Rental Tuxedos: How Bad Are They? – Honest Reviews of Men’s Wearhouse, The Black Tux BLK, Menguin

Rental Tuxedos: How Bad Are They? – Honest Reviews of Men’s Wearhouse, The Black Tux BLK, Menguin

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! For today’s video, we did something I thought we’d never do. PS: We rented tuxedos. SRS: So why on earth would we do that? PS:
Well, we wanted to see if you could get something that fits reasonably well just
from ordering from different locations. SRS: Or if you’re just better off buying
something and having it tailored so you actually look the part. I was under
the assumption that it’s always better because something that you
own that you can tailor and you’re in a budget even if that means it’s
secondhand versus something that’s rented and ill-fitting. PS: Right, it’s always
better to have your own formal wear, if for no other reason then it’s just going
to be more cost-effective to buy once than to rent continuously. SRS: Even if you
think you’re just going to wear it once, I still think you can find something
very inexpensively and have it tailored. It’s maybe a little more expensive at the end
of the day but you actually look better and you can always sell it afterwards. PS:
True, right! Cost per wear is important too, upfront cost may be higher but if
you can wear it over the years, that’s going to be a lot better than continuously
renting. SRS: I mean once you have a tuxedo, you are much more likely to wear it again. PS:
Absolutely, yeah! I’ve got a couple of different black tie ensembles now and I
wear all of them fairly frequently. SRS: I guess you’re an exception though
because you’re a jazz singer so there’s more use for that, anyways. PS: This is true!
SRS: And you work for the Gentleman’s Gazette so.. PS: Right, two good reasons. Now, in
fairness, part of the reason we did this today is because the industry has made
strides over the last decade or so, it used to be you would have to go into a
brick-and-mortar location, you’d have to get fitted, that might be a continuous
process but today, there are several online companies that just do back and
forth through the mail. SRS: Yeah, most notably like Menguin, The Black Tux, and
even like traditional Men’s Wearhouse now offers online rentals. PS: Right! SRS: So
with that being said, there are a bunch of major pitfalls to renting, right? And the
biggest one of all of them is not being able to tailor something exactly to your
needs. PS: Right, I mean everybody has slight differences in how things are going to
fit them. The fact of the matter is most rental
garments are kind of fitting into a general mold and they’re symmetrical but
humans are naturally asymmetrical, we’ve all got little differences in how we’re
built. SRS: Exactly. I mean my right shoulder is like two inches lower and
everything. I mean you have issues and even people who don’t think they have
any issues in terms of symmetry, they just don’t realize it yet. Once you
actually look at it with a critical eye, you’ll see everything. PS: Yeah, I
happen to have long arms for my build. I’ve got one leg that’s decently shorter
than the other. So there are all kinds of things that you’ve got to be aware of
that you’re probably not going to pick up on until you see how poorly something
like a rental garment might fit you. SRS: True, I mean in all fairness, you could
argue that you can adjust the sleeve length and maybe your inseam length but
that’s just a start and if you’re asymmetrical, that will still show in
wrinkles on your garment. PS: And another big issue with several of these offerings
from any of the various tuxedo rental companies is a lot of them just fail to
actually nail down with the basics of true Black Tie really are. SRS: That is true and
you can find all these out there adventurous combinations, right? They have
mixed black watch tartan and stripes and very light colors but it’s very hard to
find the classic Black Tie tuxedo as outlined in our Black Tie guide. I mean
information is all there, right? and you can check out all the details because
it’s a very extensive guide but the basics are, you know, peak lapel, no vents,
a nice galon strip and then you have either a flat front, traditionally, like a
pleated front. That single button, you don’t have
any flaps but even that, it’s already so difficult and for black-tie, right, it’s
just something where you choose something that’s very traditional. It’s
the quintessential time, especially if you just wear once or twice or you go
classic. There’s no need to wear this bright orange dinner jacket. PS: And
unfortunately, because they don’t really offer this quintessential classic style
by and large, it ends up falling into trends which may
look good now but as we all know, if we’ve looked back on wedding pictures
from the past, you’re going to regret some of those trends because they
haven’t stuck around. SRS: Yeah and I mean even now, I would say they look bad.
Some people just may like it because it’s different, right? Those contrasting
silver vests with a matching long necktie, stuff like that it’s just maybe
with a notched lapel tuxedo and flaps, it’s just not good because tuxedos
should be a little different right so you have the silk face lapel. Oftentimes,
I think with those, it’s just like polyester faced because silk is just too
expensive. Overall, it just makes you look like you’re going right to prom and it
screams like I either can’t or I don’t want to buy a tuxedo and instead I am
