Robbing Rich People’s Houses! – Thief Simulator Gameplay

Robbing Rich People’s Houses! – Thief Simulator Gameplay

wait Jasas Oh Gerd wait a second what the
police well this took a strange turn I did not
expect this to happen oh I broke something got it
ha ha ha we’re masters oh they’re coming for me Oh hey what’s up people I’m IGP and welcome
to a game called thief simulator now thief simulator as the name implies is a
simulation game based around being a professional thief not one of these
Bubblegum’s stealing Walmart dwelling losers we are professionals we are
guided by a very graceful man named Vinny who’s going to teach us everything
and we journey to become the very best now this game is made by the same people
who made house flipper so you’re going to notice a lot of similarities the
thievery is actually quite intricate you have to watch out for outside observers
making too much noise being visible in light you can even stalk the people you
are trying to rip off overnight sleeping in a parking lot and watching them to
learn their routine to find out when the house can be emptied to better benefit
you anyway if you want some more information on the game link is down in
the description below and we’re just gonna jump into the thievery alright
here we are this is the house we’re gonna rip off and that is me and my
beautiful attire that’s totally not stereotypical at all we just kind of
blend into the night obviously also I don’t condone thievery I’m an upstanding
citizen anyway Vinny’s calling the lombardi’s
page avail their generous men but they’re all about reciprocity let’s see
if you’re up to the job knock over that house for me the last
one so as you can see we are entering in a thief mode now we are we are
officially a thief this is a breaking and entering and trespassing charge all
automatically if we get caught we’re screwed we got to get something out of
it so we need to get into this house and steal something right it only makes
sense the fence is telling me to crouch there’s a lady in the window so I’m
going to try to avoid her and we’re gonna go over here to the darkness
because that’s what its gonna tell me because I already played through this
some dope left a flashlight on the ground take it but don’t let nobody see
the light and call the cops it’s almost common knowledge a lot of
these things I think later on we learn things like lock-picking
right now I’m just breaking the window and opening it because forcible entry
makes more sense than anything else and no one’s gonna notice that or hear it or
anything so you know we’re fine good job time to redistribute a little well
that’s fair you know it’s it’s it’s it’s all about fair miss right it’s all about
the wealthy getting less and the poor are getting more right it’s like Robin
Hood I mean I like to think of it like that but it’s really not like that at
all we’re just bad people don’t let nobody
that’s the second time he said that all right so I mean like I said it’s pretty
it’s pretty common knowledge dude it’s pretty common to know that you know you
shouldn’t make too much noise don’t go into the light make sure you’re dressed
appropriately you know try not to make too much of a mess so people notice you
don’t tell your friends what you did don’t be stupid on the Internet all the
basics eventually we will learn things like oh god she was about to spy on me I
gotta get to my car which is over here apparently I parked in the most strange
spot like I don’t know how I feel about this this spot right here right in the
light and everything start her up so at this point it’s not open-world I know it
can appear that it’s open-world but it’s really not we can drive around the
neighborhood and that’s about it we can also leave what we’ll go through the
tutorial just a little bit because I think we actually have to it’s part of
the story and I wanted you guys to get the full experience of my thieving
adventure but honestly all jokes aside this game is pretty good in the sense
that it has a lot of factors that can play into how you steal things running
and gunning as in just breaking into a house and stealing everything you can
and leaving can work but it probably won’t anyway so we’re back at our safe
haven here oh this is where I guess we live it’s kind of nice you know it’s
basically a garage that’s what it is well fantastic Vinny thank you very much
you know we’re going to sleep on our couch that’s labeled as the bed and
we’re going to sleep through the night now it’s morning even I should call my
life revolves around everything anyone there’s a few things
I need to tell you okay so this computer might remind you of how super computers
for thieves let you buy new kit online but you might not have what it takes to
use them all click on steal your forum here you can buy secrets hot tips on
what swear who’s guarding it who leaves the door unlocked
whatever check out what I wrote on Greenview 109 excellent so here we are
how security tips we can buy things that other people have discovered in homes so
