Hey guys it’s Ro! As many of you know, I
am on tour for much of this month, road tripping from town to town. And I wanted
to make a video about my favorite Road Trip Essentials! The first category, and my favorite, is snacks! When I’m on the road I like to stop at new
places and check ‘em out for a big meal, but, it is a good idea to have
some snacks to keep you fueled. And if you’re ever treking through the woods
there may be a long stretch without any stops, so it’s a good idea to
have some things to nibble on! One of my favorite snacks are almonds, I love
almonds, it’s a good source of protein, they’re super yummy, and you
guys, you know I got a sweet tooth, so, you can get almonds covered in different
things, you can get them covered in sour cream and onion flavor. These ones
are covered with a creme brûlée shell, so they’re super good! And then these
ones are Italian black truffle almonds! For the second snack, I have a fresh apple,
you can bring any fruit that you like. I really like apples because they’re high
in fiber and, they travel well! And you can learn how to juggle! If you have
more than one. I’m pretty good! Ah! I always like to bring water, I know that
this is a really weird water bottle, but I love it because it’s flat. They just fit really well into laptop cases
or luggage cases, they aren’t big and bulky, they don’t take up a lot
of room in the car. That does it for snacks, I usually keep it
really simple when I travel. Next, let’s talk about entertainment! When I’m traveling I always bring my laptop,
wherever I go. I don’t know if you guys do this too, I
just put a gold case on it so it wouldn’t get banged up while I travel. And,
the reason I bring my laptop and I don’t just use my phone is because
I do a ton of emails and I type faster on a keyboard, and, my parents are
so sweet, they always watch Cookie when I go out of town, and,
this may seem silly, but I’m gonna be real with you guys. I miss her so much
and every night, my parents are so kind, they let me Skype call her and
I want to see her silly face as big as I can. So I bring my laptop,
so I can just see Cookie face, everyday! And then, You always gotta bring a pair of
headphones. And here I got a little pair of headphones, and yes,
they’re gold, they match my laptop. Because, some people like to match
their outfits, I like to match my technologies! I also like to bring an iPad mini. Here I
just play with a lot of different apps and games, it just has a little
bit bigger screen than my phone, and it isn’t as big and bulky
as my laptop. So, I always bring this little guy. And of course, I always have my phone with me,
wherever I go. I am always on my phone, whether I’m on
Twitter or Instagram, or I’m texting friends, I am just always using it. There’s a lot of apps that I use when I’m
traveling, but the app that I use the most is probably Audible, because
there’s a lot of downtime when I go on road trips, especially on this
tour, so I’ve been reading a lot, I’ve been catching up on reading. I asked
you guys in the other video what books I should check out, and I got a lot of responses to
check out the book Matched, so that is what I did. For those of you who aren’t familiar with
the story of Matched, you guys explained the basic premise to me without
spoiling it, but, it’s basically a book set in a futuristic world, a dystopian
society where when you turn 17 you are matched with your life partner,
through a big, like, computer like algorithm that tracks, like, your personalities
and DNA and its basically like if there was a super
smart or like a super smart Tinder, and when you turned 17
it was like, here’s your soulmate. And that’s, that’s the society, well I
guess this gal, there’s a glitch and she’s matched with, I think, more than
one person. I really like futuristic, sci-fi type stories
and this one is a little bit romantic, so I thought, daw! For the romantic
in me this would be pretty cute! I really like listening to books on tape when
I’m traveling because, for me, I have difficulty reading, I have a learning
disability. I’m dyslexic, but even if you aren’t dyslexic,
it’s really fun to listen to a book on tape when you travel. You can
just sit back, listen to a story, or some of my friends even get motion
sickness when we’re traveling, so they can’t read in the car
because they’ll start feeling a little queasy, so they can listen to books
on tape and listen to stories on tape and I just think it’s really
neat! If you’ve never used Audible or listened
to books on tape before, it’s really, really easy, there’s a little app, you download
it, and then about any book you can think of is available to download. And
