Hey everybody. Welcome back to Kids Toys Surprise!
It’s Mommy. And if you hear any pounding as we’re doing
this video, that’s because my Gracie is upstairs skipping back and forth burning off some energy
because we home school and that’s how we Phys Ed. We work out inside when it’s raining out. So today we are opening three different kinds
of new Shopkins. So of course you know about the season four blind crates, right? Then there’s also these really cool Fashion
Spree baskets and there’s two Shopkins in each of these as well. Then in Canada and my friends at Tiana Hearts
very sweetly sent Gracie and I a bunch more of these. So thank you so much to them. There are these Shopkins Food Fair candy jars.
I found some on Ebay, Tiana Hearts found some while they were in Canada and they sent them
to us. So we’re going to open up two of each today and see if we can get a limited edition,
a rare…anything. Anything at all. So let’s start with one of the season four
blind baskets. Now these, the one thing that’s different
about these baskets of course versus the other ones…oh! I almost totally forgot! “Mommy, how could you almost forget?” “Yeah, Mommy.” Okay, so Sara and Star are here to help but
I almost forgot about Olaf. Make sure you stay until the end of this video so you find
out what’s in the super secret sparkly surprise box. “Thank you. Thank you. You almost forgot me.
Again.” No honey it’s just that I just…I’m a Mommy
and I have a busy life. And sometimes I forget things. I’m sorry. You guys got to keep me
honest, okay? So Sara and Star are here because they really
love Shopkins. So these blind bags/baskets/crates, whatever
you want to call them this time around, when you open them up the packages inside are clear. Now I kind of like that because that makes
it easy to swapkins them. Alright, so we got one duplicate. So we got
Mabel Syrup. We already have Mabel Syrup and of course you corrected me because in my first
video I was all like, “She’s honey” and everybody was like, “no she’s maple syrup.” Durr. Okay, so she’s going to go off to the side
so we can swapkins her but we got one…we got a gardening one that we don’t have. Eh. Eh. Let’s get her open. Eh. Eh. Look at her. She is really cool looking. Alright, so she looks like flowers. Let me
look on our list in the Gardening section and see who she is. Oh! Gosh, Gracie just scared me to death! What is she, Gracie? (Gracie) Here let me… Is she a vegetable? (Gracie) She’s a crispy lettuce. (Gasp) She’s crispy lettuce. It’s Crispy Lettuce
and here I was thinking she looked like a flower. Thank you, Gracie. (Gracie) No problem. (Laughs) So we got Crispy Lettuce. Cool. We
have to check her off our list because we did not have her yet. Okay, let me add this crate to my pile o’
crates over by Sara’s head. Okay, now let’s open one of the Fashion Spree
ones. And I was really excited because one of my favorite YouTubers is Grav3yardgirl
and she totally opened like all of these. She opened Fashion Spree, she opened Food
Fair on her channel and it was really super excited. So the Fashion Spree ones do have the yellow
bags inside and the yellow bags actually have tabs on them. So I really like that a lot. So what did we get? We’re trying to get a
golden heel. Heelies. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. (Gasp) But we don’t have this one yet. (Gasp)
Look how cute it is! It’s a little dress. (Gasp) She’s so cute! Let me find out her
name. Oh my goodness. She’s adorable. That is Penelope Pleats and she is a common
but she’s super cute! Wait, where did I put our little lettuce girl?
Let’s put our lettuce up here. “Can I have the lettuce?” Okay, so you want the lettuce and I’ll give
Penelope Pleats to Star. Oops. And I’m knocking everything over. It’s
such a Mommy and Gracie type of thing, right? Even alone. Okay, let’s see what else we got. Did we get golden Beverly Heels? (Gasp) No we got an adorable little purse.
Look at how cute she is with a little bow. These are so well made and so fun. I am totally
totally in love with the Fashion Spree set. This is Duffa. She’s a duffle bag! How cute
is that? Okay, she’s going to go over there by Star. Yeah, we’re trying to get the Bling Beverly
Heels. Okay, so now let’s do a Food Fair candy jar
one. These are really really cool. These are recolors from season one, two, and three.
Eh. Here we go. See it pops off like a candy jar,
and look it’s got like little jelly beans and these have clear plastic (Gasp)…oh wow.
We got the Birthday cake. This is so cute. So we got the sparkly see through birthday
cake. Oh yeah. That’s really really cute. Do you want to hang on to her, Sara? “I want her yeah. What’s her name, Mommy?” I’m going to look it up right now. That’s Birthday Betty. Betty Bon’fete. Because
these are in English and French. Then we got the fruit plate over here. There we go. We got the fruit plate. She is
so cute. Do you want to go hang out by Star? “Yes please.” Alright. And her name is Fifi Fruit Tart.
Or Fifi Tart’O Fruits. That’s right. I speak a tiny bit of French. That was really cool. I love these jars. I
am going to keep them. I don’t know for what but I am keeping them. Okay, so we’re going to do, what do you thing,
another blind crate? “Yeah! Yeah!” Okay. Oh oh. Okay, so we got a duplicate of the
orange. Or apricot. It’s April Apricot. And we got a duplicate
so you’re going to go over here into duplicate land. And we got the toilet! And we don’t have the
toilet! Gracie’s going to freak out! (Chants) We got the toilet! We got the toilet. Look at her, she’s adorable! She’s even got
the flusher and the little seat. Oh my gosh this is the cutest thing in the whole wide