as we go and robbed the place we can mark down things like the lock was easy
to pick or they don’t have a guard dog or they like to go to bingo night and
whatever at 8 o’clock p.m. you have a time frame that you could rip them off
easily but these are free so we’re just gonna buy them all right now go to UK
cool so easy to break the damage wooden fence in the back old TV worth a buck
spare door key in the drawer and there is no one at home wait there is no one
home all the time oh okay so sometimes they’re gone you
know what suck if they were shut-ins no hock you looted the pawnshop first all
right you’ll need empty pockets at Greenville 109 yeah sure I’m gonna need
empty pockets so I’m gonna go to the pawn shop and sell to my other boy the
guy who gives me money for stolen goods with his name the shop owner this is
named sell the toaster alright uh where’s ten and I imagine it’s right
next to uh wait oh we’re going to this one oh okay this is where I parked last
time I guess this is a good parking spot the game tells me it is I’ll do it
you’re pretty much fine by the way if you walk around the neighborhood like
this no one’s gonna question the way you look I mean they should and report to
the police just kind of tip them off but you can go around and explore stuff
which we might do in a second but as soon as you enter in or you commit a
crime like B&E which I’m about to do right now the music starts and you’re in
full thievery mode you better look out so we got to be real quiet and break
windows the way he breaks the window is actually
pretty subtle I can appreciate that it would make me it would it made me laugh
a lot more if it just completely shattered and alerted the entire
neighborhood okay so there’s the toaster I mean TV front door key we can go and
lock that real quick so we can exit with it now because TV is a big item we got
to carry it in our hands now in the bottom left you can see there’s the
signal for my me being able to be seen and the audio the noise that I make if I
hit something it actually doesn’t make noise so that’s beautiful
but you can also see the searchlights which signify the people walking around
who could potentially cost me money see because you don’t always get arrested I
think you can get arrested in this game but it’s mostly just like a trespassing
charge you just pay a fine you lose money basically it’s all about that math
at the end of the day – have we made a profit with the spit that we stole and
the fines that we have to pay it we don’t ever have to serve jail time I
mean eventually probably but alright so we put in the trunk closed door get in
the car start her up and get the hell out of here all right how do we do how
did we do we gotta be gotta be dude I don’t know what thief rating means is
there a breakdown of factors somewhere that I can read cuz I can try them and
improve this whatever okay so we go to computer and go to black Bay which is
kind of like I’m assuming the Deep Web where we can sell stuff that’s stolen
you can pretty much do that okay so we go to electronics old TV cell we go to
rent a hug for you with the dishes yeah so apparently we can get paid $50 to
break dishes in someone’s house now this seems like like on the dark web
you can hire things like hitman for instance and which is never a good thing
don’t ever do that and pretty much don’t ever go on the Deep Web it’s not a good
idea or it might be the dark web I can’t
remember which is which let me know in the comments I’m gonna accept this
because vandalism is fun okay now drive back to 110 and break some dishes with
the crowbar cool
with the crowbar I know in ways that appears that I might be a terrible
person but I promise you deep down somewhere is a good person everyone’s
first reaction is hey can I actually kill pedestrians yes it’s just not very
exciting at all oh you gotta be more careful there’s people walking in see
for this one I’m just gonna park like right here cuz I don’t give a flop dude
this is where I think the extra thieving comes in I’m not sure what factors in
but if you’re careful and you make the least amount of noise you’ll do the best
I mean I’ve already failed twice oh it’s probably all spit okay I’m gonna take
pot what else can I take gonna take these shoes hey I found fifteen old
dollars maybe the thieving is just like how much stuff have you stolen is it
worth anything Oh a hiding spot oh okay so I imagine this is gonna get pretty
deep but I guess I might actually have to steal something when people are why
is there money in this cabinet take the south pan I’m robbing these people blind
this music is actually kind of cool look it’s the perfect thief music alright I
think that’s it so I’m just gonna smash into everyone crash into everything Wow
learn the basics Wow sure you’ve got enough skill by now okay you made up for
that insult by complimenting me thank you slowly this is not suspicious at all
what does blue stuff on the grounds that’s supposed to be water where’s it
