Scooter Suitcase | It’s Cool, But Does It Really Work?

Scooter Suitcase | It’s Cool, But Does It Really Work?

This suitcase that’s attached to a scooter impressed millions last year. The TSA-compliant carry-on allows its rider to get to his or her terminal faster. Viewers debated on whether the invention
would make travel easier or cause new problems. Hi I’m Carl. And I’m Chelsea. We’re testing out inventions to see if they live up to expectations. We’re here to find the answers to the most important questions. It’s cool… But does it really work? You’re in a crowded airport or crowded
train station. All these people around. And you’re gonna have to try to bob and
weave so it’s a lot of starting and stopping. So I don’t think it really
takes away too much time. But the companies claim is that this suitcase
will get you to your destination 50% faster… …because it has a scooter
attached to it. And I think that that claim will be accurate I thought it was nice and compact. It didn’t seem as bulky as I would have expected. This is where you put your
other things… and stuff. That’s where you put your things and stuff. You know, I could pack for three or
four days with that thing. Bobby came up with the idea of our scooter luggage. It’s because there was a time when the flight restrictions were getting very, very tough. We decided let’s make a luggage trolley. Concerning the folding up, it’s absolutely simple. You have a leash here, you pull it and… …it goes together within a second. Come on Chels. Put your foot on it and pull up. Put my foot on here. Okay, I’m going somewhere. We decided to take our scooter suitcases to one of the busiest travel hubs in New York City: Grand Central Station. Like we got looks all day from people. Awesome yo, that’s a great idea. You take care alright., perfect thank you! Please stay tuned. After the break we’re taking the scooter suitcases to one of the busiest places in the world. We brought the scooter suitcases to one of the worst places on Earth: Penn Station. About 650,000 people pass through here every day. That’s more than JFK Airport, LaGuardia Airport and Newark Airport combined. The plan is to find a long crowded hallway. We’ll travel the distance twice: once
walking and once with the scooter. We will time ourselves on both trips and
find out if the scooter cuts our travel time in half. On your left sir, thank you. It took off a solid 20 seconds. I think you can get from one place to another very quickly So it solves one problem but it raises others. So the suitcase scooter might not get you to your destination in half the time. But every second counts and it will get you there faster. The suitcase scooter is difficult to steer in large crowds. But it is a fun way to travel. Next week on “It’s Cool, But Does It Really Work?” Excuse me! Does anyone have a hairy back? We’re testing out the back blade.

100 thoughts on “Scooter Suitcase | It’s Cool, But Does It Really Work?

  1. Seems like the scooter would work better in just about every other place this side of Tokyo. Good to test it in an extreme scenario but would have been nice to see the test repeated some place less populated. It also seems like it's intended for short trips not just in transportation centers, for example from parking to your hotel, or train station and your car, or the terminal to long term parking.

  2. One and a half years ago and just 80 comments.. okay lol

    People around them were like Wth and Chelsea bumped into a man! Look closely..

  3. i totally want this!! my airport isnt really crowded ever so i feel like it's not even necessary but i kinda just want it

  4. Well, if there is a crowd, just put the scooter up and just walk like a normal human, so yeah… (no need to thank me when you're running)

  5. umm ehem target make a shopping carts with scooter lol
    target if you want my idea pay me lol 😂😂😊😄😊

  6. Bunny/graveyardgirl is legitimately SHAKING!!!!!!!!

    For ppl that don't get it, her channel has this series where she tests "as seen on tv "items and the series is called "does this thing really work?"

  7. In case no one mentioned, the distance used as a standard in the video is waaaaaaay too short! Long distances travels will be cut much shorter than just 20 seconds

  8. Or buy a scooter/skateboard and roll the suit case as u ride. A lot less than 300 for a mini suit case.

  9. You can just modify a 3 wheeled scooter and a backpack, but nah i'll just buy one of these if I want one.

  10. Lmao i did this wayyy before this suitcase was invented and I would do tricks to make all them walking peps jealous

  11. I own and use a scooter luggage before…and literally everybody in the Airport commented about it…even the flight attendants and workers!

  12. $299, but for that price it would have to include the Liability Insurance you're going to need running into people like you did during the test. This is a litigious society, and it won't take much to convince a judge that it was both STUPID and NEGLIGENT to be using a scooter in a crowded terminal, especially when it causes an injury by knocking someone to the ground.

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