– That looks so yummy. – Can I have it? – Can I eat it? – Can I have it?
– I want it. No, I want it! – [All] Surprise! – We have the coolest
surprise for you guys. Wait, should we do the house tour first? – Yeah.
Yeah, house tour first. – [All] House tour! – Welcome to our new house! We’re so excited to finally
show you guys around. It’s like kinda done. Not all the way, but kinda. – Yeah.
Yeah, come on in. Welcome to our– – Office! – Office, maybe.
– Office! – I don’t know what we’re doing with this. This is my computer. That’s Jenny’s computer. I’m gonna stream right here. Jenny’s gonna stream right here. We’re gonna do some
awesome streams in here. – Yep.
– Yeah. Do you wanna go to the next room? – Yeah. – Let’s go!
– Okay. – Welcome to our box room!
– Welcome to our box room! This is the room where we put boxes and stuff we don’t know what to do with. I have no idea what we’re
gonna do with this room. It’s up to Jenny. – I think eventually this room
will be like our chill room. We’re gonna have a bunch of our books. – Oh, so we have a room just to chill? – Yeah, we’re gonna have
one of those hanging chairs, – Yeah. – and then Adley’s
gonna have reading and– – Oh dang, you’ve got this planned, I didn’t know we had this all planned out. – We are gonna do a bunch of
our travel decorations in here. Yeah.
– Let’s go to the next room! – Okay!
– It’s gonna be a cool room. – This is our downstairs hallway thingy. We’ve got Vivint coming in here. Safe family is a safe family. (bell dings) You know what they say. This is our guest bathroom. In the vlog where Adley met baby brother for the first time, we
filmed from over here and it looks like a face. Well, not now but like,
Brendan, cut to that clip. He’s wearing cute jammies.
– Oh, hug Daddy! (sad music) What’s this? I don’t even know what
this is, it’s a closet! That’s where we keep
closet stuff, next room. This is our kitchen, table’s over here. – Yeah! – We have like this cool little
cut out place where we eat. Probably need another kitchen table ’cause we’ve had this one
since we were first married. Jenny’s excited about
that for some reason. – Lovely. So excited for that.
– Why do we need two ovens? I don’t get it.
– Thanksgiving. – Check this out. There’s cabinets up here
that we can’t even reach so there’s probably nothing
in there, I don’t even know. – [Jenny] I think only
in this one over here. Do these even open? I’m always curious.
– Get down, get down. – They open!
– They do open, they open. – Wait, but there’s no shelf in there. It just goes forever, it goes into here. – Well, good thing,
– Get down, get down, Dad. – We never put anything in there. – Oh, should I get down?
– Yeah. How about you get up?
– No! Okay, this is our island, and
we have these cool lights. And this is our fridge,
these are more, oh! – [Jenny] Money! (laughs) – Well, that’s where we keep our money. I didn’t know that was there. Oh, come in here.
– And this is our fridge. – My favorite room!
– Yeah! – This is our pantry. This is where we keep the cereal. That’s really all you need to know. Next room! Hey Adley, show them what that is. What’s that? – A dog bed, dogs eat right here and the dogs drink right here. – On the other side of
our kitchen is this area for like shoes and kids’
backpacks and all sorts of stuff and then. – [Both] This is the garage! – Show them where we put our shoes. – Right here. – That’s where we put our shoes. Oh, Adley, tell them about the floor. Adley helped us do this floor, huh? – Yeah. – We wanted to get this
cool, like, epoxy flooring. What color do you want? I don’t know, and then I was like, Spacestation Gaming colors. So, we did Spacestation Gaming colors and Adley helped do it. Cut to that clip right now. Hey Adley, watch this. Woo! I’m a fairy. I’m a glitter, do you wanna throw some? – Yeah! – Come here, I’ll let you throw some. This’ll be so fun. Are you gonna throw some
glitter in our garage? – Yeah.
That’ll be so fun. Okay, grab a little bit. Okay, oh! Good job, do you wanna do one more? – Yeah.
Whoa! Adley, look, come look. You did that, it looks
so pretty, good job! And this is Adley’s new
stroller that her mom bought. – I sit right here and
baby sits right here. – And then where’s your car? There’s your car. – What next? – Should we show them your room? – Koopa, come on! – Our living room!
– Room! – This is where we hang
out, that’s our couch. Wood floors, which are good for dancing. – Dancing. – So they’re dancing floors.
– Fireplace. – This is our jumping couch.
– Jumping. Oh, there’s Bear’s stuff right there, and we got a TV and–
– Yeah! – And I’ll meet you upstairs!
– Go fast! – [Adley] This is our toy room! – Toy room! We got a trampoline, we got a slide. – Wanna show you how to slide. – Whoa, whoa, whoa! – Woo!
