Saddleback Leather Waterbag, Filson Pullman, LL Bean duffle, and Roll-ons

Saddleback Leather Waterbag, Filson Pullman, LL Bean duffle, and Roll-ons

I’ve got the yada the other video I cut this into multiple videos you’ll see that on that I between a Saddleback Leather beast and the Filson I ended up going with the Filson extra large duffel for my personal use even not another that cell bag is a beautiful beautiful bag now we’re gonna look at I’m gonna say small but they’re really I guess I’ll classified as medium bags or all my carry-on what would be a carry-on bag quick trip usually I pack and what I’ve got in that blue LL Bean duffel bag stuffed full is usually I take a change of shoes with me a couple pairs of shorts three pairs of pants work pants sweatshirt some t-shirts and it’d be kind of a summer bag overnight today maybe maybe a three day bag depending on they carry the other carry-on I have usually my my oakley hopefully bag there kitchen sink which really you can stuff it full now it’s gonna be replace by that cell back I’m a classic brief but let’s take a look at these bags on the left once again we have the South back leather medium size tobacco Brown water bag which is a beautiful bag and that one already one so but no frill to carry on on the other side to l.l.bean we had the Pullman which is an interesting bag which I’ve never I just really took out of the box I mean really looked at it they don’t really haven’t marketed I don’t think as a carry-on I at least I didn’t see does it carry on underneath there fill some web web page I got the Filson carry-on rolling luggage bag there which they once again Filson sent me the wrong color in the packing slip in the box with it said tan my order was for a tan on the receipt and they sent me the green bag so hate to say it goes against quality control and stuff I mean I know that’s just some guy shoving a luggage in a box but you know it says tan and they sent me green so and it’s a dark green color almost looks black in this video but it’s a gray nice nice dark leather brown leather straps on it then you got my old bag travel bag around here you honestly don’t travel with this bag of a lot anymore that’s stuff I had some dress shirts put in there which is nice to have this area for some dress shirts and your bag it’s a nice you know I just want something a little bit nicer to travel with I just don’t you usually use a roll-on that often anymore so that bags out the bag that’s going back automatically if it’s the wrong color get this flap over it some reason I guess if you’re sitting like this text it from rain or whatever you know good quality well I think the Flex kind of reared it for the looks it’s something that’s just being grabbed by the guys in back the airplane throwing around with you end up M gonna do a plane slide check that’s destructive bag do you have a nice pocket on this front my inside pocket on either side tags on I’ll throw it up for sale and nobody wants on the Senate I’m the PNX but out nice elastic straps and they’re hanging you open this bag so you get some nice elastic straps just inside buttons now I guess we need to wash this so I’m guess he’ll the part on buttons so you wash it out nice keep all your stuff locked in place they’re getting wind bridle leather bucket wheels Bilson guarantee for over a year’s last a lifetime so it’s a lifetime pretty much once you have a that’s a nice small color silver out the batter turned off by it said that’ll be going for going for sale let’s get down to it here let’s take a look at my L being first at least it come down to these tea bags it’s a pretty neat bag that’s a neat bag so I can just work it on the back oh the whole bean bag two wheels you no problem if this wheeled duffel is and I tell you what it’s always all over the place you can’t drag this thing around without it you’re going through the airport and it’s always bouncing around on me so I usually just ends up carrying this more to use that some straps to really cinch this thing down cuz I’m gonna hold a whole lot so that’s its thumbs job it was a gift and I’ll hold onto it for some stuff but that’s gonna retire from my long trips let’s go I know I’m keeping this one let’s just go ahead and take a look at this bill so bad let’s fill some bags pretty cool this is once again the Filson Pullman I love this brown color on it I doubt that the cameras really doing it justice the tan color I should say very nice bag that’s a pocket something outside on both sides really would expand out there nice carrying handle and I’m gonna talk about this poised it’s got this nice carrying strap too so while I’m running I’m trying to catch a flight down here for you just throw it around my shoulders open it up so what we have here to the sexual essentially different science on this bag alright let’s come up and take a look at it shall we all right there we go different sides in this bag you got your straps here figure this out first I’m looking at got button on there but it’s a little clamp alligator clamp on there and clamp that down and strap it close to the side and woman in so let’s go ahead and let’s get to it that side so I don’t break that tag off of it do this nope nope interior pockets just just big space here so we’ll go to my alright got my trusty shoes so she was coming here I guess the shoes go right here let’s go yeah it’s kind of weird back to me it would be nice for dress shirts you could keep them in there really nice place your socks in there so you can really carry a whole lot in this bag three pairs of jeans in there and a couple shirts belt so sweatshirt so I can definitely put more in this bag definitely put more than just go ahead and strap it down here should be nice to have keep stuff from and I think because this is this bag was hard on the bottom sometimes you know I couldn’t leave it in an overhead all that well and it could be a big you know if you’re not lucky enough to get in there in the first couple zones luggage compartments you’re getting smaller and smaller so oh yeah I got I got plenty of room this bag and go ahead and halfway up on I guess you could pack it just like that – yeah it keeps everything nice and that side I got plenty of room in here like a shuttle a whole bunch more stuff in here it’s too big I don’t know they’d let me carry that on really it’s kind of nice you got a nice setup to it this carrying straps kind of weird it’s just on the one side there go over your shoulder putting it down yeah yeah it’s a good bag maybe I like it looked at more than I thought I would Wilson’s making some good stuff come out with some new watches too I can’t wait to get one of those from live with their shinola watches that’s the Filson bag built in Pullman think not sure if it I guess I could cry sneak that as a carry-on uh-huh let’s go over and check out the bag of them really want me to get into and hope it now I hope it works this is a cool bag and a little bit more no more listen me the settle back leather one medium size can be rigged up like a backpack nice little earring hey you don’t man this thing a stick to nice candle grab on to snap it off you had to I guess if you wanted to check some some bags you snap off all this stuff real quick and get rid of it nice carrying he’s got the adult pad because you can hook it up as a backpack cool unless I missing something no need a city B make it rigid on the sides the tribal with that piece in there let’s leave on the bottom so what happens okay so Clark’s just seem to be replaced by a new pair of shoes that wait for the mailman to get here jeans repairs I got about 60 shirts those in the bed shorts my socks and my underwear down on the other side their belts shoved in their sweatshirt you know I really could probably put a dress shirt in there no nice that’s everything out of this Bilson so we come back over to the water bag strap over there hmm pull over just kinda like that go ahead I got to play a room in there I mean it folds now with a smile that’s the thing about that other leather bag I mean I can really get I could really get a couple more things in here you know just the cheap we knew we had plenty plenty of room and that uh that Pullman would be a little bit too much room in there for me let’s just take a dress shirt shall we got my dress shirts just in case I head up and a meeting to go to put those in there too so now I got three dress shirts 60 shirts three pairs of jeans and pair of boots a socks underwear you know in order to say shorts shape kit that folds down here and that pulls down here here that’s just super cool bags you know I might even have this thing that yeah I got tons of tons of space in there I really like this bag this one wins it’s still nice and light right here take these off snap them on the sides right there it’s got these cuts in here you can I’m really supposed to take this and go through here really strap it down see I mean that’s cool people are gonna look at that bag oh man so cool bag where’d you get that strap it right on let’s move back a little bit so where we add minis bag of views so far some Pilsen for the check bagging that’s gonna be this bag for the cheer me on let’s pull back the saddle back medium-sized tobacco brown one right good but maybe you can school one of them let’s see the price line had one better I believe that water bag was $710 now 7/10 of the water bag and that Pullman was retails for 410 so you know is it work the extra money to you well to me it is it’s a great buddy and that’s what I’ll be carrying with me cuz I’d only does it look cool alright so when we come back we’re going to take a look at my briefcase

