Sleeping in Storm – Kebnekaise 2018 (*with subtitles)

So I have just start walking My backpack is with me I left the mountain station very late around midnight – 1 am I get muscle cramp here So I must turn back otherwise it can be critical The wind is getting stronger Yesterday I was warned of incoming storm by mountain guides So the best is to head back I aim for stones, higher parts to avoid starting avalanches on my way down So I found this place good for protection Ventilation I’m in bed listening to the storm it’s saturday evening the wind seem to last I’ll have to walk out to check the tent regulary but I will not move from my camp I will wait till monday So you’ll find me here at this place But it’s exciting to see how good the equipment will survive in these conditions with strong wind It’s a storm tent so it is designed for this It sure is exciting! and I’ll have to find out how much sleep I will get good night Ohh it’s morning and I can see the light from the sun and it’s all quiet so this is the morning after the snow storm now it’s finally over I have got my pants on, the second layer come on yes best feeling I get so happy of getting my shoes on I don’t even reflect on that when I’m home but here it’s vitally important So after I’m done with all layers, and my body is getting warm It is time for food, breakfast I like this one It’s granola I always carry my spoon I mix it with warm water, I melted snow yesterday evening I try to have two liters for the morning, it took me about 20 minutes to boil yesterday it’s time to leave this place and take me down to the mountain station so let see how much chaos this stormy night has caused It might be lots of snow outside I use to do like this when it’s water under my sleeping bag because of condensation I bring it outside to make sure it gets freeze dried so everything water and moisture freeze and can be brushed off The view is amazing! Now it’s time to dig out the tent This is the wall I built The wind came from west I tried to push it over the tent to avoid the worst wind gusts the guylines I attached them to the pulk and rucksack Now I have loosed these three got rid off all snow and it’s time to drag in the pulk to load everything so all gear shall be attached to the pulk then I’m heading for the mountain station I’m removing all belays for the tent I have packed and will now start to walk down the mountain The weather is getting better so perfect conditions to walk in Here you see the wedge I made of a stone Thank you so much this beautiful place Amazing! Lol, it works to run with snow shoes! (:

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