Shopping For Valentine’s Day Presents For Free At Target Haul 2018 With Tiana

please subscribe to my channel button oh that’s pretty chunky glitter this are
teach ya this Oh paper someone had a little too much sugar
today I’m gonna say cute a spot that’s a the chubby unicorn here to put pencils
and all this oh these are cute mix and are they is
this pretty good there’s a slide that’s sand you make me glow you make your
Valentine surprises told you two more feet right
here right near your puppy’s nose 88 cents fill it
Oh little extra holder like squishy but they’re soft interesting squishables something look to you right look at all the candy guys don’t gas
yourself out of my favorite kind of playing video games okay when you’re
actually like chocolate there’s how cute would say I take food any time before
keep like this is cute are these real tennis balls or gumballs we are stick box but they’re just like
sweater looks real but they don’t help you can’t bend them like this oh look we
have more cute stuff here where everyone yeah those are good well if you have
these things you can put in your gut I think they’re not just a KitKat red velvet
your favorite we might have to buy another pack because mommy might eat
that all she’s like no you’re not yeah I think those are regular minutes right
here you got some of her she’s caramel filled no chocolate yum you’re gonna eat
them all – and mommy ate a couple bags of the caramel ones so we might have to
definitely have to buy another pack of then we got Oh so the regular mouth
chocolate and I think there’s like two more caramel
okay maybe mommy ate more than two three there’s cam that’s and I’m going to be
trying the caramel no comment down below guys if you try the M&Ms caramel because
I think that it’s probably my favorite it’s mine
yeah so I think it’s both of our favorites so yeah dots yeah yummy so
Valentine’s really pink pink it red valentine’s colors yeah and it’s a cool
water bottle and then there’s like sparkles yeah I think our favorite one
is the top with a water bottle show them it’s like a diamond my stuff you’re a
water bottle scepter I can drink from it and I can sector you know Santa’s word three of these that one’s missing Oh No like said like your bed frame right
there yeah Kit Kat red velvet you should comment down below if you if you have
tried because I really want to try that one yeah I gonna have to wait till
Valentine’s Day when you give it to your friends thank you for watching this
video and please subscribe to my channel you

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