Sea To Summit Compression Dry Sack Product Review

Sea To Summit Compression Dry Sack Product Review

hi it’s AlaskaGranny if you are interested in a compression dry sack the Sea To Summit E Vent is a really nice compression dry sack I recently took this on a fly in hunting trip and I needed to have my things compressed protected and lightweight and this only weighs 7.4
ounces so it was the perfect compression bag for my trip I bought the extra-large you know it doesn’t matter it’s too big I can always roll it down and
compress it more but if it’s too small i can’t fit my gear in it there’s nothing worse than fighting with it compression sack that is too small I can show you I have my sleeping bag already in its compression bag I can stick it inside here I have my sleeping bag liner and you can see there’s lots more room for clothes and gear anything soft never want to put anything sharp
or abrasive in here because you could damage your bag so once
I get that situated then fold over the top and you roll it over a few times roll it at least three times for it to do its best allow it time for the air to go out does take a little
bit of time the air goes out through the bottom because the
fabric lets air go out but not in special fabric so you just take your time
and enjoy your outing while you work on this press it down to where you want it you
can see there’s tons of more room I could have put lots more things in it snap that together in fact I had lots more in it when I went to camp I had clothes and things in here that I needed to keep dry take the top spread it over the top lay it out pull on the straps to get it the rest of the way you want it it takes just a few minutes and your things are getting down compressed they are dry and protected this isn’t submergible don’t drag it behind your boat but it got left out in the rain or the bottom of a puddle your things are going to stay nice and dry this Sea to Summit Compression Dry Sack measures 10.5 by 23 inches for the extra-large and it works really well plus if you are at a like wilderness camp in bear country when you take your gear out of this to sleep at night use this as a bear bag you can fill it up with your food close it up
hang it over the tree and your stuff is going to be protected so look for Sea to Summit E Vent Compression Dry Sack if that is something that you
want I recommend it it works really well for me and maybe it would for you too please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

6 thoughts on “Sea To Summit Compression Dry Sack Product Review

  1. Not a good idea to use as a bear bag. Scent from food will get on the bag and transfer to your sleeping bag and clothes and whatever else you put in it afterwords.

  2. Great video!!!! I've been on YouTube all day and it hard to find ppl actually showing themselves putting stuff In the bags then compressing it… thx you sea to summit has you to thank for my purchase

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