wearing this kind of polyester crap that’s just not properly sized to my
built. PS: And another piece of that too is if you’re wearing something that
is very obviously not your own, it’s often going to be communicated in how
you’re holding and carrying yourself. You’re probably just going to look stiff
and out of place and like you’re in clothes that you’re not used to because
that’s what’s happening. SRS: Yeah, they’re also not as comfortable as if you get
something that really fits so it makes you look uncomfortable and out of your
skin. PS: So with that said, even though we think the cards may be kind of stacked
against renting, we wanted to give the experience in the industry a fair shake
so we still went ahead with it. SRS: So that meant we got three different
tuxedos, we got one for Men’s Wearhouse, one from The Black Tux
and one from Menguin which was bought by Generation Tux.
PS: They’re both owned by the same holding company now, Generation Tux and Menguin
are. So they’re essentially offering the same product at this point. Both of those
companies are overseen by George Zimmer who used to be the CEO of Men’s
Wearhouse but he is no longer in that position. SRS: Got it! By the way, this video is
a hundred percent not sponsored, we just ordered them just like you would. I went to
their website, you know put in our information, our credit card
information, and got the tuxes. PS: We wanted the
truest experience as possible so we could have ultimately the same fair
result as any of you might. SRS: Otherwise, if we show up there and say we’re from
Gentleman’s Gazette, they’ll probably treat us slightly
differently and we didn’t want that. So to start, when you rent your tux, there are
basically two options, these days, right? There’s a free home try on where they
send something out to you and before the event, if you don’t know when it’s going to be
and then you have to send it back within 48 hours. PS: I think the other option is they’ll essentially just send it to you
sight unseen and you hope that based upon what measurements you get, that’s
what you’re going to wear for the event itself and you hope it fits. SRS: Yeah but I
think some of them sent it early enough so you can exchange it, in case
something goes wrong, right? PS: I believe that is the case, yes. SRS: So without further
ado, let’s jump right in and go through the tuxes. The first one is like The
Black Tux. PS: Correct, that’s the model that I am wearing here so this was a midnight
blue model. Out of the three that we ordered, we wanted to have one that was a
little bit different in that regard so this one is midnight blue instead of
black. SRS: Well, you know they call it midnight blue but honestly, it’s more
like a navy. PS: I think I would agree. SRS: Because it looks, maybe the idea of midnight blue is that something looks blacker than black under artificial
lighting versus this, looks navy under artificial lighting. PS: I think so. I think
it’s a trend among a lot of these tuxedo companies these days to want to
accentuate the fact that the tuxedo is blue but as a consequence of that, it
becomes so light that it’s really more just almost like a navy suit with tuxedo
styling than actual midnight blue. SRS: Yeah. Talking about trends, they also have
the double vents which traditionally, was not something you had in a tuxedo.
I think these days, side vents are very popular because they’re comfortable, you
can put your hands in your pockets, at the same time, I think the tuxedo is
already rather similar to a suit so why make it even more similar, even though
you want a special garment? Makes no sense to me. PS:
Right. I would agree. I think, probably the reason that a lot of these companies
will go with side vents is because part of the reason of having a ventless
jacket is that it provides that perfect silhouette and it fits your body just
the way it should but that probably isn’t super cost-effective from that
sort of “one size fits most” perspective that the rental companies have. It’s
going to be harder to fit multiple men and their different body types with a
ventless jacket. SRS: Especially, people with a big bum like myself . PS: You said it, not me. SRS: So styling wise, we got you a single breasted peak lapel with a single button
closure. PS: That’s right and honestly, on this one, I thought all of that was
decent; the the lapels have a nice sort of satin sheen to them. I liked the width,
the button placement here seemed good. I would say the the downside, at least, in
this area, is that there was some collar gapping that was fairly visible there. SRS: Yeah and if you compare satin to your bowtie, you can tell it’s not a rich deep
like silk satin and it looks more like gray, in a way, so we can tell it’s not
the utmost in quality, right. The other thing I thought was funny was there were
no buttons on the cuffs. I don’t know if they, looks like there’s a
lot of fabric on the inside, I don’t know if they kind of actually opened it up and
changed the sleeve length based on their needs or how it works but I could see
how having actual cuff buttons would be more of pain for them, of course, it’s a
classic look and it’s something you’re not getting by renting a tuxedo. PS: Another thing we noticed with this tux in regard to the pants is that the
stripe down the side here, the galon, was actually sewn into the side seam rather
than being sewn over the top. SRS: Yeah, I found it on my tuxedo, as well. Maybe
that’s just a cost-effective way to do it for them, these days, I don’t know but
