Rain And Flowers – Metal Detecting in Difficult Conditions

Rain And Flowers – Metal Detecting in Difficult Conditions

I see a coin! “2 Euro Cent” (2002). A button! And a coin. 2009. “5 Euro Cent”. I see another coin. “2 Euro Cent” (2005). There is one more. “1 Euro Cent” (2007). That was a good start, I hope the luck continues… This looks like a former path. I will make a short test. First (weak) signal. Something shallow. Nice soil. A small piece of foil. Foil again. Hmm… I hear iron mixed in, but is there something else… Let’s see. No, just a bent nail. Something small, the pinpointer has problems… A lead bullet. It looks very old, but what is it? GPS (POI) #1. Is this a strap end, or “something” from a book? It took me 30 minutes… What can you do… Hopefully I’m on the right track. It’s a tiny button. #2 A chunk of iron. And nothing else. There were the two finds. Sounds promising. It started raining… It’s under the root. On this side… It’s a button. Sounds like iron, but… Another tiny button. I have to get this out. A piece of iron. Hmm… A worm. A musket ball. Is it a deep signal, or the ground? I have to remove a layer of soil. I think, it was just “soil anomaly”… …but who knows. Who is this?! My friend The Moth came to see me. “Hello” :). It’s so cold… “Daddy is here to help”. I think, that’s enough. I will place her on the tree. “I’m sorry, I have to metal detect”. Now! 🙂 Where were we? A corroded shrapnel. A gold coin? No, just thin foil… I can’t deal with all the rain… I’m prepared! That should help. I will use my shoulder… A third arm would be nice. There it is. Nothing. A lead bullet. Electronic component. It’s a button. I don’t know what it is, but it looks older. What is that? Let me find a brush. It looks nice. And older as well… Part of old suspenders, or something similar? Is there a target? I apologize for this swinging “thing” in the picture. It sounds good. The color of the soil got better too. “What was that?” It’s better to be careful. That’s iron… A shell casing. Hmm, I don’t now what it is. No, I don’t think that’s a zipper. I have hidden the swinging string, but it is coming back. It has its own life… I think, it’s a tiny lead seal. An animal slept here. He has hidden something underneath his pillow… A button with a flower. Something is touching me. A branch. I thought, someone was standing behind me. Another button. Maybe a rivet. Now it’s gone – hopefully for good. Something made of aluminum. Is it still raining? I think, I can get rid of my umbrella now. It looks like iron. According to my detector it’s not. I don’t know what it was. Oh no, there is a worm. Iron ring. No, that’s not it. A small rivet? Sounds like iron. But I’m curious to see what it is. A pinfire cartridge. Sounds weird, I have to see it. It’s round like a barrel. I don’t think, it’s long enough for a rifle. Hmm… Probably not “that” old. I’m moving slowly towards “exit”. There are remains of leather in this loop. It was in the shallow layer of soil. It’s a small button. With flower design… It’s time to go. You can wait for the pictures if you like. The Dog looks offended for some reason… Hmm… On my way to the bus stop. “1 Euro Cent” (2005). Today’s “eyeball” finds. The “chain”. The unknown object. Lead balls and bullets. A rivet? The tiny lead seal. A button. A small toilet seat? I don’t know. With leather inside. A button/rivet? Hmm… A button. A bigger version. Next button. Button with a flower. Another button (with a flower?). Part of “suspenders”? A strap end? A book clasp? Trash… And treasure. Detecting time: 3h:25min

33 thoughts on “Rain And Flowers – Metal Detecting in Difficult Conditions

  1. Hello! I know that you've posted this in the past, but can you point me to a place, where I can buy the small tool-knife you use for digging, please? I remember you've posted it like 2 years ago somewhere, but I did not save it. I would really love to get it. Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you once again. Real detecting not the over exaggerated stuff that is becoming more and more popular on U Tube. Where every outing produces gold, silver or Roman artifacts. Some of those finds are perfectly clean and always just laying exposed in the bottom of the hole. I hope your assistants bag is waterproof.

  3. The first find looks like it came off the butt of a pistol.  I believe they call it a "butt plate". The buttons are so special.  With all the decorations.  I like the unknown pieces.  I cant figure them out either.  I think puppy is just tired and wants to get in out of the rain.

  4. Braved some bad weather🤙. You cleaned that location up nicely. A fair number of good discoveries, congratulations. Very good video. See you on your next hunt, best of luck.

  5. Hallo my friend been to busy to watch of late nice hunt in the rain your friend the moth wasnt to keen to leave the warmth oh your hand

  6. Erst einmal herzlichen Dank für Deine freundliche Nachricht, aber wie gesagt verstecken die Tiere des Waldes auch schöne Knöpfchen unter ihrem Kissen😉 Der Regen war ja ganz schön energisch, da hatten wir am Samstag sehr viel Glück. Der Wettermacher drückte alle Augen zu. Zwar war es am Morgen so kalt das einem die Fingerspitzen einfroren, aber anschließend ging es dann doch. Zweimal die Location in zwei Wäldern gewechselt, denn selbst auf einem alten Weg im Wald war nicht viel los. Anschließend Wiese und Silber in Form einer 20 Kreuzer Münze von meinem Sohn und ich hatte auch eine 6 Kreuzer Münze und einen Goldring. Einen wunderschönen Pfeifendeckel, ein Deckel von einem Bechergewicht und mehrere Knöpfe und Zink, sowie andere kleine alte Münzen.
    Würde gerne hin- und wieder ein paar Fotos senden, könnte ich Deine Mail Adresse benutzen?
    Ich wünsche Dir einen schönen Wochenverlauf.

    Liebe Grüße Andreas aus BW

  7. Das die Erde an einigen Stellen immer noch so trocken ist verwundert immer wieder. So lange das "schwingende Ding" nichts anderes ist, sollte es uns nicht stören 😁. Wenn jemand so plötzlich hinter dir steht und dich berührt – du hast ja noch die Hacke. Diesmal war es sehr floral, interessant. Der Regen Sound im Abspann war richtig gemütlich 😀. Schön auch das nach 2 Folgen ohne, die "Führungskräfte" auch mal wieder zu sehen waren 😉.

  8. When i hear the underroot signal i was think… boom! silver coin! …the big roots are productive… usually, nice button this time. Good hunt!

  9. More treasures this hunt love the strap end? And all those beautifully decorated buttons🤗👍 hope you made it home before the thunder😜 thanks from Scotland 🙏🙏🙏

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