Sleeping Bags- How To Be Comfortable

sleeping bags how to be comfortable hi it’s AlaskaGranny it’s a nice sunny
morning in Granny Camp and so what we’ve done is the thing you should do every
day is get your sleeping bag out and air it out you should do that everyday find
a time because your sleeping bag can make or break a trip make it fun or
not you want it warm well fluffed clean and comfortable
there’s nothing worse than a sleeping bag this damp dirty smelly or flat so
you want to air it out everyday you want to air out your liner as well and then
before you put it away fluff it all up and put your liner back
in and your next night sleep will be great when you first get to camp and set
it up you should pull out your sleeping bag at least an hour before you get in it go to bed
fluff it up because it works better insulating and being comfortable when
the lining or the insulation has had a chance to fluff up so try some of these
tricks with your sleeping bag when you get to camp and see if you don’t enjoy
your night out in the woods more learn more at and please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny

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