it’s not the proper way to do it and it’s just a cheap workaround. PS: This
was also a feature that we found in the Menguin tux, as well, so all three of them
were guilty of that particular style element. SRS: Now, let’s talk a little bit
about the website of the whole ordering process. I think The Black Tux tries to
make it really simple to the point where it’s extra quite
vague, there’s no way to kind of see what size they pick for you, and you can’t
even make adjustments. It pretty much assumes that you’re like
a child, you don’t really know what fits you, and they’ll just take care of it for
you. PS: I think probably they’re coming at it from a perspective of the
average guy who might not know a lot about formalwear. They want to get him
through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible so the website is
pretty simple but the downside of that is for somebody who is actually
passionate about formalwear and cares about the details, as you say,
the website is almost overly simplistic to the point of being vague and you
know, you don’t really get to see a lot of those details that you’d want. SRS: And you
know, I guess they know their customer and so it’s easy for them to say we just
focus on that part of the demographic but if they don’t end up looking great,
what good is that? Now, personally, I was positively surprised by the fact that
they’re all made of wool or at least that’s what the label says. Sometimes,
they have like a super 100, it’s like in Men’s Wearhouse or I think super 140s.
Now, it doesn’t tell you what weaver the fabric comes from so it’s meaningless
because it’s not a protected term but at least, it’s a step up from the hundred
percent polyester tux. PS: Absolutely. Out of the three that we got, I did notice that
this model from The Black Tux does actually have a label on the inside of
one brand. SRS: That’s trying to kind of provide some
high quality stuff. Okay, it is not a well-known brand, it’s not like
Vitale Barberis Canonico or Cerruti, it’s it’s just a smaller mill
probably but at least, they are trying. PS: Yes, and that’s important. SRS: Now, when it comes to construction,
they don’t share whether it’s glued or padded. At this price point, it feels like
it’s glued. PS: That would be my assumption, as well, yes. SRS: What are your thoughts in
the construction, otherwise? PS: Generally, I thought this model from The Black Tux
was not bad, certainly as compared to the others. I
didn’t happen to see any loose threads or odd or uneven stitching, any
thing of that nature. So at least as far as covering those more simple bases, that
was done fairly well. SRS: I mean in terms of fit, it was pretty good considering it
was just an off-the-rack thing. The pants seemed to be the right length, right?
You’re a slim guy so it’s harder to fit you, in general. The jacket was okay. I
think it was that maybe a little on the long side for you. PS: Yeah, it was a little
long, not only in the torso but also directly visibly in the arms, there was
definitely more length than needed to be there. As we already
mentioned, there was a little bit of collar gapping and I think some extra
room, generally, in the in the torso of the jacket. SRS: Which I guess is something
you experience most of the time when you get something off the rack. That being
said, the sleeve length is something you can always correct. For a rent tuxedo,
you want to have a little bit of cuff showing about the same amount you can
see in the back in the collar. If that’s not the case, it just looks odd. PS: So out of
all of the tuxedos we rented, I think I was most pleased with this one. On a
scale of zero to five, I think this one might go maybe as high as a three, I
would say. I think that’s, overall, where I would place it and in fairness too, this
was an at-home try-on model so in the ideal scenario of how it would work, I
would send feedback to the company with how this fit and then theoretically,
further alterations would be done on the finished tux that I would get for an
event. SRS: If that is possible. Because they also have the option that you just rent
a tux and then you get it and then that’s basically what you get. PS: True. SRS: So
like with anything in life, if you plan ahead, you will ensure that you get
better results. Next up, let’s talk about Men’s Wearhouse. It’s kind of the
800-pound gorilla in the tux rental business. If you just Google tuxedo,
it’s the number one search result. Even though what they provide is actually
quite disappointing, in my opinion. Overall, I have to say, you know, I had high
hopes because the packaging has improved and I just thought maybe
they just have a better product by now that was
especially reinforced when we went to the website. I mean they were the only
ones who wanted to know what the inseam was, what the waist measurement was, so I
had hoped they would actually like nail it. But even though I told them my inseam
is 31, it came out to be wrong. PS: I think 27 and a half or so which is
just a very big difference. SRS: Three and a half inches on an inseam length, I mean that’s
terrible, right? Apart from the fact that my pants make me look like a clown,
the opera jacket which is different because the pants are made in China, the
opera was made in Mexico, it has a Calvin Klein label, 44 regular, and it’s the
typical tuxedo jacket you think of when you think of rental, right? How would
rate the fit? PS: Well, I think, as you said, the pants are very short but in addition
