Search Is on for Dozens Missing in Boat Fire

Search Is on for Dozens Missing in Boat Fire

Chris garden partner agencies have responded to a vessel fire near Santa Cruz Island this morning at zero 330 which is 315 which is 3:30 a.m. dozens of people are missing after a boat fire in Southern California the Concepcion a dive boat was only yards from Santa Cruz Island when the fire broke out the only mayday call we received was the vessel was engulfed in flames that’s all we received the boat’s five person crew appears to have made it to safety the crew was actually already awakened on the bridge and they jumped off and to clarify five crew members were there only five crew members mate all crew made it off five crew members on board and they were they all awakened the time they were awake at the time four bodies have already been recovered and as many as 30 passengers who were below deck remain unaccounted for US Coast Guard officials say rescue and recovery efforts are underway right now they’re conducting shoreline searches – for any of any any available survivors this is inside you

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  1. Crew abandoned ship and left women and children to burn to death and that womans carrying on giving that interview like everythings a ok. What a wonderful world….

  2. The only way for them to be alive is if they put a life jacket on and jump of the boat and swim away from the fire and trap somewhere on a island

  3. I'm not being a ass but this would be the same thing as a shooting! All these people died but no one is blaming the boat or boat company and there is no boat bans, which there should be, or common sense boat reform! So when a shooting happens STOP FOR GOD SAKES BLAMING THE GUN, GUN OWNERS, GUN MANUFACTURERS AND THE NRA! IT'S GETTING OLD ALREADY. No one and no item makes someone kill people. My prayers for all the people involved. AND I DO UNDERSTAND THIS WAS ONLY A FIRE BUT SOME HOW SOME WAY THE PRESIDENT WILL BE BLAMED OR SOMEONE WHO HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT WILL BE BLAMED.

  4. The crew members should be charged, even though their human's as well, they took this job and they knew the consequences about it!!

  5. I'm get annoyed by the people in the comments saying about how the crew should of done something and tried saving the passengers do you really think you'd risk your life for someone who is pretty much already dead? Just think about it people y'all would've evacuated too so stop blaming the crew .w.

  6. I wonder if sharks ate the bodies? 🤔 Maybe that's why they can't find the bodies. Bodies burn to ash? 😔 Gosh, this is such a depressing thought.

  7. Something doesn't sound right and why were the crew the only ones to make it our alive the captain should have died along with the people on the ship the captain is always last to leave any ship.

  8. People saying it’s odd when it’s not. The passengers probably passed out from the smoke by the time the crew noticed the fire. What did you expect them to do? Carry everybody up through the fire and out of the ship?

  9. I dont understand how ALL CREW MEMBERS survived but NO PASSENGERS survived!! Something fishy is going on! In one of the 911 calls the news played, made it sound like the passengers were LOCKED below deck! Why r they LOCKED below deck but none the crew members were!?!????? Why couldnt they unlocked the passengers and helped them escape!?? HOW COME NOT ONE PASSENGER MADE IT OUT ALIVE!!?? This to me, seems like MURDER! instead of using a gun to kill a bunch of ppl,they locked them in the boat and set it on fire!! Anyone else think this is possibly what happened!!?? I pray it's not that,but the story doesnt make sence,especially when NOT ONE passenger got off the boat alive! Shouldnt the "captain" go down with the boat trying to make sure all PASSENGERS got off safely!? I'm praying for all the victims and hope the law can figure it out soon of what exactly happened and why NO PASSENGERS got off alive!!

  10. haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate hate

    Conspiracists gonna conspire spire spire spire spire

    im just gonna sip tea tea tea tea tea


  11. Americans made a lot of fun when Plasco building fire in Iran killed 20 firefighters. Shall i laugh my ass of now or just say rip to the victims?

  12. Hope they investigate as it seems too convenient that only the crew members managed to survive. Cannot imagine what other horrors occurred before the explosion.

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