Rab Mythic 600 Sleeping Bag Review

Rab Mythic 600 Sleeping Bag Review

– Hi, everybody. This is Gijs again with another review and I hope you are doing well. This time it is a sleeping
bag, the Rab Mythic 600, a lightweight, four-season
down-filled sleeping bag. So, if you are looking for
really warm, comfortable nights in a very fluffy sleeping
bag, watch this video. (high energy music) Welcome to the review
of the Rab Mythic 600, a lightweight, four-season
down-filled sleeping bag. When I say lightweight, I
really mean lightweight. I measured the bag on my precise scale at 917.6 grams, which is a little bit more than Rab claims because they claim a weight of 885. The increase in weight, that’s
got maybe something to do with the humidity in the air, so I think this is not a big
deal, this small difference. Then, let’s talk about the pack size. This is actually the
pouch that it comes with. It is a waterproof pouch
with a roll top on the top. In this way, you can really
compress the bag nice into a very small package with
a diameter of 21 centimeters, and a length of 27 centimeters. And yes, of course, I faked this because there are some clothing
in it, I only have one. Now, it doesn’t only come
with the compression bag, it is also delivered with
a really nice spacey bag, so you can, if you
store your sleeping bag, you can put it somewhere
in all its fluffiness, which I think is always a good
way to store sleeping bags. Now, the length. It is 215 centimeters in length, and it is at the shoulders
about 70 centimeters wide. I’m a small guy of one meter 70, almost, so this sleeping bag is big enough for me. Rab says it sleeps adults up to one meter and 85 centimeters. Because I am a small guy, I’ve got some extra space in the bag, and that’s proven to be very, very worthy when I was camping in the
Northern Laplands in Sweden because I’ve got still some space to store somewhere some clothing, which is always good
if you want to put some other clothes on in the morning, but because filling it
up with extra clothing, it also makes that the
sleeping bag isolates better. And with saying isolation, I
really said the magic word. The Rab is filled with goose down, and on that 917 grams in total, 600 gram is goose down, so only the fabric is 317 grams. This goose down, it is 90% down feathers and 10% feathers. The down feathers, they are
the really small fluffy ones and feathers are just a little bit bigger. And of course, the fluffy
ones, they isolate the best. The down, it is RDS down, responsible down standard certified down. This means that the people
who use this kind of down and who are in this whole production chain and have the RDS sign, they comply that the animals,
the goose, and the duck, are not force-feeded, and that there is no
live-picking going on, which I think is very, very important. So, if you buy a sleeping bag, buy a sleeping bag that
has RDS certification, or maybe recycled down, which is possible as well nowadays. The down that Rab uses, has
a fill power of 900 CUIN. And CUIN means cubic inch. And then you have to think
about it as ounce as well. And it’s quite hard to
explain without having the proper tools to it. But, the CUIN is measured in a big tube, they put one ounce of down into the tube, the put a small weight on top of it, and there is a measuring
system on the side. This weight presses the down down. The further it goes down,
the less quality it has. So, if you have a down
quality of 500 CUIN, let’s say the whole tube
is basically to the half. If you have 900 CUIN it is
really almost to the max, and then you have a really
nice fluffy down material. And as we all know, the
more fluffy things get, the better it traps air, and the better the isolation is. And also the weight decreases, which is a very good thing in
a lightweight sleeping bags. 900 CUIN is almost the best quality, there are some sleeping bags
that are filled with 950, some with 1000. But, they are ridiculously expensive. Now, the down itself, it is also treated with Nikwax, and Nikwax makes the down hydrophobic, and that means if it gets
a bit damp, or humid, or if you sweat, the down
doesn’t start to clutter. And that is something
that I really noticed. The down, it really stays nice in shape, even if you have a very
wet night outside camping, of course, inside your tent, but with a lot of condensation. The down, it stays really
the same level as it is. So, it maintains its isolation properties. Hydrophobic down, so
wouldn’t it be clever if also the outside material was a
little bit water resistant? Well, that is the case. The Mythic 600 is made out of Pertex. Pertex is a polyamide, which is a nylon, and it has a thickness of 10 deniers; and 10 deniers is really, really thin. If you go a bit lower, it’s almost as thin as a sandwich bag. If you go a bit thicker,
it’s more like tent fabric. In the year that I’ve been using this, it’s still 100% okay. There is no damage whatsoever, so the Pertex is really a strong material. And the good thing is, it is treated with a durable water-repellent coating. Which means that if you
put a water droplet on here it will go down to the side so it won’t affect the down inside. Is this necessary? Well, sometimes. If you
like to sleep outside on beautiful days when
its not going to rain. But, you will still have
some damp from the morning, or example, if you are sleeping in a tent and it is very wet, and there is a lot of condensation going on, I always end up at the bottom of the tent with my sleeping bag
touching the tent fabric, and that is really convenient that the outer fabric
is also water-repellent so you don’t get really soggy feet. What is also important is not only that the Pertex is in the outside, but it is also on the inside. And I will open the zipper. As you can see, this is
also the Pertex material. And we, the Dutch, we love
sleeping in sleeping bags made out of cotton, but
everybody knows cotton, when it gets wet, it gets cold. It’s not the best material if you talk about winter sleeping bags. The Pertex material, it
has been proven to me, already for many, many years. I like the touch and feel of it, and as long as I’m not
totally naked in the bag, I really like it, it feels
very, very comfortable. And now, let’s have a look
at all the small details of the Rab Mythic 600. When I opened the sleeping bag, you might have seen that there
is some information printed on the inside of the sleeping bag, and this is really important
information for you as a consumer. Because it says everything