to that, they are full to the point of being a little bit baggy and I think the
jacket is, as well. Of course, traditional styling, you know, if we’re talking about
a drape cut or what have you, there’s a little bit more fullness but this just
really looks more like a potato sack than anything fitted. SRS: They have a
fabric here, there’s room in the sleeve but still, when I moved,
everything moves with me and so it’s not even comfortable. At the same time, it
looks ****. And here, we have the same issues right? No cuff buttons, like there was a
lot of fabric in here but it’s too long when I stand yet it shows a lot of cuff
when I sit, which is just less than ideal. PS: It’s kind of the worst of both worlds,
really. SRS: Now, the lining is polyester which makes
you more prone to sweating which is also not ideal but overall, this makes me
extremely uncomfortable wearing it and it has all these flaws even though
stylistically, right? Peak lapel, single button, that’s good. It was the only
vendor that had no vents which is nice but it still didn’t have a flattering
cut which is the point of the no vent and then it has these flaps which are
not traditional and the pockets are full like on any other jackets. The problem is
if you have a full pocket, you can’t even tuck the
flaps a way to create a classic look, right? So it just sucks. PS: So with all of
that said then, what do you think you would rate this Men’s Wearhouse tux?
SRS: You know, that tux I received out of the box I’d give it like a zero out of five
because there’s no situation I would ever wear this and I’d rather skip the
event than show up wearing something like this. Now that being said, once we
received this and reached out to Men’s Wearhouse, they were like we’re sorry,
will either send you something else or we’ll refund your money. Now, that’s good
customer service in the sense that they take responsibility and they want to
make it right. At the same time, I mean we all know how much “fun” it is sending
back packages numerous times, right? PS: Yeah. SRS: And then also, when I have an event where I
need it by, I want to know that they send me something that fits especially if
they ask for our measurements. I don’t want to hope that something arrives and
then it’s completely different then I have to take care of it again. I mean, it’s time,
it’s money, and it’s going to UPS and FedEx. I mean I don’t want that.
PS: The remaining company from which we ordered was Menguin, of course, as we said,
also owned by the same holding company as Generation Tux and we were a little
bit surprised to see that it came in a Menguin box
but the inside of the jacket did have a Generation Tux label so the products are
fully integrated at this point. SRS: Yeah and it was kind of a funny style because
we wanted to get a shawl collar style because it’s also a traditional style,
their understanding was very fashion-forward like it was extremely
slim. They also, the way they ironed it was kind
of funny. PS: Yes, I definitely thought so. Not only were the lapels very skinny to
start out with but they were lopsided and kind of mismatched. It looked like
the jacket had maybe been sent back to be ironed or pressed one too many times
and one of the lapels just looked very strange. SRS: Yeah so when you ordered on the
website, what kind of stuff did they ask you? PS: They were also not terribly specific
with the measurements they asked for. They wanted height, weight, general build,
and then my waist size but that was it. SRS: So no jacket
sizing or inseam length? PS: Nope. SRS: Okay, I mean that’s a very low standard. PS: Right! As far
as the materials of that one were concerned, it was, again, made from wool.
I’m not necessarily sure of the grade or the quality of the wool. SRS: I mean they say
super 140s or something but again, you know, it means nothing
and it can feel extremely cheap. PS: Right! And in my personal experience out of the
box of the three that we have here, that one definitely felt the cheapest to me.
SRS: Okay, interesting! What do you think about stylistic and fit choices on the
Menguin? PS: I think in a similar fashion to how the lapels were very slim, other
details were also slim and small too. For example, again, it had side vents but they
were very short vents in the back and the jacket itself was also on the
shorter side. SRS: Well, typically, it’s something that you do on a less
expensive jacket because a shorter vent means it gaps less no matter what the
bum size is so it’s just a easy way to hide certain things but it’s not the
proper way to do it. PS: And additionally again, the sleeves on that jacket had no
buttons either. SRS: I guess that’s what they do. They may adjust the length of the
sleeves to get it right and so they can’t really put buttons on without
damaging the rest of the fabric. PS: That would make sense. SRS: I think it also had
that galon strip sewn in in a weird way and overall, it
was rather slim so if you like a slim fitting tuxedo, it was probably the
slimmest of the bunch and it was also on the shorter side, in terms of length, but
if it would have been longer, I think maybe would have bunched up. PS: Yes, I
think so. Specifically in regard to the trousers, they were definitely on the
short side almost kind of an ankle level but because of how narrow the opening
was, if they had been any longer, they probably would have puddled in an
unattractive way around my shoes. SRS: So what do you say, what’s the rating for this
