Quilts – minimalistic and versatile sleeping system!

Quilts – minimalistic and versatile sleeping system!

If you like to combine climbing
in the high peaks with camping
in the valley, you will appreciate the extensive
opportunities provided by
our Quilts. Fully open could be used as
a blanket when the
night is warm. When attached to the mattress
will keep you warm even
during lower temperatures. Our Quilts are the
most versatile products in
our offer. We have used downproof and breathable
Pertex® fabric. 150 250 350 or 450 grams of 850
fill power ethically sourced down
fill to keep you warm. The YKK® zipper at the
bottom allows to create a footbox
with two self-locking sliders. The H-shaped down chambers
construction used in all quilts,
is lightweight and keeps the down in place. Thanks to the open footbox construction with insulated draw cord the quilt can be fully opened and used as a flat blanket. Our Quilts are extremely
universal, but yet light
and small after compression. What’s more, we believe in our
products so much that we give
you a 10-year warranty. With Cumulus® went out in nature. All you need to
do is focus on
your adventure. We offer you products that
have been tested in an
outdoor environment and are perfectly tailored to your needs.

3 thoughts on “Quilts – minimalistic and versatile sleeping system!

  1. I own a quilt 350 and have to say its one of the best purchases I have made gear wise. It's really well made, warm, comfortable and versatile.

  2. I've owned this quilt for about a year and always wondered what those extra straps were for. This video has changed my life! 😀

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