blue like that okay so we’ve leveled up I am going to
go do skills lockpick and learning BAM right now go buy yourself a DIY simple
lock back on tools for thieves tools for thieves like you could you make a little
bit more of an ambiguous title can it be any more obvious before you get yourself
into trouble try it on a training lock I left one in the garage so what does this
remind you of so I have to turn it a bit and there we go god I suck at that did a
good job on that old TV in the empty house for a real job
you gotta scope the joint go to 111 by 7 a.m. and watch so now we’re gonna go
stalk people which is another charge can you imagine if I stalk breaking enter
and steal I could get grand larceny charges depending on what I actually
steal is gonna be fun dude this is not really a thief simulator anymore to me
it’s more like criminal charge simulator hurry up hipster Jesus can you be any
more hip I’m just gonna go ahead and park because I’m pretty sure I have to
so when you’re in park you can actually sleep but I’m not suspicious at all
we’re suspicious looking at all there we go now we’re thieves oh spit wait Jesus
oh God wait a second what the police okay wait this actually escalated way
farther than I remember thinking a hiding spots
please hide or run away Wow I failed terribly oh my god it sounds like they
have tasers dude please don’t tase me sir hiding spot there’s no hiding spot
anywhere Oh God hello officer haha take that well this
took a strange turn I did not expect this to happen like this the cops
shouldn’t be ready to shoot me you know what I mean like his gun should not be
out yay they just gave up that was really stupid I’m upset about this see
the problem was I was actually not supposed to go in there just yeah I was
supposed to go over here and stalk them hello
wait where are they I guess I gotta wait a little bit cuz I they won’t let me
progress unless I actually do what I need to do first so let’s sleep holy
crap I’m I’m a filthy stalker dude this is gross okay are you there yes mark
with v-0 team is discovered their home the whole night was due 10 o’clock
they’ll likely be at work hopefully shit sorry I forgot I suppose have my crowbar
oh hi girl what’s the darn crouching in a weird place blocking paths what
I get marked down for blocking a path whatever dude Oh lockpick right right
right okay keep going haha Oh money
fifty bucks dollars let’s go oh it says up here I’m supposed to go
around 7:00 a.m. oh right I’m dumb just casually walking here maybe maybe maybe
oh no he’s gonna see me yeah core down there dude stop being
weird yes okay oh shit I’m not crouching you’re crouching crap
hello uh uh I’m just uh okay now we gotta wait till 7:00 a.m. what what
how’s the burglary oh they figured it out dude oh god I
have to run hiding spot hiding spot oh god can I get into a hiding spot shit
damage defense okay put it away put it away let’s find a garbage can or
something no garbage cans oh crap there’s people home oh dude this is
gonna be bad I thought there was more no I like that though because I was saying
in my head there’s no way this game is this deep that if I steal this TV that
they’re gonna notice but they did notice okay so I didn’t get my TV or anything
all right that’s fine whatever I can give it next time next time I’m just
gonna sleep here what are you doing now there we go there’s a box in there wait
for them to leave and get me that box will do good sir wait for them to leave
okay so in a few hours I guess I think they were gone at 10 a.m. so I’m just
going to sleep until then also where do they park their car like we should be
able to see them leave right okay we’re good they’re out Oh crouching in a weird
place no I’m not just kidding what the hell are you doing no I think you’re
broken are you broken seriously what are you doing okay you didn’t see me I’m so
lucky there we go I’m getting gonna just lockpick stuff
all right there’s a box let me get the money first dude whoo box with shady
content I’m gonna take the TV anyway let’s go I’m pretty much free I’m in the
clear I gotta let this lady pass I hope no car
comes cuz I’m screwed otherwise we’re not yes yes we got it nothing suspicious
going on here don’t worry about it we’ll be all right
new hints available ooh stories send the box via black Bay okay there we go $100
let’s go the Lombardi’s think their friend on green view needs a new window
but they think the one they got fine prove them wrong nope wait I’m gonna
break a window okay that sounds fun so we’re gonna go break a window I guess
that’s has something to do with being a thief maybe all right just casually
strolling through the neighborhood okay so this is 112
nose 113 wait what where’s 112 aha what can place a camera here do break a
window in 112 and run or hide okay let me find a good hiding spot hold on
Oh better put this wait sorry oh I see I can do it there perfect I better wait
till this lady goes go away go away boom run come on get in hide ah where are