one? PS: This one, I think I would probably just say a 1. In addition to not
necessarily liking quite how it looked in
terms of the styling and also how it felt, the construction felt like it was
lacking a little bit. I did find some loose threads, it was just a cheap
experience, overall, I would say. So I wouldn’t rank it any higher than a 1.
SRS: And I also think you know, this kind of tuxedo, you can buy off of eBay, right?
Sometimes, they sell rental tuxedos or new tuxedos and sometimes you get a
really great quality for you know 50, 70, 80 bucks. I remember on my wedding day , my
best man didn’t have one so rather than renting him one, I just bought him on
eBay for 100 bucks, 50 bucks in tailoring, and he looked pretty presentable. If
you look at the waistband of all those pants, they’re all very adjustable which
makes sense for a rental. You wouldn’t have that on your personal tux but
I think I would like some suspender buttons because if something is too
wide, having the buttons will make sure it stays at the same level all day long. PS:
Right, again, I was a little bit more impressed with the offering from The
Black Tux. It does have suspender buttons, of course,
there’s no fish tail in the back. It’s just a straight waistband all the way
around but the buttons are there and also, there are side adjusters on this
pair of trousers, as well. So that allows for a little bit more of a zeroing in on
fit. Whereas with the Menguin model, there was just a piece of elastic running
around the inside of the waistband. SRS: Oh interesting. Men’s Wearhouse also
had the side adjusters but no buttons. So yeah, once again Black Tux is more
comprehensive than others but on the overall scale, still, just average. PS: One
additional note for the trousers of the Black Tux, they do also have satin around
the waistband of the trousers themselves. I think this is more of a modern
innovation, if you’d like to call it that for guys who would either choose not to
wear a waist covering or wouldn’t know to wear one. So there’s a little element
of visual interest there but of course, you should most traditionally wear a
waist covering with black tie anyway. SRS: That means vest or waistcoat or a
cummerbund. So it’s kind of a superfluous feature
but I guess that’s what these companies do. In terms of boutonnieres, I think the
Menguin didn’t even have a whole my Men’s Wearhouse had one but no like
flower holder so you need a little pin to get it there. How about yours? PS: Same
thing here with the Black Tux. This one does have a functioning buttonhole in
the lapel but it doesn’t have any sort of loop on the reverse to hold the stem.
So in terms of a final verdict, how bad were the tuxedos we rented? Overall,
they were pretty bad. If you take our ratings and put them all together, that’s
an average rating of only one and a third out of five. Definitely, not a
passing grade! SRS: Exactly. So even the best out of the
bunch, The Black Tux is just three out of five and again, bear in mind, the
sleeve length is not right, you know, it may gap. You don’t get the buttons and
all the details that you want to in a traditional tux. So yeah, if you just
want to look good and I think that’s the point of wearing black tie formal wear,
then renting is your worst option. PS: Right! I would agree.
Rather than going with renting, it’s probably better to well, if you can
afford it, to get something made but even if you don’t want to go to that high of
a price level, find something vintage or second-hand. Spend a little money having
it tailored and you’re going to have something that fits you better and you
won’t have to go through this rigmarole of the renting process. SRS: Exactly! A great
place to start is eBay. I think has cool vintage tuxedos but
even in the US, you can sometimes find old Polo or old brands like Belvest or
Loro Piana. It pays to know your measurements that are
ideal for you so you can buy something that is very close to what you want.
Especially, areas like the shoulder width where it’s harder and more costly to do
alterations but in that case, I also suggest you check out the video on how a
suit should fit because those same things apply to a tuxedo and once you
know that and armed with that knowledge, you can
then go out and shop and again, if you have more time, you can actually look for a
longer period. You can probably get a better bargain and end up with something
that ultimately can remain in your closet, doesn’t cost much more than a
rental, and it’s still rather convenient. PS: Yeah. In terms of searching for knowledge,
once again, we will say that our Black Tie guide is a comprehensive resource on
everything you would want to know for how a tuxedo should fit, how it should be
styled, the different hallmarks you’ll be looking for, it’s really a one-stop shop
for everything you need to know about tuxedos and black tie, in general. SRS: Yeah and
hands-down the most comprehensive guide in the world and I’m not saying that
bragging, it’s just what it is. No matter if you buy or rent your tuxedo,
upgrading it with some high-end black-tie accessories will always make
you stand out from the crowd. That means getting the right bowtie, the right neck size
for you that you can untie just like this one or getting the right
boutonniere, getting a pair of nice silk socks, a pocket square and everything
else that you need including cufflinks and shirt studs, please head over to our
shop here where we provide a really extensive
selection of Black Tie tuxedo accessories

