Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Daypack

Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Daypack

(upbeat music) – G’day guys, it’s Ben from Snowys here. And today we’re gonna have a quick look at one of the more fascinating
new additions to our range. It’s the Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Day Pack. Now this here might look like
it’s a bit odd for a day pack, it’s really quite small and compact, comes in this little carry bag. And that’s quite deliberate. That’s designed so that you
can take it away on a trip and you can just use it
in case of emergency, when you get a bit too much luggage, you need to have
something extra, you know, or if you’re travelling around the world and you got your main pack, you still have something small you can take out on your days. This fits into your bag real easy and it’s not too much room. So it’s got a little carabiner, so you can attach it to your belt buckle or the back of your back,
whatever you wanna do, so it’s not inside your
bag, easy to access. Now I said before, it’s quite small. It’s only about 9 centimetres across, by 6 by 6, and it
only weighs 72 grammes, so it’s really light, you won’t notice it in your bag at all. Now to get it open, get it out, use just pull draw cord,
opens up like this, and then your bag simply just
folds out of it like that. Now when you first pull it
out, it’s gonna be inside out, so you wanna turn it around the right way. (bag rustling) Alright, now, I mentioned before, this is a really strong
bag for what it is. Now, whilst it only weighs 72 grammes, it can carry about 250
times its own weight, which is around about
the 19-20 kilo mark. Now with this bag, it’s made of 420 denier ripstop polyurethane, so it’s really strong, it’s
not gonna go anywhere on you. It’s also backed by a
limited lifetime warranty by Sea to Summit as well,
which is really cool. Now, we’ll show you, as
far as your capabilities of this bag, now it’s
got a 20 litre capacity, so you can fit plenty in here. I’ve got a few rather large books here we’re gonna just pop in,
just some little atlases and the like that we’ve got
from our store here at Snowys, so I’ll pop them in the bag. (zipper zipping) Zip that right up. Now, your straps on this
one, they are adjustable, so you can pull it a bit shorter
or longer if you need to. The shoulder straps
themselves are reinforced, so they’re really quite strong, sits nice and comfortable
across the shoulder, but as well with that,
it’s also nice and strong. So, that’s it then. Like I said before, about
a 20 litre capacity. And on the front here, if
you’re riding your bike, you can see a little daisy chain, so you can attach up your
bike light to that as well, or maybe if you’re hiking and the like, you wanna attach something
there for a bit of vision, that’s the option there as well. So quite often, people would
see these sorts of things, they always wonder if it goes back in the bag it came from easily. Now, this one absolutely does. Let me just find the zip
and I’ll show you here. We’ll get the books out of it. Alright, now with this one, you just gotta turn it inside out. (bag rustling) You got your little stuff
sack at the top here. You simply just, as it sounds,
you simply stuff your bag back inside your pack,
let’s get that in there. Make sure to push and poke into
all the nooks and crannies, just make sure you’re
filling all the space inside, ’cause they really have quite
deliberately made this bag no bigger than it needs to be. You simply pull your draw cord closed, and away you go, so you can put the one back into your larger pack,
or clip back onto your belt, and it’s good for another adventure. Now, these come in four colours. Obviously, we’ve got the blue as you’ve been looking at today. Also got the olive green colour, we’ve got an orangey-red
sort of colour as well, and also our charcoal. Now these are all available
right now at our website,
with fast, free delivery to most of Australia, and
until next time, happy travels. (upbeat music)

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  1. i have something like this but not the same brand name.. i got it for $18.99 tax $20
    i used it for gym other things i carry around with.

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