they oh there they are okay cool the good question is is this like GTA
will there be eventually helicopters and tanks coming after me you know for
robbing a house Jesus how long do they stay looking for me I know my
expectation for the length of time that they should be looking for me is really
low in real life this they would be here for a long time yes ah broke that
witch’s window okay so now we’re just gonna go back to the car yes so we’re
doing all right we’re home yes you need to learn how to deal with standard locks
okay but will to level up by stealing stuff oh I need to go somewhere okay the
doors have an old lock easy to pick cool all right well let’s go steal some stuff
oh I keep the key no way money laying around dude
actually are careless about this can I actually lockpick this and do I gain
levels I can’t actually remember nope no experience that’s fine I’ll just steal
some stuff I guess okay just casually stroll we’re out here we go yes we
leveled up we got 10 XP lockpick level 2 right which means now I can branch out
into appraisal praise more items on the spot and throw bricks as part of the
agility skill tree open the standard lock okay
there’s one down here oh I need to buy lockpicks crap regular lock picks look
at that dude yes I can buy a few do-it-yourself simple lock takes oh my
god what is this dude alright we’re really breaking and entering here how in
the hell okay it says use a lockpick to open standard locks press the button at
the exact time when the pin is at the bottom oh oh I see okay so I actually
remember someone showing how to lockpick in real life oh I broke something got it
okay this was a lot easier just a timing thing got it hahaha we’re doing mastery
we’re masters fix it with a crowbar wait word on the
street is the toilet and Greenview 113 is not broke break their toilet
what kind of okay they don’t have anything on okay here we go 1 1 3 uh you
know what I don’t have enough money for that right now
bye hymns for help ha I’ll do this myself oh this is a nice home we never
mind dude I might need some help this may not be the best idea Trash Can
cannot be knocked over that’s good to know just
gonna park right here I also just realized that the the numbers to the
houses aren’t literally posted right here I’m so dumb okay so I gotta hurry
up and do this one quickly quickly stop there we go open close it okay
we’re in oh they’re sleeping no I can do it now
let’s actually can I mark them yes I got their routine okay so they’re home but
they’re sleeping I think that’s fine right
they left the window open oh my god wait a second am I gonna have to sneak past
them she’s tossing and turning oh god oh god I’m hiding I’m hiding
honey spot she doesn’t know where I’m at she doesn’t know where I’m at dude lady
chill chill out it will be okay can I just actually can I actually just
go in here and do it oh no this come on oh they’re coming for
me Oh God Jesus dude where did you come from the cop cars is over there I
thought I could unlock this hide and then and then going to the toilet all
right we could try that one more time I’m feeling good I’m feeling good about
this what’s that wait trespassing shut the flip up shut
the flip oh my god there we go okay they got that they heard something what are
you doing okay maybe it’s the best oh shit maybe it’s best if I actually go
over here what’s the window oh come on you’ve got
to be kidding me I can’t climb the fence I’m dead I’m
dead it’s over seen bite it god what do I do
alright open the window yes come on come on get in
alright hide under the bed hi there’s a bed in the kids room dude they’ll never
figure it out but I actually move is I’m out in the open
seriously oh hell oh wait they don’t check under the beds are you kidding me
I’m not the greatest thief in the world they turn up the lights – Riley’s not in
this room he’s not in this room it’s fine there is absolutely no way this is
happening right now yeah I saw someone break into my house two of my windows
are absolutely broken but we’re just gonna go back to sleep it’s fine
nobody’s in here Edie flip it aha she’s sleeping inventory is full oh boy oh no I gotta
be able to drop something right okay front door key old toaster drop it I
want that I want that nope I would love to go into their bedroom
because I’m pretty sure they probably have money just oh my god there’s
kitchen knives in the living room is this the toilet easy dude easy oh my god
so good see we just have to hide from the police dude nothing nothing to it
we’re all good dude oh we’re so sneaky see if I can sell some of this stuff I
totally forgot to have that all that on me it’s ridiculous you know
oh Jesus Christ all right I’m ending it here thank you guys so much for watching
I hope you enjoyed the video if you want to see some more thieves simulator on
the channel let me know in the comment section below I’ve been happy to give it
another go anyway again hope you guys enjoyed I love you all and I will see
you in the next

