Rick Steves Moneybelts and Wallets

Rick Steves Moneybelts and Wallets

As you travel through Europe, if you
visit a town that has two thieves, you’ll probably meet both of them. The thieves in Europe target us Americans. Not because they’re mean, but because
they’re smart. We’re the people with all the good stuff in our purses and wallets
and they know it. You don’t need to be paranoid,
you just don’t want to be vulnerable. The highly-skilled pickpockets working the streets of Europe are gonna choose you, and you need to have a good defense, and that’s one of these: a money belt. This way, your valuables are safely under your clothing. We’ve designed and sell three different types. Here’s how they work. This is our standard money belt.
This is the one that I use. It’s comfortable. It’s light. It’s sturdy. And it’s got an elastic waistband, which is very handy when you’re traveling. It’s
got a couple of zippered pockets here so you can divide your valuables. The larger
pocket is for your passport, large bills, maybe a rail pass. And the smaller pockets are just right for your credit cards. Now when you wear this, you tuck it in like your shirttail. Some people don’t want to have a money belt tied around their
waist, and they’d prefer to hang their money belt around their neck under
their shirt, like this. This is a Neck Wallet. Or, if you wear slacks and you prefer, our
Hidden Pocket is very popular. This can go along your belt, and then you tuck it inside your pants. All of these are equally effective and equally secure.
Just choose the one that’s most comfortable for you. Now, wearing a money belt isn’t just practical. It gives you peace of mind. When I’m wearing this, all
those pickpockets are no big deal. In fact, when I’m wearing my money belt,
having a stranger’s hands slip slowly into my pocket becomes just one more
interesting cultural experience. Now, you don’t get at this for every nickel, dime, and quarter. Your money belt is your deep storage for select deposits and
withdrawals. I travel with this cool little wallet that we’ve designed and sell.
It’s soft leather. It’s got a little outside and pocket big middle section. Now, remember: use a wallet, but be prepared to lose it. In it, you’ve got a day’s spending
money, odds and ends, and a funny little note the thief. That’s right – this is included with
our Rick Steves Travel Wallet, and it says in five different languages, “Dear thief, sorry this contains so little money.
Consider changing your profession.”

28 thoughts on “Rick Steves Moneybelts and Wallets

  1. Thieves target anyone. Not specifically Americans. And Americans are not the only people with "good stuff". I know this video is for Americans, but I'd expect better than ridiculous generalisations from somebody so well travelled.

  2. We used a similar money belt while in Italy and we loved it! We watched a TON of your videos on Italy before we went and it was so helpful. Especially when we visited the Vatican, you have awesome tips for that! Thanks!!
    Danielle Greco – AccordingtoD.com

  3. I just got back from Europe. Something I noticed is be careful If a stranger trys to get your attention in a train station . One theif will ask for directions or even act as good citizen and help with directions or carrier a bag while accomplish picks pocket. Safe travels.

  4. Saying "having stranger's hand slip slowly into my pocket, becomes one more interesting cultural experience" after Cologne incident, has quite a different meaning. Looking forward to see more durable equipment in you next movie.

  5. Both good things to have, whether you travel or not. I like the idea of a wallet with a zipper, it prevents money from coming out if you drop it, etc. The question I have is where can I buy either?

  6. Americans give themselves away also by talking so loud when in Europe or for wearing white trainers or flipflops in cities. Europeans normally wear darker colours and shoes.

  7. I hate the way most Americans talk about Europe as if it is one place. Europe is 44 entirely different countries. There is no way to experience “Europe”. That’s like going to Ohio and thinking that’s the whole of the US.

  8. I wore a money belt in Rome. I'm half hispanic and half white, so people often think I'm Italian. When I entered a store, the sales staff would pass me and go to the white tourists. Another benefit I got was in the Vatican. Because security thought I was a local, I was allowed to get close to the pope.

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