Sleeping in a SUPER shelter in the forest

Sleeping in a SUPER shelter in the forest

Hey folks, how are you doing? As you can see, today, I’m on my way to the backup camp again, aaand I have my small camping rucksack with me and here at the side I have my canteen. This is a original canteen by the US Army pretty cool. You see this. This is a small creek… That I have played in, when I was a kid and as you can see here at the other side this here Was a shelter that I built like seven years ago And yeah, the frame is still there, so that’s pretty awesome Okay, now. I have to cross the creek. I just want to make sure that I don’t fall down into the cold water because as you can see there’s still a little bit of snow around And this… 😮 *chuckles* And this year actually was one of the coldest beginnings of spring and yeah Maybe I should build a shelter here one day. It’s pretty cool this location So I’m walking like Half an hour now And my backpack is pretty heavy And the Sun has gone down already Or, maybe it’s about to go down so… I don’t have a lot of time left What I want to do now is I want to arrive at my camp Get a warm fire going and get something to eat because I’m hungry Pretty awesome water hole. A couple of years ago, I forgot my water, and I drank water from such a puddle like this one here. *agh* But I do not recommend that because you can get sick from this water And I didn’t get sick so I was lucky Look at this *oagh* This here is a roe deer feeder Whoa, I’m here Bug out camp, teepee. And today, I’m going to sleep at the bug out camp. I love my bug out camp! So let’s take a look here, how’re we doing? Howzits going bug out camp? Yeah! It’s looking pretty cool 🙂 Everything is fine Now I’m just gonna leave my stuff here And then I need a quick snack Okay woohoo! I’m glad that I got here. While it’s still light. Alright, so now. I’m very hungry and today I want to show you this here This is a subscription box that you can get by primal urge food and actually this is containing meat sticks in various forms. In the box you will get… a description of what’s in this ‘pup’ and you get a ton of different information about the meat sticks that are in here and usually the box contains buffalo, wild salmon, chicken, alligator, wild boar jerky, Ostrich, beef, pork, elk, lamb, duck and rabbit and that can switch out like every month So that you’re not always eating the same meat and the package come comes with ten selected meat sticks… Okay, that’s it woo! Let’s try this one ‘Lucky Jerky’ beef and apple. *apple ;3* *mhmm* Wow that’s really that’s a really Good combination, I haven’t thought that apple and beef would be such a great combination That’s really good Wow *mmm!* Kewl – this stick here is beef that has been fed with flax feed. *mm* *mm waow* N-wow this one it’s very good! *m-wuah* *mmm* Super cool. wow That tastes really good! And I guess they are holding for quite a long time, so this is really… Oh this one is like holding for nine more months. This one here, so that’s cool because You don’t have to eat them right away. You can put them into your um Car you can put them into your camping back pack into your bug out bag and Then you know that you have some protein to go protein to go pretty cool idea Can you hear the crows? *kwaw kwaw qua ;3* *woaaaaaa* 9/10 8/10 10/10 Yeah, actually I’m very pleased that Winter is over And now it’s like half past 5:00 and it’s still light, and I’m so grateful for that because I don’t like it when the night is like 15 hours long So I’m definitely a summers person – but I like winter you know? You know what I mean, so… Yeah, I’ll get when there’s a little bit more daylight left All right, I will quickly baton… ugh… smaller sticks. This wood here is pretty dry so. I need some kindling for this fire for the first flames And for making this kindling, the baton-ing technique is pretty efficient… Doesn’t take so much energy than the axe. OK I have this candle here, which I have at the camp and today. I want to start fire with the candle. Okay, I’m carving some shavings. I need some fine tinder. Yeah, unfortunately, I don’t have any other tinder here today, but you know… You can help yourself by just making shavings. And now I’m taking the candle and I’m going to drop the wax onto the shavings. Ops ;3 heh, I just poured some wax on my knife. Yeah, that’s burning! Just like that. Whoo, fires burning pretty good… and uh, *woops* ;3 heh just almost ran into the tree, so I just wanted to say that the moon is here today, so there’s not a lot of moon, but Tonight is not going to be pitch-black Pretty awesome right? Look at this 🙂 Whoo-hoo a lot of people probably want to understand me why I am camping in the forest in wintertime But actually this is great you know. This is something else so If you – if you haven’t camped outside in winter time, then I can highly recommend it All right, so I have some of these heart of peach logs… They are going to burn much longer and with more heat