100 thoughts on “Robbing Rich People’s Houses! – Thief Simulator Gameplay

  1. IGP. Please read this and don't take it too personally. I find you very funny and entertaining, however, when you constantly fail, miss things and/or keep dying every 1 minute, it becomes boring and tedious. Please, please pay more attention to what is required and to what is happening in the game. It is much more entertaining and interesting watching you when you actually play the game in a smart way. This way I feel like I am discovering and unveiling the game with you. It is so great to watch you play the game like that. Then there are games where you fail horribly and quite frankly I myself get angry watching it. "Oh god he missed this", "why did he do that". I am not saying you have to be a perfect and the best player at every game. All I am asking from you is to pay a tad bit more attention and maybe stop being that big of a pussy (not entirely cause it is hillarious but at least a bit)

  2. Sadly the lockpicking in the game is not like real lockpicking. Look at lockpickinglawyer and lockpicknoob for great illustrations and video on how to lockpick and exploit different pysical protection (in their cases it's to improve security and for locksport).

    Dark web is just the internet that's not web crawled, get Tor at and start with an onion wiki to start seeing what people put up on an internet that's got an older feel about it.

  3. a shady guy walking down a street looking into peoples windows…fine BUT a shady guy CROUCHING…MUST REPORT TO POLICE!!!

  4. Was this planned? I remember when I was playing house flipper and tried to sell a piece of furniture that wasnt allowed the game would tell me off stating that this is house flipper not thief simulator lol :_-)

  5. There’s the Surface web (aka the common/surface web), the Deep web, and the Dark web. The surface web is everything that is legal pretty much. Everyday things like Google, easy access. Then there’s the Deep web which is a little bit more, records and the like. Then, the Dark web. That’s where most illegal stuff happens. Drug and people trafficking, protests, illegal stuff you’d be arrested for. Now it goes way deeper then this. It splits into more categories, like the Carter web and Marianas web but most people focus on the surface web, which categorises most things people see daily, the deep web, and the dark web.

  6. You and drae have very similar thumbnails. You seem to start and stop playing a certain game around the same day as well. Do you guys try to coordinate or is that just coincidence?

  7. Please more it looks fun and i would so play but i dont have a pc to play it on and even if i did i live in bum fuck country ville were internet is horrible

  8. Wow watched 20 minutes of this to see the advanced lockpicking just for you to cut out actually doing well that was a waste

  9. Actually IGP: Robin Hood isn't about stealing from the rich. It's about stealing from an oppressive government that charged WAY too much in taxes.

  10. The deep web, igp, was made as a data storage by the American government because we all know they tons of military secrets and tech they want secret, the dark web is where you purchase things like advanced weaponry, extreme/illicit drugs, hit men, but the downside is that they only allow crypto currency seeing as crypto currency can’t be tracked

  11. thief rating is just how much (worth) you steal. its like "have you looted the best possible stuff for the space you can carry"

  12. I wonder how most highschoolers aren't in prison by your logic of "If a guy wears a black hoodie and jeans he is automatically a thief"

  13. 9:03: Deep Web is the type of web which is not indexed by public search engines. Basically websites which require some sort of authorisation.
    Dark Web is exist trough an overlay network, where are a lot of crime and spy activity is orchestrated

  14. The deep web is a portion of the internet where you can find many things that are illicit, or not appropriate for the average viewer of the internet to see. The dark web is a smaller portion of the internet, mostly in the deep web but some of it can be found on the surface, that is dangerous, criminal, and and not safe for the average internet viewer to see.

  15. as far as i know the dark web and the deep web are technically the same thing. you access them the same via a browser like tor or onion and they list sites that they found with there websites probes. however the difference is more of a category than a literal things. the deep web is just the websites that these programs find and any website with illegal content is label the dark web. There are plenty of sites on the deep web that have nothing to do with anything illegal. some sites are extremist sites that were censored but the server is still up. its just blacklisted from the main internet browsers. others, sites of conspiracy theorists who think they benefit from the anonymity of the platform. based on system the deep web works in it makes it very difficult to trace any site and very difficult to shut them down. however there are illegal sites. the hit man sites in question are mostly false. there are plenty of sites that advertise such a thing but since the idea of hitman on the deep webs became such a wide spread idea most sites are just FBI honey pots. basically you order a hitman service and the next day the FBI come knocking on your door.

  16. In real life the police would have taken 2 hours to arrive and filled out a report and left pretty much immediately.

  17. “Everyone’s first reaction is ‘can I actually kill a pedestrian?’ Yes. It’s just not very exciting at all”

    proceeds to kill a pedestrian

  18. bashes the game for not being realistic then complains when he fails due to it being realistic  O__O

  19. It goes to The Web, Deep Web and then Dark Web. Deep Web had the Black Market stuff, drugs, organ trading, Sin Confessions, Pedophilia. Dark Web however houses even more, Serial Killer works, Live Feeds of torture or rape. Child Porn everywhere, Cannibalistic Recipes and events and feeds, Human Trafficking, Auctions for highly expensive items, hitmen for hire, etc.

  20. dark = very bad where you can hire a hitman deep = where are credit card information (you can't access it… i thing)

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