PUBG – Patch Report – PC Update #26

PUBG – Patch Report – PC Update #26

Welcome to Patch 26! In this update, we have a couple great new additions, including two brand new Vikendi exclusive vehicles, and the return of a fan-favorite tool that will now be part of every normal game. First up, we’ve added a results tab to give
you an overview of everything you unlocked during Survivor Pass: Vikendi. Here you can see how many missions you completed, the most recent rewards you unlocked, and your overall final level. New to the fields of Vikendi, is the Snowbike which replaces the motorcycle on this map. This vehicle functions much like the Snowmobile but has a much faster acceleration and top speed at the cost of a lower overall durability. You can tear across the snowy landscapes faster than ever before but be careful not to get caught in the crossfire. Another new Vikendi-exclusive vehicle is the Zima, which will replace the UAZ. The Zima is considered the most versatile
vehicle on Vikendi, good for taking on both rocky and snowy slopes while taking a ton of punishment with its high durability. This 4-person vehicle may not boast the same top speed as the snowbike or snowmobile, but it’ll give your team a much safer escape from intense enemy fire. The highly requested Flare Gun is back! We’ve been pouring over your feedback to
achieve the the best possible experience, and we’re proud to announce that the Flare Gun will now spawn on live servers across all maps. We’ve made a couple of changes to how it
can be used, how the care packages called will be displayed on the minimap, and more, so be sure to check out the video linked in the description below for more details. The Replay Editor system has received some
major updates as well. Both camera movement and keyframe options
have been simplified and optimized even further. To see all the changes for yourself, check
out our detailed video also linked in the description below. If you’re interested in creating epic PUBG
videos from your content, login now and give it a test run! That’s it for today’s Patch Report. To read the full patch notes, head on over
to or follow the patchnotes link
down below.

100 thoughts on “PUBG – Patch Report – PC Update #26

  1. A 12GB update contains:
    – 2 new map exclusive vehicles that replace 2 other vehicles (so I guess they remove to add content?)
    – A flare gun (that was removed and now added back so is it really adding new content?)
    – A replay editor (that is most probably only used by content creators and by normal folks like me)

  2. I hate PUBG
    It's SERVER is really WORST

  3. I wish this GAME is BANNED.
    CHEAT GAME 😠😠😠😠😠👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  4. Hello PUBG world,

    Has anyone experienced this Parachute Bug ?
    It happens randomly.

    Please help…thank you.

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  6. Make a city map, tall thin glass skyscrapers, tokyo themed buildings and lights, night time and raining.

    Like if you wanna see this or something similar

  7. Tried to play two games today. The game crashed both times. On first game after 5 minutes, and on second game just when I landed. After that switched to CS:GO. I guess I'll wait next update before playing PUBG again…

  8. من متحمس للتحديث تحديث راح ينزل يوم ١٩ شهر ٣ .٢٠١٩ دوسو لايك عشان حماستكم

  9. Sad that this game took a hit. Personally I felt the hype was going down after they added first person. Let me explain. FPP is more balanced, which means that's what the majority of people will play. But here's the interesting thing. Is it more fun? For me, the answer is no. I consider my self a old quake and unreal tournament veteran so I know what it means and takes to be at a very high level, yet, the immersion and cheer fun of playing in 3rd was unmatched. There is a reason why fortnite is still in 3rd person. The game has to feel and play good at whatever aspect you add to the game.

    Another thing I felt was fun when the game came out was to check out my statistics on the ladder, to see my rank and watching while I improved. yet this felt trivialized after a while. Why ? After FPP came out I didn't even bother checking my statistics, I felt there was no point. Yet the point was there when the game came out. How could this be?

    Can Bluehole learn some thing from these things ? I think this game would be more popular today if they never added FPP.

    And oh, this was never a game designed to be played at a very high competative level, which is one of the factors why I think FPP was added in the first place. Top streamers and competative players complaining about stalemates.

  10. Can mobile give some replay pls

    Don't blame me because playing on mobile I wanted to play real pubg experience in pc

  11. блять, как много блогеров которые вон лезут чтобы просмотры и крменты собрать. а блэт ебучий ролик перевести не могут а с него промотров еще больше будут

  12. Hey idiots fix your bloody crappy netcode. Have you played Apex and Fortnite, your game is garbage until you fix this shit.

  13. Hey PUBG, i want to give u idea of new update —->
    First Release More servers in PUBG PC LITE such as INDIA

  14. They say 3/4/19 for the patch for xbox like its not really 3/5/19 for most of the people playing this game. 11pm pst so thats 2am est, the next day. The main times est zone play this game is midnight-ish so we will have no pubg tonight, thanks guys….

  15. I hope battlefield does BR right and makes it modern. I will be jumping ship for sure once theres an actual competitor to PUBG. Apex, Fortnite just dont do it for me. Can't even bring myself to download them after watching some gameplay.

  16. please subscribe and support my game and tutorial channel, 🐱😊 GBU.. goo gooo pubg internationalllll..!!!

  17. Respected Tencent Games, Since pubg globally released in Nepal, we Nepalese people we eager to try the new game. We tried and felt this game as the best game till now we had played. We heartily thank you for developing this game.We love this game so much that we cannot stop playing this game. We have to face Vietnamese and Indonasian players as we match in their server. So, we have a small request that your team needs to create a server in Nepal or match us in Indian Server. Since , there are a lot Nepali PUBG Mobile players, we believe that you will help us…

  18. it dosent matter how many maps you give to us but unfortunately many
    players inculding me have left this game due to desync the main problem i
    absolutely love this game and will always love it but if you are an
    able to fix the game it will die soon and often it is dying right now.

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