here’s my library, the homepage right here is your library here’s
all the books, and, you can see at the top right here, I am getting into Matched! If you guys are interested in trying Audible
you can go to, there you will
get a 30 day free trial and 1 free book. Again, that is,
if you’ve never tried listening to books on tape you
might like it! Ooooh! You guys, next Road Trip Essential,
music! A road trip would not be complete without
a music playlist! I don’t know about you guys, but every time
I go on a road trip I love to have a themed music playlist. And
because we’re going on a cookbook tour, I thought, I gotta have a food related
playlist! So I downloaded a bunch of songs that had
food in them, even if it wasn’t necessarily about food, I put them in this
list. We’ve got: Pour Some Sugar on Me, Tooti
Fruti, Sugar Sugar, I Want Candy and of course you guys know that I put Dawin’s
Song Dessert in there, it is number 1. It’s at the top of my
food music playlist for this road trip. In the description I will put a list of my
food music playlist, please let me know in the comments if there’s any songs
that you think of that have food in them, that I don’t know about because, there
are so many out there! I will keep adding to this list, I will keep
it going! The last thing that I had to bring, for like
technological gadgets and entertainment was my selfie stick. Oh my gosh
you guys! Some people make fun of the selfie stick,
but I love them because I have super short arms, and whenever I am trying
to take a picture with my friends, like this, like everybody get in! It cuts off right here every time. It’s like, hey, hey everybody! So, I love these, if you guys have never used
a selfie stick before, they’re super easy, they just…. Then you just stick the phone right on the
top, and then you plug this little guy in there. And now it is connected
and you can adjust it however you’d like. And there’s a little
button right here and this will take the picture. I love selfie sticks for
traveling because it’s really easy to do a group shot. Like in front of
a restaurant or a funny sign you see, or just anything along the way
of your travels. And you won’t be cutting off anybody’s
heads! You may have gathered by now that I really
like technology, so when you’re traveling you always gotta bring your screen
cleansing towelettes, or as I like to call them, tech wipes! You can wipe off your phone, laptop, or iPad,
or even your sunglasses to keep those lenses clean! Now, onto some safety and sanitary essentials.
I always like to bring a little first aid kit, so if anything happens
on the road I am prepared. And inside there are some of the basics. There’s
a cold pack, bandaid, a little thing of Neosporin if you get any
cuts, gloves, tweezers, and inside here are little packets of advil and tylenol.
In case you’re on the road and you get a headache, that can be extremely
distracting, and unsafe if you’re driving. So it has a little bit
of everything in here, just in case! Next I have a little travel size kleenex,
I like to keep these in case you have a runny nose, you have a little tissue nearby,
or you know, you just have a… Bat in the cave! That means a booger! If you have an issue, here’s a tissue! Oh my gosh you guys! This is something I personally
use a lot, I use these everyday, I keep one in my purse as
well, it’s a Tide to Go Pen. If you spill anything on yourself it’s a
little stain remover pen. You just open it, apply it to stain, and pretend
it never happened! These things are life savers. I got these, a lot
of people ask me what these are and they are hand cleansing wipes. You
can get little towels or the sanitizing gels that they have at stores.
But I like the little hand wipes. They’re good when you’re on the go and
you want to have a little snack, but don’t have anywhere to wash your hands. And, a girly thing, I always keep one just
in case, because you never know, you never know when your girlfriend might
need one. Lastly some beauty essentials that I like
to bring. The first one, sunglasses! Not on cute, but I think technically
these could be in the safety category as well. Because when
you’re driving you don’t want sun glaring in your eyes, you want to be able
to see well, so something with UV protection. Boom! I’m gonna… This goes in both categories. Also for your eyes, I have a sleep mask, obviously
don’t wear these if you are the one driving, I found this one
at REI. I really like this face mask, not only because
it’s really soft, but because it has this lip, right here at the
bottom, so that when you put it on, it makes a little gap for your eyes.