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  10. I don’t really understand why renting has became this popular.
    With half the price, we can afford a good enough second hand tux and the other half go towards adjusting and dry cleaning. Both renting and ebay-ing are secondhand anyway.
    If we have time, with 10-30$, we can afford a very good tux in thrift store/vintage shop so why should we even bother with renting anyway.

  11. The fact Preston is a jazz singer never ceases to amuse me. That’s one of the coolest things a person can be.

  12. You had to have known going in to this that the quality was going to just horrible, whichever service you chose. Why not instead do a video on purchase tuxedos at 3 different price points $750-1,000, $500-750, $250-500, $250 and lower, if such an item is available. Much more relevant information , IMHO. Love your work

  13. I used to work for jos a bank which uses the same rentals as mw and that CK is the worst fitting of the tuxs they have. If you go to the store they typically do better on fit but the tux fitters at mw are usually high school or college kids who dont care. Go to banks same stuff but older staff who care a little more on average.

  14. If you're in the Baltimore area I'd suggest Tuxedo House. I'd give them 3.5/5 stars. My complaints were the breathability of the fabric, the fact that the tuxedo pants didn't have the silk stripe, and that I had to change the pant/coat length when I picked up my tux. My brother wanted a charcoal tuxedo with a mauve (lavendar) bowtie and they were able to suit his very specific needs. The fit was excellent in the end.

  15. I worked at a Men’s Wearhouse for about a month. I didn’t realize how low-quality their clothes were until I saw a corduroy suit coat that was originally $250 go on clearance for $18.

