Should you Check Luggage at the Airport? | (5 Reasons I fly carry on only)

Should you Check Luggage at the Airport?  | (5 Reasons I fly carry on only)

Hi and welcome back to the channel. My name is Megan, and if you’ve been
around this channel before, you probably know that I am a huge
advocate of traveling carry-on only, but you may not know the actual,
surprising drawbacks of checked baggage. Which is why, in today’s video,
I’ll be sharing with you why you should never check a bag – even if it’s free –
with your international flight. (Music) My number one reason… Hmmm, actually the last one
is pretty good too. A main reason why you should never
check a bag on your international flight is because that, while it may be free
on that long-haul international flight, it may not be free in the country
that you are going to when you start traveling
by flight domestically. Budget airlines are the way to travel
quickly and safely around Asia. It’s insane that you can get flights
between different Asian countries for as little as $20 a ticket. But what they don’t tell you is that,
if you want to check a bag or bring anything with you
beyond a teeny-tiny carry-on, you are going to be charged for it,
and the charges are massive. So you may end up paying
only $20 for that one-way flight, but your baggage,
to check it on that flight, is going to be upwards of USD 40 to USD 60. Reason number two: Even if you’re not flying, it is a pain
to lug around while you are on the ground. If you wanted to go
on any short-term treks, you would also have to store
your luggage, which is a security issue. It’s just one more thing that you’ll need
to be keeping an eye on and lugging with you from place to place, which means you won’t be able
to do things like go out exploring if you can’t check
in to your hotel right away. And often, when you’ve checked
a bag, you have to much stuff with you, which just means you have
more decisions to make every single day. We have a limited amount of decisions
that we can make each day, and when you’re trying to decide
what adventure to go on or how to book your flight or… whatever else you’re trying to do, and you also have to look through all
of these different clothing options, It’s just… It’s annoying. Sometimes people will tell me
that they will check a bag even though it’s half empty. So, they’re not bringing too much stuff but they want that extra space
for when they fly back home that they can bring souvenirs with them. Don’t do this. You’re having to travel
with that big bag on your whole trip; you’re having to check that bag
on these budget airlines and spending so much money. It is more worth it for you
to take a carry-on with you, fill it to the brim if you need to, and then, before you fly home, purchasing either an additional
carry-on or a checked baggage and filling it with everything
that you want to bring home, and then checking that bag for free
on your international flight. Another drawback is that,
when you check a bag, you’re obviously not able
to keep an eye on it. Have you ever seen the way
that your luggage is handled by staff at the airport? It’s ridiculous, they’re
throwing it all over the place, and there is a much greater chance
that you are going to end up with your luggage damaged if you check it, than if you have it with you
safe in the overhead bin. In addition to potentially having
your items and your luggage damaged, you may also end up
with your luggage delayed or completely lost by the airline. What a pain in the butt it would be
to arrive at your destination country and your bags not arrive with you. Even if your bags are not delayed or lost, you still have to wait along with
everybody else that just got off the plane for your bags to arrive on the ramp. This means that,
when you go to exit the airport, if you have to go
through any more security, if you need to get a rideshare
on the other side, you’re doing it along with everyone else. If you have a simple carry-on with you, you can skip through in front
of the line, get through security, get through customs and get
out of there before the rush. there’s also a greater chance
of your luggage being stolen by another passenger,
either on purpose or by accident, picking yours up off the ramp
after you get off the flight. Not only is checking a bag
going to be more stressful due to the risk of it being lost,
stolen, delayed, or damaged, it’s also going to be annoying
in the sense that it costs you more time. I just mentioned how it costs you
time at the end of you flight, but it also costs you time
at the beginning of your flight. You have to arrive at the airport earlier, wait in a lineup, and then meet
with an attendant to check your bag. If you were just traveling with carry-on,
and you’ve already checked in online, you’ll often receive your boarding pass,
which you can print, bring with you, so when you arrive at the airport,
you go straight to security; you don’t have to wait in any lineups
and you don’t have to speak to anyone. Another side bonus to be able
to go straight through security without having to wait
in a lineup and check your bag, is that, if you go up
to the attendant to check your bag, they may also weigh the carry-on
that you have with you. Carry-on weight limits are very low. I know every single time
I travel I am over the limit. Luckily, by having
my boarding pass with me, I don’t have to speak to anyone, I don’t have to go to anyone
representing the airline, I go through security, and it’s a lot less likely that
while you are trying to board the plane, they are going to stop you
for having an oversized carry-on, or at least for having
an overweight carry-on. Oversized, you can see;
overweight, not necessarily. The last reason that I recommend
that you travel carry-on only, even if your checked bag is free, is that you can take advantage
of getting bumped. Typically, how getting bumped works is that about an hour
or so before the flight takes off, the gate attendant will make
an announcement that the flight is fully booked and they’re looking for volunteers
to take a flight at a later time. They’ll arrange
all of the details for you, but you may have to wait an hour,
maybe even overnight, in which case they’ll pay
for your food and your hotel. In addition to paying
for all of your expenses in the meantime, they will pay you
to take this later flight. So you would pipe up, volunteer, go up to the gate attendant and say,
“Hi. Yes, I would like to volunteer. I will take a later flight.” If your bag has been checked and it’s
already on its way to the destination, they often won’t let you do this. It wouldn’t make sense
because your bag would be unattended. But, if you are traveling carry-on only, you can take advantage of this because
you don’t have the bag to worry about. I was once bumped from a Delta flight,
and received $1,000 in airline credit to take a flight two hours later. If I had checked the bag and it was
already en route to my destination, I would not have been able
to take advantage of this. It’s an excellent perk. If could ever get bumped
and you’re not on a tight schedule, definitely do it. And make sure you’re carry-on only,
so you have the option to do it. Based on these factors, flying carry-on only is going
to save you time, stress, and money; it might even make you money. If you’re not sure how to do this, definitely check out the video
that I have right over here, which is on 30 carry-on packing hacks.
I think you’ll like it. Let me know in the comments down below if you’ll be flying carry-on only
on your next flight. Don’t forget to give
this video a thumbs-up, subscribe if you haven’t already, and I’ll see you
back here again next week. Bye!

