vacuuming, it’s easy to bump into
a wall or a mirror that could easily shatter and break because you don’t see what’s behind
you and you know how far you have behind you and the tables, it’s easy to back into a lamp
or something like that that then goes crashing to the floor. The con to the backpack vacuums is that it’s
like you’re a bull in a china shop. You have to be incredibly careful about your
surroundings so you don’t go bumping and knocking into things. All right one of the cons to the backpack
vacuum is that instead of rolling a regular vacuum around on people’s carpets, what happens
then is you’re rolling the wheels of your vacuum over dust and hair and dog hair and
whatever that in other peoples’ houses then when you go to the next house you have to
clean the exterior of your vacuum so that you don’t wheel all of that onto the next
person’s carpet. So for sanitary reasons, having it on your
back leaves it all right there on your back and so you’re not running that over people’s
carpets. Now the head piece that actually goes on the
floor, yes you are and that you’ll have to clean. But the whole vacuum itself, the wheels that’s
not on someone else’s carpet. So that’s one of the pros. All right one of the cons to the backpack
vacuum is that when you strap a vacuum which is a machine on your back it heats up. And so as you’re going around vacuuming the
floor, especially in the summertime, you got a backpack on your back, that’s like wearing
a backpack in the middle of the summer. It gets really hot and sweaty and now you’re
sweating profusely because you’re already moving about really quickly just being a house
cleaner. Now you times that by having a piece equipment
on your back and now it’s just that much hotter. So hot, sticky, sweaty, not a fan of the people
that use it. Those are a couple of pros and cons to the
backpack vacuums. The recommendation for people using backpack
vacuums is that you use them for commercial use because in tight spaces, if you have small
hallways and small closets, you’re not going to fit inside there with the canister on your
back. One of the pros is that if you’re going up
a flight of stairs, it’s so much easier than carting the big upright vacuum up the stairs
with you. It’s great for things like stairs, it’s great
for things like wide hallways. Not so great for tiny spaces. So there are pros and there are cons. There are people that absolutely love them
and there are people that totally hate them. And so it’s really a personal preference depending
on what you like best. And I’ve got links in the show notes to a
video on how to wear a backpack vacuum properly if you’re going to use one for your business. All righty. So that’s it for today. This is just a little bit about the backpack
vacuums and should you consider one. Some people say yes, some people say no. All righty so until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

12 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Backpack Vacuums

  1. Love your videos! We use a backpack vacuum and love love love it and now they make them with a cooling switch so it doesn't blow hot air on your back. They make the small version backpacks now for residential cleaning and the bigger ones for commercial cleaning.

  2. This may be a silly question but is there a such thing as a house cleaning course I can take to get certified? Just want to make sure I have all the credentials I need. Thanks Angela!

  3. My other main concern is Suction power at the Base of the vacuum. I find that the Upright is the most powerful at the base because it does not need to travel all through the hose and wand. Is this correct? How does the suction power of the Backpack vs Canister vs Upright? And which is the most powerful Backpack vacuum out there on the market? I am not able to find this information anywhere.

  4. I agree with you. Backpack vacuums really do come into their own on stairs. Especially large flights of stairs like you would get in hotels. They also work well in bigger residential properties if you run a cleaning company.

  5. They are absolutely awful and uncomfortable. They are good for like a few minutes worth of use but these cleaning companies want you to use these for hours straight, they can cause strain on your back and neck area. Absolutely do not recommend, a regular ass vaccum will get the job done just fine, you don't need a ghostbusters vaccum just to pick up some dust

  6. What are the pros & cons of being a Eco friendly cleaning company – as opposed to using bleach & such for cleaning residential homes

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