So it’s not sitting flat on your eyes, and it won’t mess up your
makeup. I know that’s a super girly thing, but,
it’s real, look at this! So when you put it on, its just
creating a little lip right here, so if you’re wearing mascara, it won’t
smudge your mascara. In this little pouch, it comes with little
earplugs so you if you want to take a snooze and rest while other people
are listening to music or doing whatever, you can! I don’t know about you guys, but I always
like to bring sunscreen. A lot of people don’t think to use sunscreen
when you’re in a car or on a road trip, but UV rays go right through
glass windows, whether they’re up or down, so I always like to bring sunblock. You know what you guys? For some reason, whenever
I’m on a road trip, I’m always on the side of the car that has then
sun. Do you guys know what I’m talking about? Now, let’s talk hair! I have a lot of it,
and when I’m traveling I like to keep it simple. I know this looks so funny,
but this is my little travel brush, it saves a lot of space! I don’t
like bringing big brushes when I’m traveling. And this brush
I found at Sephora, and I love it because it has longer bristles that
will take out my tangles, and then it has shorter bristles down here,
so that if I’m blowing out my hair, it will get all of ‘em, and I can
shape it to be whatever I want. And, I like to keep a little bottle of dry
shampoo, this is a little travel size, but you don’t need a lot, a
little goes a long way! And this is really good if you’re on a long
road trip and you can’t wash your hair every day. Say you can only
wash your hair every other day or every other, other day. Before I went on this big cookbook tour, the
longest road trip I had done before was 18 hours, and it was so nice
to stop at a rest stop about half way through and just freshen up,
and I used some dry shampoo. You just spray it in your hair, it helps take
a lot of the moisture and oils out of the hair and it makes you
feel like, ah! Fresh hair! And then this little guy helps you smell fresh!
Sometimes when you’re traveling in a car with a lot of people it
can get a little muggy. So, I like to keep a little travel size perfume,
if no one is allergic these are safe to use. And, I like them because they’re just travel
size. You can just twist off the top, they have a little ball here at the top, and
you can just roll just a little amount on your wrist, boop-boop-bopp! Whenever I’m traveling, for some reason,
I always get a hangnail, or my nail chips, I don’t know why this always
happens, but now, I come prepared! I found this cute little guy, he’s a heart
little Emoji face! And it is a travel sized nail kit, it’s
adorable, you just zip him open, wee-oop! And then you have all the essentials,
in case you get a hangnail, a chipped nail, anything. You don’t have
to sit there for hours and hours and hours and try not to mess with it. You
can handle it! And my very last beauty road trip essential
is Panda’s Dream, he’s so cute! Look at him! Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! I found it at Sephora and I love this, it’s
just a little stick like this, and then you put it on underneath your eye. It
moisturizes and cools right away underneath your eye. It’s really good if
your eyes are puffy, which happens to me because I get tired on really long road
trips, and, little panda helps me out so that I don’t look like him! And
don’t have dark circles underneath my eyes! Thank you panda! You’re welcome
Ro! Oh it’s, oh my deals! OK! My last road trip essential is wearing a set
of comfy clothes, when I travel I like to be comfortable, and so, I’m
wearing a really cozy, light-weight shirt, that is soft and stretchy,
and you can layer it, you can put a tank top underneath it or a
jacket over it. I like wearing outfits that you can layer because
the weather can change, especially when you’re driving from town
to town and through different states, it’s just good to be versatile! And then for pants, I really like to wear yoga
pants, or I have been wearing a lot of boyfriend jeans. I love boyfriend
jeans because they’re really relaxed fit, they’re really loose, they
don’t pinch when I’m sitting down or curling up in a ball, they’re just
super comfy, so, I’m wearing some boyfriend jeans and then, slipper boots! That’s right guys, slipper boots! It’s winter time and my toes always get
cold in the winter, so these keep ‘em nice and roasty-toasty. Snug as a bug in a rug! Alright, that does it for my favorite Road Trip Essentials,
let me know in the comments down below what your favorite top 3 Road Trip
Essentails are. And, if you know of any food themed songs
that are not in my food music playlist, please let me know, I would love to check
‘em out. And a big thanks to Audible for teaming up
with me on to make this video, heart you guys! I hope you found this video helpful, buh-bye! And safe travels!

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