Sierra Leone’s Natural Aphrodisiac

JORDAN: So I’m on a mission to
check out weird alcoholic beverages and home brews across
the world, see how they’re made, why people drink
them, and try to make a bunch of new cocktails. I’m not a pro, I’m not a
mixologist, but I’m gonna give it a go and see what happens. First up, we’re heading
to Sierra Leone. We’re here on the search for
poyo, which is a local drink that the locals love. We’re gonna try and, uh, throw
it in the cauldron and find something else out about it. See if we can make
an interesting cocktail out of it. Seems to be the drink of choice
here in Sierra Leone. Also purportedly gives you
a pretty decent erection. Hey, what are we gonna
do with that? We’ll see. To find out more about poyo
and try to get my hands on some, I headed down to the
neighborhood of Brookfield to check out a famous bar where
people go to talk politics, play dice, and drink excessive
amounts of poyo. -So let’s go check it out. JORDAN: All right. JORDAN: OK. JORDAN: You got a place
by the water, huh? Whoa. How you doing? I’m Jordan. JORDAN: Good. So we’re to, like, find poyo,
and to taste poyo, and maybe mix it with some other things. Can you tell me exactly
what poyo is? JORDAN: Well, can I try
some of this poyo? -Yeah. JORDAN: Which one? This one? OK. And what does it taste like? JORDAN: All right. Here it goes. Cheers. -Fine. Fine. JORDAN: It tastes great. It kind of tastes a
little bit like– a little bit like coconut
juice, as well. It’s very delicious. -From God to man. JORDAN: From God to man? -From God to man. JORDAN: What’s that? JORDAN: Thank you. Thank you very much. Can I have some more, please? JORDAN: I woke up super early
and went to a village called Mamamah, where they’ve been
making the best poyo in Sierra Leone for hundreds of years. There I met a guy called Sarro,
who is considered the kingpin of poyo in Freetown,
and he said he’d take me straight to the source. JORDAN: Uh, there seems to be
some kind of commotion. We got permission
from the chief. Our guide, Shwabo, is now over
there fighting, because I think somebody’s taking
exception. Maybe everyone just needs
to have some poyo and chill out, man. Everyone just have a poyo and
a smile, it’s gonna be fine. JORDAN: They’re all good for
me to go and try the poyo? -Yeah, man. You good. JORDAN: Thank you very much. Thank you. I appreciate it. I’m excited to taste it. Oh, I’m gonna taste it. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. JORDAN: I’m gonna suck it
straight out of the goddamn tree, is what I’m gonna do. JORDAN: Whoa. And how many times can
you tap a tree? -Two. Two times for the day. JORDAN: Two times for the day. -In the morning and
in the evening. JORDAN: And it replenishes,
it gets more overnight? -Yeah, yeah. JORDAN: Just keeps coming,
from the same tree. -Yes. The same tree. JORDAN: Wow. Take it away, Kali. -[SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] JORDAN: That’s really high. -[SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] JORDAN: I don’t know how the
hell he just got up like that. JORDAN: Is it dangerous? JORDAN: It’s dangerous, huh? JORDAN: You ever fallen out
of one of the trees? JORDAN: Have you fallen? JORDAN: Oh. He’s coming down. He’s coming down. God to man. -God to man. JORDAN: God to man. We’re gonna load the
bike up with poyo. The brakes don’t work, but I’m
taking this thing to Mamamah, to the village. Alrighty. See how I do. This is really difficult. Really, really difficult. This little kid’s beating me. JORDAN: After almost killing
myself on the bike ride from the farm to Mamamah, we loaded
the poyo onto a truck and headed back to the markets
in Freetown to pick up ingredients for the cocktail. JORDAN: Yeah, there’s a lot
of poyo on this truck. And it happens, like, two
or three times a day. There’s a lot of drinking
to be done here. What fruit do you think would
taste good with the poyo? Pretty good, huh? JORDAN: The locals told me that
no one had ever really tried to mix anything
with poyo before. But I had a bag of grapefruits,
oranges, limes, and pineapples with me, so I
decided to give it a go. JORDAN: Ugh. Fuckin’ hell. Hey. How you doing? I’ve got a shaker. So now I’m just muddling
the mango. Pressure’s on. I’ve never made this
before, so. JORDAN: Yeah, I’m gonna
experiment on you guys. JORDAN: Never. JORDAN: I’ve got poyo in my
can, and then I’m gonna– JORDAN: Yeah, with
fruits mixed in. -OK. JORDAN: Orange, pineapple,
and mango. And palm wine. So not I’m muddling
the pineapple. -We know how to do it. JORDAN: Oh, sorry. I guess you know. I think everyone’s not only
curious as to why on Earth I’m here doing this, but also
what it is I’m making. JORDAN: Yeah? You like my style? -Yeah, yeah. I like it. JORDAN: OK. Are you in a hurry? Are you in a rush? JORDAN: Good. It’s gonna take me a second
longer to get this done. All right. So I’m gonna try to
put this together now, see how it works. There’s the mango, the orange
juice, the pineapple. So now we have the poyo. JORDAN: Yeah. Poyo. JORDAN: I’m just trying
something new. How’s that smell? It still smells a
little strong. Gonna put some soda
water in it. I’m gonna put this– Called this, uh, the
Stallone Sling. All right. You’re first. JORDAN: The cocktail seemed to
go down pretty well with the guys on the beach. It was a bit of a free-for-all,
but whatever. I think they liked it. So I’ve learned that poyo
prevents and cures malaria, it’s great for making women
fertile, and it supplies people with a zest for life,
money, power, and a certain confidence. It also supplies tremendous
erections. I haven’t had anyone to try the
theory out on yet, but I’m definitely not gonna wear my
swim trunks out tonight. Just in case.

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