11 thoughts on “Saddleback Leather Waterbag, Filson Pullman, LL Bean duffle, and Roll-ons

  1. Thanks for the video. Gives me an idea of what you can actually put in there. I made my decision. This bag is my early X-mas gift to myself before I go to Texas and South Carolina.

  2. Ryan–thanks for airing your shoes, exposing us to your underwear, stuffing these bags on camera and side by side, telling us how tall you are, and doing it all on a couch, the size of which I can easily gauge.  It was SO helpful!  I tell you, I love Saddleback leather, too, but placing an expensive bag on the Seine or Nile riverbanks for a photo-op does NOT help me gauge how big it is, or how much it will hold, or how the set-up works.  THANK YOU!

  3. Filson pullman has the shoulder strap on one side so it lays flat against your body when you carry it. Much more comfortable.

  4. Hello,
    Thank you for this video, and for your video on the Saddleback beast duffel. They are very helpful.
    I am a new owner of the Saddleback water bag and the Beast duffel.
    I am planning on taking both bags on a trip soon where I will check the bags at the airport (the bags will go in the plane's hold instead of me carrying them onto the plane).
    Please could you tell me whether you have ever checked either the water bag or the Beast at the airport and if so, what was the state of the bags when you got them back (i.e. can the bags cope with being tossed around by the airport baggage handlers)?
    Yours sincerely,

  5. Hey Ryan great video. I've been looking at the waterbag in both medium and large. Do you feel like the medium is enough space for a week long trip for you?

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