world. What is the toilet’s name? I can’t remember.
I know Grav3yardgirl got her and I was so incredibly jealous. This is Flushes and I totally freaked out
when Grav3yardgirl got her because she’s so cute! Yay! We got the toilet. We got the toilet. Oh yeah.
Very exciting! Okay, let me stick this up here. “You know the crates are hitting me in the
head, right?” Alright, want me to skootch them? “Could you skootch them just a little bit
out of my head? Thank you.” You’re welcome, Sara. Sorry about that. Okay, so we have two left. We have the Fashion
Spree or the Food Fair. Which one do you girls want to do? “I want to do Food Fair! Do Food Fair!” Oh, okay. Alright. They want to do Food Fair,
Food Fair it is. What did we get? We got a croissant in the
pink. Why don’t I just use the scissors like a normal person? Eh. We got Le Croissant in pink. And she’s got
a little dollop of cream on her little head. She’s so cute. Go sit over there. Then we got the mint. Eh. Here we go. I always just call her Minty.
Isn’t she just adorable? Oh I love them so much. These Food Fair ones are like really
really cute. I don’t know. It’s hard to choose. Alright, that leaves us with… Here we go we have one more left. This is
a Fashion Spree. Are we going to get a limited edition Beverly Heels? That would be so cool
if we did. Okay, this does not look like it’s golden
in here. Let’s see, what did we get? What did we get? It does feel shoe like. (Gasp) Oh we got the wedge. Now, is this Wendy
Wedge? The shoes are just so ridiculously cute. Look
at that with the little cherries on the side. Do you see that, guys? She is so cute. Let me go look her up. My bad. This is Wilma Wedge. Not Wendy Wedge.
See? Wilma Wedge. So not a limited edition at all. Okay, maybe
this is Beverly Hills. Maybe. Maybe. No. But she’s cute! Oh wow. Boy, that is one high heel right there.
Look she’s even got the little red lips. (Gasp) She is super cute. This is Prommy. That’s Prommy, guys but in
white. See? (Gasp) She’s really cool. Wow. So we only got two duplicates, which
isn’t bad. And now it’s time for our buddy Olaf and the
super secret surprise sparkly box. Olaf, can you give us a clue today? “Um, okay. I’m going to give you a clue. It’s
kind of like what you just opened. But it’s not like what you just opened. At all. Olaf, your clues are horrible. “My clues are hard.” Okay, well I have no idea. Sara? Star? Anybody? “No.” “I got no idea. I don’t understand what he’s
talking about.” I don’t either. So let’s open it up and find
out what Olaf is talking about in the super secret surprise sparkly box. It’s Num Noms! I get what you’re saying now, Olaf. So Num Noms are also a food related small
collectable. But they are actually very different in a lot of ways from Shopkins they’re scented
and there’s lipgloss, and there’s ones that move. They are very different. So this is our first ever Num Noms opening.
So let’s see what’s inside. Eh. And it looks like a little yogurt container.
I kind of like that. Eh. There we go. (Gasp) Oh my gosh, it’s huge. What is this? Alright, let’s look at the collectors guide
so we know what we just got. There collectors guide is enormous. Enormous! So there are Cupcake Num Noms. Ice Cream Num Noms. Motorized Num Noms, which maybe we just got. Or Lip Gloss Num Noms. She definitely has
a scent. And then you can create your own wacky flavor
combinations by stacking them. Wow. And there’s a whole bunch of Num Noms
recipes. Alright. So let me see what we have here. Let’s get her out of the package. So there she is. So she’s rubbery and she
goes on top of this, which then I think is lip-gloss. So let’s open it up. Look at that. It’s lip-gloss. Do you see it?
Wow. And it smells really good. It smells definitely fruity. That’s so cool. And then she fits right underneath here in
this little snug container. That is so cute. So this is Raspberry Cream, is her name. Wow. That is really cute. Huh. Pretty cool. And we get a lip-gloss with her.
That’s totally cool. Wow. So that was our first Num Noms. What did you girls think? “I think they’re definitely interesting. Me too. And the lip-gloss we got, I think is this
one, is…number sixteen. It’s Pina Gloss-Up, is what she looked like. I think that’s what
it was. So that’s so cool. Thank you everybody so much for watching. “Hey. Hey.” Please comment, thumbs up, like this video,
tell your friends, and thank you so much. Please come back again because we have got
lots more fun stuff to open here on Kids Toys Surprise. Thank you so much for watching. Bye!


  1. mommy could you please do a shopkins palooza like buy a load of shopkins season 4 and open as much as you can in the one video

  2. When you got the fashion spree promy I thought it was Beverly heels. LOL! I watch the mommy and gacie show! You guys are SOOOOO funny you give me joy ever day! If you read this I wanted to say hi to you and Gracie!!

  3. The food fair blind cans are sold at Walmart exclusively, and the fashion blind baskets are sold at target exclusively, I've seen both sold in stores, however they sell very fast and replenishment is slow.

  4. i got the flushes too,I was looking for a 5pack I saw her in it and I got it,just so you know I opened it in one of my view☺😊plz sud,and it.

  5. so happy you guys got the box 🙂 we love the birthday cake shopkin:) we haven't found any more food fair ones after getting those lol

  6. Mommy, with the Num Noms blind bags you always get lip gloss. Also, you can't get motorized ones in blind bags, only in the five packs which I think you bought in a doll hunting video.

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