about the temperature range that you can use the sleeping bag in. And this temperature range
is not something that manufacturers do by this, or just by mainly, at least, who do this. It’s done by a laboratory, and it is the official test protocol, the EN13537-2016. And this test protocol says
basically something about the temperature range
that you can sleep in it. The first one is the comfort temperature, which is based upon a
lady sleeping a full night in the sleeping bag, and with -5 degrees, the test protocol claims that
you can sleep in this bag a whole night if you are a lady. Now we go to the next one,
that is the limit of comfort. And that one is not measured on a lady, but it’s measured on a man,
really crouched together, for about eight hours. The temperature range for
the Rab is -12 degrees. And then there is the extreme one. And the extreme one
basically means survival because it says that you
should be able to be in the sleeping bag for six hours without getting the chance on hypothermia. And also, this one is based upon a woman. And a Rab has a extreme
temperature range of -32 degrees. Now, Rab does something by itself also, and that is the Rab sleep limit. And that is based upon
a number that they get as feedback from their athletes that test the sleeping bag
before it goes to market, and they say that it is about -16 degrees. Now, how about my own experiences? Well, in this year, I’ve
been sleeping on a lot of different circumstances, and I must say that in
the Alps with -5/6 degrees until lets say 10 to 15 degrees, it is really a very comfortable bag. When the temperature gets higher you need to open all the zippers or use it more as a blanket. But it is still a good
functioning sleeping bag. I’ve slept in it in Swedish Lapland, with -30 degrees, and yes,
then I have probably got more the physics of a lady
because then, of course, it is way too cold. The good trick was, put a
second sleeping bag in here, and the two together
made a very nice night. I talked about a down, but I
did not tell you the details on how the down is incorporated
in the sleeping bag itself. As you can see, the
baffles are chevron shaped. So, the all point downwards. And the reason behind this
is that baffles in this way, most of the down will
stay on top of your body where you really need your isolation. If you got more straight baffles, its got the possibility
to basically move sideways and get from your body to
where you don’t really need it. This is the best way to keep
the warmth on that spot. The baffles themselves,
they are trapezoid shaped. And trapezoid shapes baffles,
and I’ll put a picture here, are baffles that have got
a lot of space, basically, without cold bridges, so
that the down has got all the possibility to get
as fluffy as possible. So it contains the most isolation value. The Mythic has got a very long zipper, and it’s a two-way
zipper so you can open it at the head, and but also at the foot end. And the zipper, it’s a YKK
which is most of the time good quality, and sometimes
it is a bit of a struggle to get it open because well, basically, because of this very nice
fabric, which is very thin, it sometimes gets stuck
between the zipper itself. There is some sort of a piece
that has been reinforced to prevent this snagging, but it still does happen sometimes. What I do like is that, and
now I have to close it again, the zipper has a very nice zipper garage, and that the pulling tab is fluorescent, so that even at night you will find it. And because of the length of this, it is also very usable with
cold hands and with gloves. Behind the zipper, and
now it went smoothly, there is of course this really big baffle, well filled with down, to
prevent the cold air leaving from the side of the zipper. A second baffle you will find at the neck, and also on the inside. This is a nice, I don’t
know if you can see it but, it is like a triangle shaped. So, this is really nice up
this, basically, this spot. It really shelters, it really
prevents well that cold, or your warm air escaping
the sleeping bag. Also, the hood, it is really nice, and there are two
pulling tabs to basically get the adjustment on the neck baffle, and on the hood itself. The only thing is that the pulling tabs, it’s quite a, well, hard
piece of plastic every time, and it sometimes it got in the way, and it didn’t feel that comfortable. What I do miss though is that there is not a little pocket
inside the sleeping bag for your passport or
maybe your smart phone. The two-way zipper goes down
to your feet, but not totally, because the last piece is
reserved for your feet, as a sort of heat box. But, opening here is possible, and then you’ve got the
ventilation, and you of course can take your feet out here if you like to. What I also do like are
these two little loops so you can just hang it in the closet, if you’re not using the sleeping bag. On to my verdict. How do I rate the Rab Mythic 600? Well, in the year that
I’ve been able to test it, its proven to be a very good, all round, four season sleeping bag. The comfort temperature of -6
degrees is in my case spot on but I am small and I’m lightweight. So if you are a bit bigger than I am, with a bit more body mass, then I think that -10
degrees should be no problem. In the warmer months I
think the sleeping bag is comfortable to about 10/15 degrees. If it gets more warm than that, then you will have to open the zippers and use it more as a blanket. I like the outside material; the Pertex, not only because it is water-repellent, but it is also because the
inside feels really nice to the skin. Which makes it a very
comfortable sleeping bag. Then there is the down, I really like the fact
that it is hydrophobic because it isolates better
under wet conditions. And the fact that it is RDS certified is also a big pro to me, and to be honest, I don’t think anybody
should buy a sleeping bag with down that is not
RDS certified anymore. On the downside I would
mention the zippers because they have got
the tendency to snag into the Pertex fabric a bit
too easily, to my liking, so that is a minus point. Onto the price. The Rab Mythic 600 retails for 599 euros and 95 euro cents, and that is quite a lot of money. But, be aware that down with
a fill power of 900 CUIN is also very expensive and
that justifies the price. And therefore, I rate the Rab Mythic 600 at 8.9 points out of 10 total. I hoped you liked the review
and that it was useful to you, and if it was, please give it a like and leave a comment below. For those who just tuned into
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