– And this is out big bear. – And that’s our big bear. What else do you got in here? What do you do right there? – I watch a movie right
there and you open this. – That’s all our games.
– That’s all of our games? – Oh, do you wanna show
them your dollhouse – Yeah.
that Papa Todd gave you? Go show them! – This is a little mousy,
do, do do and he walks and get in the elevator
and he goes to sleep. (snoring noises) – Okay, should we go in the next room? – Yep, yeppie.
Let’s go! Laundry room!
– Yeah laundry room. This is baby brother’s room.
– Baby brother’s room! Pretty soon he’ll have a crib and toys, and he’ll be an awesome
little two-year-old. – I think I’m gonna do
a bear-themed nursery, so it’ll be fun! – Look at this closet! Look at all these cute clothes,
he has little bear pajamas. – This is baby Niko bear’s toys. – [Jenny] Adley, whose
toys did that use to be? – Mine.
Yeah! – [Shonduras] Aw, and you’re
sharing with Niko bear? Should we show them your room?
– Yeah. Okay, let’s go look at Adley’s room. – This is my room! – Welcome to the room!
– Welcome to Adley’s room! – This is Adley’s room
and it’s so awesome. – This is my kitty, this is my teepee. – Uh-huh, this is where
we read books at night. Did you show them your big girl bed? She has a big girl bed now. No more cribs, huh?
– I jump on it. And she jumps in it. – And these are my clothes in the closet. – [Shonduras] Cute clothes. Which one’s your favorite? – Princess dress. – So cute. Alright, where should we go now? – I don’t know, let’s go. Okay, I don’t know either, see you there. – This is my bathroom,
I take a bath in here. – Where do you go potty
on the big girl toilet? – Right here.
Mm-hmm. – I brush my teeth (mumbles).
Yeah? – Oh, and show them how you get a drink. Okay, where should we go next? – In Daddy’s room
Daddy’s room, let’s go! – What, what about mommy? – Daddy’s room, Daddy’s room. – Welcome to our room! This is where the whole
family sleeps on this bed. Literally last night, Olive,
Jenny, Adley, Koopa, me. Whole family, one bed.
– And baby brother! That’s baby’s bed and
this is where we rock baby and feed him, say hi, baby bear. – Say hi. – And if you follow these
cords, this is his big oxygen to last him through the night. This makes annoying beeping
noises the entire night and we never sleep. And this is where we change his bum! – Yay, yay, yay! And this is where me and
Adley play games on the bed. What do we play?
– Jumping on the bed. No more monkeys jumping on the
bed, that’s one of the games. What other games do we play? – I’m the little baby
and you’re the mommy. – Yeah, she’s the baby and I’m the mommy. She wants to play that sometimes. What about when I’m the monster
and you’re the little girl? How do we play, tell the vlog. Yeah and you catch me and ah, the monster, run away the monster! – Yeah, oh first I’m
sleeping, remember? (snoring) – And I just sit here and watch it all. – Hey, is there a little
girl jumping on my bed? Hey, I’m the monster! No jumping on my bed! I’m gonna get you, argh! Oh, I’m so tired, I need
to go to sleep. (snoring) Hey, is there a little
girl jumping on my bed? Hey, you, no jumping on my bed. – I be the monster and you be the girl. Oh, you’re gonna be the monster now? And then I’m the girl. I’m just a little girl, jumpy jumpy jumpy. Jump jump jump jump.
– Who’s jumping? Aah, it’s a monster! (child growls) No, no! No, don’t get me. Oh, you scratched me. Show the vlog baby brother. – This is baby brother,
this is my new baby. – Adley, let’s show them the big bathtub. – [Both] Welcome to the bathroom! This is the big bathtub where sometimes we put on swimsuits and play. And then this is our shower. What do we do in the shower? – We play in the shower. – We play Peppa the Pig and
Peppa jumps in muddy puddles. – I need take a bath. – Oh no, we’re not
taking a bath right now. Guys, we finally have a
big closet, look at this. ♪ Closet ♪
♪ Closet ♪ Look at all that room for clothes, and I have a hat rack up
here, how cool is that? I’ve always wanted, like,
I’ve got my own hat rack. – One, two. You want two chocolates? I’ll get you two chocolates. That looks so yummy. Can I have it? – Can I eat it? – Can I have it?
– I want it. No, I want it! Adley got her chocolate because she did so good
on the house tour, huh? You were such a good hostess. So as you can see, we
absolutely love our new house. – Love it.
It’s so perfect. It’s the perfect size for our
family, and it’s just perfect. Did I mention how perfect it is? – You did say perfect plenty of times. – It’s way perfect. And so with the perfect house, one of the first things you
want to do is get it all set up. And say if you guys saw
the Vivint stuff earlier. Our old house had Vivint
inside, which was really cool. I had never had like a
Vivint Home Smart System like that before.
