Respiration – Why is it not good to sleep under a tree at night? | #aumsum

Respiration – Why is it not good to sleep under a tree at night? | #aumsum

Topic: Respiration. Why is it not good to sleep under a tree at
night? Hey. You look so tired. Why don’t you take rest here? No. Please don’t sleep under that tree. It is quite harmful. See, you are not able to breathe properly,
right? Do you know why? Wait, I will tell you. This is because during the day, in the presence of sunlight. Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen in the process of photosynthesis. However, they even respire simultaneously. In this process, plants take in oxygen and
release carbon dioxide. But the production of oxygen is more than
the production of carbon dioxide. Hence, if we sleep under a tree during daytime. We may get a good amount of oxygen, thus giving us a nice sleep. However, at night, plants do not perform photosynthesis due to the absence of sunlight. But respiration still goes on. Hence, as compared to oxygen, the proportion of carbon dioxide around the trees is more. Thus, if we sleep under a tree at night, we
may feel suffocated due to lack of oxygen. Moreover, inhalation of excess carbon dioxide is harmful to human beings. Therefore, it is not good to sleep under a
tree at night.

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  2. But we have more amount of Carbon dioxide in our rooms rather than under a tree….plz explain!

  3. Another reason why u can't sleep under a tree because there might be a poisonous spider trying to craw on you

  4. People that live in the junjle develope differnt lunhs to handle differnt amounts of oxygen . Sleeping under a tree wont effect you much because sleeping uses 70% less breathing because you are doing about nothing

  5. It is sometimes better to sleep under a tree if it's really cold. The metabolism of the tree creates warmth and that combined with the shelter it gives against wind and rain would help you survive.

  6. Well I should has been dead by now because we went camping and it was too cramped at the tent so I decide to sleep outside under a tree and I'm still here

  7. I'd always thought the reasons why people don't sleep at night under trees is because of wild animals like possums or racoons

  8. I live in a forest man, I sleep under all of the trees, literally fine. I'm fact the smell is refreshing, and helps me sleep.

  9. This is the dumbest shit ever, I go back packing all the time and sleep in the woods literally tied to trees cause I sleep in a hammock. This is completely false information! Such lies

    The only dangerous reason to not sleep under a tree is widow makers. What that term means is a large dead branch could fall off in the night and land on you and kill you. Just look up and make sure there isn't any widow makers above you

  10. I love ur videos but let me tell u one thing… this is wrong because plants continuously perform photosynthesis even at night. There is a different method during night which is called light independent reaction.

  11. But the birds also sleep on tree at night and they also need oxygen , how they survive if tree produce carbon dioxide at night?

  12. Does it mean it is not safe sleeping with the house plant such as sanseviera and peace lily plants inside our home at night?

  13. relaxing to learn and watch b'cuz of the cute animation,, nice job even the laugh of the character is funny,, nice very satisfying.. =)

  14. You said trees do normal breathing while simultaneously photosynthesising in the day. For normal breathing Oxygen is needed. In the night when plants exhale Carbon dioxide, a human under a tree suffers lack of Oxygen, that the tree too should suffer. How can trees overcome this handicap. They don't (can't) do photosynthesis during the night. Do they breathe air in the night, at all?

  15. so the tree makes suger and oxegen from co2 then later puts the co2 back into the air. the suger and oxegen come from nothing???  and you really believe this. lol oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Human beings don't photosynthesise, they only respire so they are all the time releasing Carbon di oxide why it is not harmful to be near human beings, but harmful when we come near plants at night? Please reply faster 🙏

  17. Is it Carbon dioxide or Carbon monoxide? I read in one book that it is Carbon monoxide and not Carbon dioxide 😣 I'm confused … please help…

  18. So in tai chi it is the perfered method to do daily morning exercises under trees. So what would be this old reasoning? Do trees release a greater amount of oxygen when they first awake? Or a "cleaner/healthier" oxygen/respiration in early morning. Its a question that makes me think about this old practice in tai chi.

  19. im desighing a car that works the same way you drive the gas out at day   and it magicaly comes back at night—-gonna call it the BS 5000

  20. You just earned dislike from me. Here's the reason. It's because the trees don't produce a lot of CO2 at night, so we can't seem to feel the effect. BTW, the combination of terrain, Earth's rotation (responsible for Coriolis effect), and temperature difference allows the Earth to generate winds at reasonable speed in any direction which helped displace some CO2 towards a region of more Oxygen.

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