    The amount of unsatisfied customers I saw in my month there was outrageous. People would come in to pick up a suit that they had tailored for their wedding THAT DAY, they would try it on, and it would look like absolute garbage.

    I bought 2 ties from MW with my 55% off discount. After one wear, the keepers on both the ties ripped. Keep in mind, these ties cost $70+ originally. Terrible

    I quit after a month because I couldn’t morally handle the low quality that I was selling.

  16. I work at a local men’s store that does rentals and you are 100% right with the sleeves not having buttons. If something is too long or short it can be fixed at the store in 20 minutes using a blind stitch machine or hand sewn.

  17. Bought a tuxedo for wind ensemble in high school and have worn it 10-15 times in the three years since. Had it tailored and have saved hundreds compared to others who rented for every prom, concert, formal, and wedding

  18. I feel rentals are a big reason why dressing up has come out of fashion, at least in the US. The quality in both look and feel are so bad that most men think suits are uncomfortable and don't give them their best look. GG is out here trying to set that straight and get men looking their best.

  19. I'd never rent a tuxedo. I am fortunate enough that my grandfather was around my height in his prime and his old tuxedo fit me very well. It was well made and only needed a few adjustments for me.

    My father also can't order from them. His right arm is three inches shorter than his left from a broken arm he had when he went through his growth spurt.

  20. This could be the next generation of those challenge videos. I bet if there's a fashion style Rotten Tomatoes that Men's Warehouse would get a 11%, I had bad experience and history there.

  21. Hi, G.G. team.

    What’s your opinion on Stacy Adams shoes?

    They have great reviews on Amazon and look good for the price.
    Would appreciate hearing your opinion.


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    Useful and helpful video!

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  26. Your videos are really amazing and I‘d like to share a thought about a new video idea. Sadly I‘m not able to write down this thoughts in the English language, but as Sven has grown up in Germany I hope the following will be understood.
    Können Sie und Ihr Team ein Video über die verschiedenen Arten des Küssens machen? Vom Handkuss über den Kuss auf die Stirn oder in den Nacken bis hin zum Zungenkuss, und welcher Kuss in welchen Situationen angebracht oder erwartet ist. Wann ist es beispielsweise gestattet einer Dame einen Handkuss zu geben und wie unterscheidet es sich zwischen wirklich ausgeführtem und angedeutetem Kuss. Ist es von Nöten jemandem, Adlig beziehungsweise „normalen“, den Siegelring zu küssen oder gilt dies nur für den Papst und Bischöfe/Kardinäle.
    Thank you for your videos and I hope everything was understandable and is eventually the topic of a new video.

  27. I used the Black Tux for my wedding. It was a reasonable price and it looked really good. Super easy and customer service was amazing. They make sure you order in advance and will alter/send you a different size if it doesnt fit well. I would recommend them.

  28. While i appreciate the sit down discussion, 50% of the frame taken by the alcohol trolly was a bit odd. It was a nice thing to have in the middle but please do not fill the frame with it.

  29. The MW pants were hilariously short in that first shot of him standing up. Maybe they were trying to push the sexy ankle/no sock look?

  30. "0/5, I'd rather skip the event than show up wearing something like this."
    Ruthless, Sven. I love the commitment to style.

  31. Hello, my name is Alex and I watched a video where you guys sad that a well dressed man should always were a nice leather backpack / bag. I want to buy myself a good looking bag and so I wondered if you could make a video on what Typs of bags I should stick to and what looks good. PS I love your videos and I like them to watch when I have time. I can just relax and learn sth new. Please make make more good constant like this in the future. Alex

  32. Why did you get rentals online instead of going into a Men's Warehouse location? I think that's just asking for inaccuracy to happen. I've been in several weddings where we used Men's Warehouse and they have each tux in 3-4 different "tightness levels" depending on preference, you can get wider pants, slimmer pants, etc. They'll do alterations several times until you're happy. The quality of the tuxes wasn't fantastic, but for a one time event where you are required to wear a specific color/style the experience and fit was really good.

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    I’ve noticed a great looking Swedish shoe brand called MYRQVIST. Can you guys review them? All Goodyear welted! Beautiful as well.