26 thoughts on “Should you Check Luggage at the Airport? | (5 Reasons I fly carry on only)

  1. If flew anywhere I'd probably pick Japan where it's honour system discourages theft. Also America the Philippines looks nice too.

  2. I really loved this video even if I know now I'll never go to southeast Asia except on a cruise or stop over in Hong Kong or Singapore on a flight to Australia.

  3. Carry on! I convinced many friends to do the same, and I shared your video with some "heavy checked luggage" fans.

  4. You may have seen it already but if not ….. watch AMERICAN TOURISTER – The Gorilla Commercial 1971 or AMERICAN TOURISTER – Gorilla vs Luggage Commerical 1980

  5. Excellent advice.
    It is always CARRY ON ONLY for me too.
    I can use this video's info while Winning the less luggage is better debate.
    and send people to your channel as well.
    I like the "How to pack carry on only…" and "what to pack for Thailand…" Videos you previously posted.
    Another cool Bonus fact that I found was that most locals and other tourists think I am a cheap charlie Hostel hopper.
    Nothing wrong with that, but They think I have very limited cash and maybe have a few t-shirts and sandals in my backpack.
    I do not have to explain why looking like I have very little cash is a good thing.
    Have a great week!!

  6. Great advice as usual. Unfortunately I love collecting old school boarding passes that are printed at the airport so i'm always at risk of having my carry on weighed 🙂

  7. Good advice Megan carry on can work for short domestic and international trips but it's a lot harder for long trips. The question is what's the longest trip you've ever made with only carry on luggage?

    One of my friends retreats to Indonesia for 4 months every year and travels from Australia with only carry on luggage. Doubt l could manage that.

  8. I'm in Thailand and I see tons of people traveling with massive backpacks on their backs AND their fronts. It's so easy to do laundry out here… places everywhere… drop it off in morning and pick up in evening for a couple bucks. Why even accumulate and travel with dirty laundry? Seriously, the trick is to pack for 4 days. That's it. Small bag, always with you. So much less hassle.

  9. Will your next flight be Carry On only? Why or why not? 🧐. Don’t forget to give this video a like 👍 and see you next week! 🥳

  10. I'd still offer to get bumped even with a checked then remind them that unattended Bag is a security risk so could they return my checked bag.

  11. I travelled carry on only to Thailand and it made it SOOO much easier! Less stress about my luggage being safe, only packed what was necessary, and flew through the airport 🙌

  12. Travel light sounds good, but I prefer carrying my Swiss army knife with me when I travel. Swiss army knife often comes in handy while traveling. I normally use it more than one occasions. As you see after 911, I cannot do so if I fly carry on only. I'm never able to pass security.

  13. Thanks Meghan ! You are totally right with travelling carry on only. I'm just back from two months and 26 kg checked bag. NEVER AGAIN ! Kisses from Paris 😉 Audrey

  14. You are not always guaranteed to be able to get your carry on , on the plane. If you are in Zone 5 , get on the line right at the end of zone 4. Some attendants will say that overhead is full and we want your bag. I have said it is full of electronics which helped me pass once and said I would put it under the seat, it was close though as they really wanted my bag.. So I make sure I am not at the end of the line especially if in the waiting area for the plane looks full. Some of us and we can spot each other in the waiting area who try to get on the plane last if it is not a full flight to try and get a three across empty seating bonus.

  15. 100% true, Megan. Manila to Dipolog City was a fairly cheap flight, but the 'checked' baggage was P1,200 (for 17kg) which was about $25. (carryon bags only 7 kg max) I did find out if you know for sure you are checking baggage when buying your airfare, search for 'buy checked baggage' now button. The savings can be substantial, especially on some of the carriers.

  16. I love where she says "you don't have to speak to anyone" that's the best reason I ever heard for not checking a bag. As for baggage handlers this early 70's commercial best demonstrates how your bag is handled.

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