Rick Steves Rolling Backpack

Rick Steves Rolling Backpack

This is our Rolling Backpack. Depending on your
situation, you can pull out the handle and
then roll it along really smooth in the
airports, or – if you want to be more
flexible – you can pull out the padded shoulder straps.
So it’s a combination roller
bag and backpack. It costs a little more,
it weighs a little more, it carries a
little less, and it doesn’t expand like
some of the other bags. But if you’re
a light packer who wants the flexibility
of being able to go as a backpack or as
a roller bag, this could be a good fit.

4 thoughts on “Rick Steves Rolling Backpack

  1. Hello Rick, there is one thing which cannot be used: The rollers with back packing. The rollers go through all the dirt everywhere (spit, urine, chewing gum, dog and pigeon shit) and then it should be moved onto the back: The dirty rollers touch my clothings and all that from the dirty surface is at my clothes. Then sitting in the car or train that dirt is distributed onto the seats. Other people get it too later on, and so on. ==> Europeans don't like that. It is a cultural impossibility. (Americans always like to put there legs WITH the shoes ONTO the sofas and chairs. That's famous and can be seen everywhere from Americans. That is a European no go.) If there would be some cover rag with hook and loop fastener to cover the rollers before use as back pack, it would work. Another problem with rollers is the noise. As in Europe are a lot of plaster paving it makes a terrible noise with normal suite cases. Bigger wheels reduce that a lot, and also rubber covered wheels. May be you can think about that for your next product release if such could be improved in general, e.g. to implement slightly shock absorbers or similar to reduce that noise to zero. Then it can be used very usefull and would be an advantage all other packing products don't have. Happy travels!

  2. One of the most important things is to find a bag that doesn't look like all the other people bags. It makes it so much easier finding it in the terminal.

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