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  42. I'll take very respectful exception to the statement you can "just sell" a suit you own after using it, should you need to. Yes … you can, but only for a fraction of its original price. It's hardly even worth selling, 99 times out of 100, and the only reason I'd give them away is if they no longer fit, were damaged, or I just no longer had the space to store 'em…

  43. I ordered from BLK Tux for my wedding; it turned out great. I got my groomsmen's from Men's Warehouse and they were almost unwearable. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  44. Quick correction, The Black Tux Tuxedo Jacket is Fully Canvassed, so quite literally the opposite of glued/fused… love the video but feel like Sven goes in to this with his mind already made up and not neutral.

  45. I am a long time fan of this channel. I did indeed enjoy this video and its unique presentation. The subject matter as well was different than usual. That is meant as a sincere compliment. However, as the votes are now in, I will be moving on as the format goes from the usual 15 to 20 minute upbeat informational setting to a 30 minute discussion. Take care Gentleman. I have enjoyed much of what you've done in the past.

  46. Isn't it about time fashion and style "gurus" such as yourselves came up with something NEW. I'm sick of everyone either looking like clones of 1950s bank clerks or sacks of potatoes..

    Women's fashion and style has been innovative and moved forward. All you ever do is reference old tired "classic" (meaning BORING) norms, while snydely mocking, well everything, unless it's old.

  47. no matter how bad the quality might be, or how much it deviates from classic formalwear, @ 7:31, the way the tuxedo fits Preston, is better than anything else I have seen on him (i.e. jackets that are 2-3 sizes too big or pants flopping around). ofc, the jacket here is a bit long and there is room for tailoring the sides, but the way it lays on his frame is decent when he stands in a neutral stance.

  48. dark blues and blacks don't look all that great in my opinion. i am referring to preston's tux. and raphael, you agree with this point.
    it doesn't have to be dark blue. anything that is super dark and is adjacent to the colour black looks a bit off.
    it may not necessarily be a mistake, but some ppl are okay with that colour combination and a small group aren't.

  49. My dad never let me rent. He said a gentleman should always have a tuxedo. Renting one two or three times would be enough to buy a decent one of your own. I've had a tux in the closet since I was a teenager.

  50. You both succeeded in removing any
    Desire for me to rent a tuxedo again lol. Last time I rented a tux I was in my early twenties and was poor. For Those who see no value in buying a tuxedo to maybe wear once a year at absolute best I would say it still makes no sense to own and unless financially you do not mind spending good money to wear something maybe one day a year and hopefully you don’t gain too much weight from year to year where it wouldn’t fit anymore.
    I would say if you cannot afford to buy a tuxedo because you would only wear it maybe once a year and is not worth the cost in this example, I would then suggest rather investing money in a good black suit that you would wear from time to time mixed in with your regular work wardrobe as an alternative and just avoid wearing a tuxedo if you can help it

  51. you can find new with tags tuxedos on eBay for very good money. even if you wear it once every two years it represents value vs renting that is dead money.

  52. I rented a tux for a potential son-in-law. He looked great in it. If he had been an actual son-in-law, I would have bought him a tux. My advice is if you have any chance of wearing a tux more than once in your entire life, buy a 100% wool tux, and get it altered as required. However: if you are a skinny kid going to the prom, you are likely to gain weight over the rest of your life; in which case just rent one. And if you need to shop secondhand, you have my blessing. For decades I had a used double-breasted tux, but eventually outgrew it. Given the tradition of tuxedos, wearing a used tux can have a certain appeal, as it has an existential (if unknown) history that a new one lacks. And this is a very personal opinion, but the current generation of short-jacket-low-waist-tight-pants tuxes/suits/ dresswear are 100% aesthetic trash. Avoid them at all costs.

  53. Recently I saw that Luca Rubinacci of Rubinacci does not show as much cuff as you guys most of the time call the norm. I guess this is a more classic way. What do you guys think?

  54. Sven's trousers?!?! Could you imagine having to go to your own wedding or award ceremony with trousers 4" too short? Dreadful quality control at Men's Warehouse.

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