– Yeah. But this time we’re doing it even better, because we’re doing the outside cameras. All right, I got my surprise ready. Do you wanna push the button? Good job. All right, this is the phone
number we set up for you guys. That’s the number right there. Hey, you called the number! This is our super-special secret line we set up for you guys. That is our super-secret number
we set up just for you guys. So you guys know we’ve done
a ton of stuff with Vivint. Utah Jazz will be partnered
with us for Spacestation Gaming. The whole Jazz arena is called the Vivint Smart Home Arena.
– Smart Home Arena. Our old house had Vivint like we said. And the new house, we just got
a bunch of cool stuff set up. So we have, like, a doorbell camera again. But it’s new, like, wide-angle doorbell, so it gets the whole front yard. – Yes, you can see everything. – And it talks. Remember when we were in
Hawaii and people showed up, and Chicken answered it and I’m like, Chicken bring some– – That was really funny. – Craig, someone’s at the door. I still need a wipe, can you get that? Thanks. – [Craig] Okay, um, as far as I know– – We got video cameras in
each of the rooms for Niko, a camera for Adley. We have one in the back
yard now, in the front yard. So we did outside cameras
because at our last house people, like, scratched our cars and threw a rock through our
window and all sorts of stuff. So now we’ve got outside
cameras, which is awesome. What else did we get? – We have flood sensor snaps,
we care about our basement. – Flood sensors for the basement. We have glass break so if
any of the windows break we’re alerted. – Oh, the cameras are cool
you can talk through them. – Oh yeah, they all have audio so you can, like, talk back and forth. So when I’m on a trip I can be like, Adley, this is your father speaking, and she’ll be like, Dad? And I’ll be like, you
know it’s like Mufasa. (record scratching)
Bad joke. Oh, we have garage door opener things now, so we can do all of this from our app. As we’re pulling up to our
house, we can hit the app, it’ll open the garage, turn on the lights, unlock the doors, like– – Or it’s like, we’re off
to dinner and we’re like, oh crap, we forgot to shut the garage. Shut the garage, lock the doors, bam. – Basically, we’re
living in the future now. And the surprise is, you guys can too. So this is actually really cool. If you guys want to get set up with Vivint or even just learn about it,
I set up that private line. If you call, that’s like
the personal Shonduras line. So you get $70 off, there’s a
code so you can get discount. The code is SHONDURAS, it’s super easy. I’ll pop it up right
here, SHONDURAS, number. And you guys can learn
all about Vivint Systems, because it’s really
something that we believe in. It’s been awesome for our family, so. And then if we’re gonna
make a video about it, we wanted to hook you
guys up with a discount and have a number that you guys can call. It’s like literally my
voice talking you through it and stuff like that.
– Shaun’s sexy voice. – Exactly. – Somebody will help you see
what’s right for your house. – And you don’t have to
have as much stuff as we do, just with me traveling a lot and stuff, we have tons of security. The things that I like for sure, doorbell. Doorbell camera’s really awesome. – Kids’ room. – Then cameras in the kids’
room and stuff like that. – Yeah, that’s gonna be my favorite. – But you could easily get
just the normal base package. See, here’s our Vivint guy
right here, he’s killin’ it! Thanks, man! He’s installing for us
literally right now. Hopefully you guys loved our house tour. We’re gonna be filming here a bunch more. Oh, future surprise, backyard,
that’s the next project. We start on it next week, and
the back yard’s going to be absolutely insane.
– Fire. (laughing) – I was going absolutely
insane, she was going fire. Both are correct. We have some really fun
things planned for the kids. – It’s gonna be really cool.
– And for me. – I’m glad we have a
camera back there now too. We all have really fun stuff in there. – If you were confused and
never saw the other video, we were going to build
a house on the lake, and then we just decided not to. It was way too busy,
way too much going on. We couldn’t figure out what
we wanted it to look like, and so we were like, hey, let’s
just move into this house. We still do have the lake plot though, so we’re gonna be, I
think we’re gonna build a dock there in like a month. – I think they’re building
it right now, actually. – Oh really. We’ve got a dock being built there, and then we’ll go hang
out at the lake more. And yeah, number’s right here. Give Vivint a call, well, give me a call. I’m the person that answers the phone. Find out anything you guys want to know, no pressure to buy if you’re not into it, just wanted to give you guys
the opportunity to learn more because it is something
that we really enjoy so. Have another best day
ever, we love your guts. ♪ I, I, I just ♪ ♪ I, I, I just ♪ ♪ I, I, I just ♪ ♪ Can’t just forsake ♪ ♪ I, I, I just ♪ ♪ I, I, I just ♪ – Father? – Adley, this is your father speaking.

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