Rowley Birkin QC – Cairo

Rowley Birkin QC – Cairo

Cairo! [high pitched wheeze] …very unstable, politically. Pandemonium. …largely,
with a poisonous monkey. …very small chaps,
but immensely strong. Ha! Like that… It was a completely wasted journey! Snake! Snake! Gin..! …poured it on like that… …lift the fellow up… …what I do? I made a dreadful hash of his arm,
I really did. I freely admit, I was very —
very drunk.

51 thoughts on “Rowley Birkin QC – Cairo

  1. @hoopythehound1888 Ha ha! Funny you should say that, watching the trouble in Egypt on the news just now made me mimic the opening to this sketch ,which in turn sent me running here to YouTube to see if they had the clip! Brilliant! (sorry wrong character!)

  2. genius end of,a master charactor actor and hes not even casualy brilliant il be watching this material tll i die.every manerism is a joy.johnathan ross on 3 mill a year and you let this guy go .fooooooooools

  3. By Jove! I remember this from the rasa frantic kea stew from the time of grants tic and, of course, the first flush of the Debutantes from the cream of whizzing ant your shymknstish….of course, I freely admit, that, at the time, I was very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very,very, very….drunk.

  4. Poisonous monkey…😂 best line ever, together with "I have to say, I made a dreadful hash of his arm"😂

  5. Snakes, Cairo, poison monkey, wasted journey? I think he is reviewing the first Indiana Jones movie… 😀

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