So I’m just gonna throw them on and they will make some awesome coals Okay new competition! Don’t hit the candle competition! Yeah! You know without a fire in the wilderness… it’s not good. The fire doesn’t only give you warmth, but also it gives you comfort, and that’s what you need in a dark forest. I’m getting hangry. I really want some food now, so I’m just going to eat my meat sticks. You know a lot of people ask me. How come that my shelter doesn’t get damaged by other people? Vandalism, and… uhh yeah, when I was building the shelter a lot of people wrote like in the comment section like yeah “In two weeks, this is going to be torn down by other humans.” But that wasn’t the case actually Nothing happened to the shelter except once when a tree fell onto the roof But yeah, that’s a different story and The reason why nothing happens to the shelter or why no like idiots come here to rip down my shelter is because… I have grown up in the village like where da bug out camp location is and people know me And yeah, I believe that they Like me so much that they leave my camp alone, so I’m pretty glad that no one has destroyed my camp and yeah And a lot of people from the village have visited this place. I don’t have a problem with that because mostly it’s just kids and One time I found a beer invoice in the shelter so apparently some Yeah, some people have gotten drunk in my shelter, but that’s all okay by me you know the only thing that I don’t like is when someone from who doesn’t know me from the village like some kind of Stalker wants to find me and that’s a different story because actually one time that happened to me like one time I came to the shelter and there was a yellow cordage hanging down from it and Then I was working you know like I was filming. I built the second thing too and Then all of a sudden a man came to the shelter He was dressed all black and he was jogging so first I thought oh, maybe that’s a jogger who has lost his way but no, so he came to the shelter and then he saw me and then he turned around and then he ran away, so I Thought that was pretty strange *ahem* I’m sorry Pretty strange right the yellow cordage, and he was huge. It was a big guy you know So I was a little bit you know worried and the next day, he wrote me an email, and he said yeah he knows me from my YouTube side and He wanted to find me and prove to me that I can be found if someone wants to Wow and that was really Terrible for me I was in a shock for three days that someone really Came into my private field like this so then I wrote back and I told him that I already reported him to the police and That he shouldn’t come again, otherwise I will report him again, and then I told him like Do you think it’s okay? To come here to my place without my permission? How would you feel if I come to your flat like I mean? This is my living room, right? How would you feel if I break into your house and place a yellow string in your living room? And then – I wrote you an email and said “Oh I just wanted to prove that you can be found.” Yeah… idiot, so I don’t want any creeps to come here tonight… bug out camp and try to search for me or something Gladly most of my fans are normal, and they wouldn’t do some creepy shit like that So I’m really glad that since then I have been left alone Alright, so as you can see the fire has burned down. It’s pretty hot here I can’t leave my hand here for longer than like three seconds. And first of all I want to sterilize that grill because it has been lying in the forest and I don’t want to have any pathogens on it and in about like five minutes I’m going to throw all my chickens Mm-hmm nice chicken breasts All right, I think we are done with the meat. It looks like… it’s done. Yeah, this is done, and there’s still a lot of moisture in it so it’s going to be verrry good. But first before I’m eating this I need some… ketchup. And some mustard and my all-time favorite which is mayonnaise. mmmmm Yeah!! And on top of that I’m going to have some gluten-free bread. Mm-hmm It’s really good I love chicken. It’s getting really cold now. I really need to get that fire going. mmm! That tastes really good. I love chicken. It’s one of my favorite meats. Besides beef of course, heh, you can’t beat the steak. That’s the best… best tasting meat. I’m almost done with the chicken, but I got really cold, so I stacked up the fire again. And now just to try to warm up. Without the fire it would be very cold. *condenses breath* Alrighty so now I’m going to sanitize my spoon fork. I’m getting tired now, and… I think today I’m going to sleep with the sheeting down. So that my… sleeping bag doesn’t get a hole from the sparks flying around And I think I will be very cozy tonight. Let’s see how much the temperature is right now. Okay, it’s like 15 degrees here at the tree. 15 degrees Celsius And I know for a fact that tonight it has around zero degrees like away from the fire out there in the forest so It’s pretty cold, but I have my sleeping bag so no problem. Winter camping actually makes a lot of fun. I like it. *footsteps in the snow ;3* *more footsteps in the snow XD* Okay, I got my water. Can you hear this? *sounds* It’s just some birds… and an airplane – wow I can see so many stars! Okay, so we have good weather no rain. *more sounds* I’ve heard something. Okay, that’s just snow coming off of the trees. So I’m about to go to the bed, but first. I want to stake out the fire And I want to have a really nice cozy fire going on. And this hardwood is going to burn for at least an – an hour or so All right, now I want to roll down the sheeting and after that I get out my sleeping bag. Of course it’s important that you don’t burn down the sheeting so I have this tree stump here, which is going to… take away the sheeting from the fire. Okay… So I got some water from the canteen… and now I just gonna change into my long johns… and my long underwear and Yeah This will be a very cozy night. I’m 100% sure about that oh, that’s good to get out of the shoes whoo Okay cool. In da sleeping bag the fire is burning very good outside, and yeah… I still have enough of holes at the side, so I’m definitely not poisoning myself with carbon monoxide So everything good. I think this is going to be one of the best nights ever in the shelter really… All right, so I’m not tired yet, so probably I’m gonna watch some YouTube videos on my mobile phone… and then here… I hope that I can sleep in early because I want to get up early so that’s the plan… but that’s the plan every day, but I never – cannot get it right so yeah… I like to sleep in. Anyway We see each other tomorrow good night. Okay, it’s time to get out of the sleeping bag. My water bottle… power bank… second camera… that’s it. *oo-hoo* Ha! The trousers so cold. *wooOOOhoo* Okay, I have to get up. I’m very cold. *ah Ha ha* In the morning it’s always a competition how fast I can get on my clothes. *oagh* *exhales* Well I have to say this was the best night ever… Somehow the sheeting is not only you know protecting you from the wind, but also it protects you from the smoke and Somehow, I felt like more protected, so it was good for psychology and that’s why I slept much better than the other times here, so The teepee… is in good condition also Wow it’s a really beautiful morning… the Sun has just gone up. Okay, I’m packing up my things now. My sleeping bag is the WMNS Titan 750… down sleeping bag… and with this one I have slept all of the *sheeting unfurls* Ooops ah ha ha! *wood falling down noise* What I wanted to say was that with this sleeping bag it was warm enough that I could sleep all winter time I didn’t need another warmer sleeping bag yet this winter. Okay, I have a pretty good pile of ashes actually so now I want to… collect some of it because I might need it for another project… so, wha – what can you do with ashes basically you can make some lye… and you can… uh, turn some… uh raw hide… You can make some soap with it… a lot of good stuff that you can make with ashes… and here make sure that you don’t get the black stuff, which is the coal you just want to get the white stuff, which is the pure ash. As you can see I have connected half a cup of very good ashes… and yeah, just make sure that I throw out the charcoal… And I’m going to leave this here… for another project which I might do in the future, so just gonna put it… underneath here… and maybe next time I make a fire I’m going to collect some ashes as well Yeah! That’s it. whooo! Let’s go! Look at the Sun. It’s really beautiful! Very beautiful day. Okay, I have to take back my axe… I just don’t want to get it sold, but I guess it doesn’t matter here. so… Cool! Now let’s go. ooo My god I can’t wait for spring. Yeah, so… this was my overnighter… for today. I want to thank you for watching and yeah Follow me on Facebook If you want to because on Facebook I will post all of my videos. S ometimes on YouTube, people complain that they don’t get notified and actually it’s true, so on Facebook you will find every video post and if you don’t like Facebook you can follow me on Instagram. And there I post a photo…. of almost every video I make so… Yeah Anyways… Thank you for watching again Please don’t forget to visit the website of primal urge food my sponsor for this video and Yeah, see you next time

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  1. FAQ: my camp is on private property. This video was sponsored by Primal Urge Foods! Please visit: – Because of sponsors like them I can make Youtube videos full-time! Thanks.

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  8. You should put some (A LOT) of wooden zombie spikes and boobie traps around your survival shelter THE WALKING DEAD style to keep away the creeps!!!

  9. You should put some (A LOT) of wooden zombie spikes and boobie traps around your survival shelter THE WALKING DEAD style to keep away the creeps!!!

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