Slick Backpack for the Dji Phantom

Slick Backpack for the Dji Phantom

OK, guys. Real quick video today. I’m just showing you a
backpack I got the mail today that fits a DGI Phantom–
Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision, original Phantom,
Phantom 2 Vision Plus. Fits all the easily
customizable. It’s not made for the
Phantom specifically, but it fits everything you need. It’s a camera bag, so
it’s well cushioned. It’s got everything. I’ve already got it set up
with all my gear inside. So I’ll show you how
it fits everything. So I would just undo
these straps right here. And it’s called the
Vanguard Up-Rise II 48. I’ll put the link below
for anyone who wants it. I’m just going to unzip this. And we’ll open it up to find
our main compartment right here. So we have everything
inside already. I’ve got all my
stuff– my Phantom, my transmitter, props
right here– here we go– FPV right here,
monitor, also there’s tons of extra space right
here, extra space here, everywhere to fit extra stuff. So I’ll go ahead
and pull it out. We’ve got transmitter. It fits all right in. All my antennas, took
them off for safekeeping. Extra batteries right there,
and over here on the right, got props. You can probably fit
like eight sets in there. I’ve got my FPV transmitter
7-inch monitor right there. You could also fit bigger. All these cushions
right here they are Velcro, so you can
move anything around. This is just how I
decided to do mine. You can do it however you want. And then I have
this strapped down– the main Phantom strapped
down– so it can’t go anywhere. And then, you just undo
that strap, pull it out, and you can have everything
set up in just two minutes really, is what I got out of it. Including mounting all the
antennas and everything. You just drop that back on,
close it up, zip it back. And then a couple of
other cool features, there is– inside
of here– there’s a little slot where it
also has a rain cover that it goes over
the back, and will keep the backside
from getting wet. Or at least help prevent that. And then over here
on the side, we have a little nice
little buckle. it comes off, and then you
can get to your main stuff right here. You can get props right here,
but you could put a camera, whatever. Plenty of extra space
for whatever you need. Put that back on, and then
right here as you can see we have a nice little
pouch for our computer. You can fit that right there. And right here on the side,
there is room for a tripod. So you can just stick
the legs right in there. And there’s another place
that you can hook it up to make sure it stays secure. So that’s the Vanguard
Up-Rise II 48. I have the link below so
you can go check that out. Please subscribe, we have
more videos and boxing to reviews and giveaways
coming up real quick. So I’ll see you guys next time. Bye. [MUSIC PLAYING]

54 thoughts on “Slick Backpack for the Dji Phantom

  1. Darn!…,just bought Vanguard Uprise II 46 for my videography stuff.Currently I'm using the Manfrotto MBSB390 for my Phantom 2.It does fit well too.I guess I Need to get one 48 for my Phantom 2 soon after watching this video.Thank mate!…

  2. Thanks for making the video ! Your the only one that made a video to show how the Phantom 2 fits in the back pack. I'm wondering if a P2 with extra wide 2" wider than stock and a 1 1/2 taller skids placed on a P2 would fit in the back pack. I don't know if you saw those skids , they look just like original DJI skids and sold on eBay

  3. Nice, but so far I've never seen a case that can hold a Phantom with prop guards installed.  Don't think that really a fault of any of the cases, since they'd be huge if they could hold the aircraft with the prop guards extended – but wonder why someone hasn't made prop guards that can fold over or snap on and off without tons of screws for travel?

  4. I heard that in about a month you've got another backpack coming out that will work for the phantom product line.  Is that correct?  I need one but can hold off about 4 weeks if needed.

  5. I noticed you unzipped the compartment on the cover for extra space/height. Is it also possible to fit the phantom without that zipper unzipped? for example; in this bag, the phantom seems to fit a bit better in height:

  6. This is a great case, way better then any backpack designed for the Phantom. B&H sells it for only $129.00, not $250 like the specialty Phantom cases. If you want to go the extra step, you can visit this company and design custom foam insert for you Phantom for another $50.00. Happy Flying! 😉

  7. Does it come with the velcro hold down strap for the actual body of the Phantom or is that an add on?
     I noticed that the main part where the vision goes is bigger and customized as compared to the amazon pic where a smaller still camera and lens attachments are. Can one move around/remove the little lens divider things? Can they be shoved out of the way?

  8. +thedjiguy did the black strap come with it? I bought one from Amazon and strap not with mine.

  9. Hey guys, my company will have some extra cushion pads to protect your Phantom, Phantom 2, and Phantom 2 Visions much better in the Vanguard Uprise 48 and Uprise II 48.
    I have had the Uprise II for 2 months now and just love it, truly it is the perfect pack for holding my Phantom and other items. I been testing how well it can hold my Phantom 2 with the Zenmuse attached while I hike around and climb mountains. Though it holds everything pretty well, some items do move around inside. The Zenmuse wobbles around and needs protection.

    The cushion pads we are making will protect the top of the Phantom much better in case you fall over or drop the pack. They will also hold the Zenmuse or Vision + camera steady and protect it. We will also have battery holder pockets that attach to the velcro on the sides and propeller holders as well.
    Once we are done, our cushions will give your Phantom the ultimate protection it needs and hold it tightly in place so nothing bounces around or breaks.

    I'll post more info soon and photos over at the RC Groups forum once we are done!

  10. does this have a laptop section? also does anyone know any cheaper backpacks out there then this. I ordered one that is about an inch too small.  

  11. for about half of its price you can have an actual bag made for phantom 😉

  12. Really cool bro ! But there is a backpack version special made for Phantom and has a hard surface (it`s lighter). However this really looks slick :D!

  13. Thanks for doing this review.  After seeing all of the box looking packs out there, I went for the Vanguard 2 48 as well.  Might have to modify the height of my extended landing gear to fit but at least width is no issue.

  14. Mine has a tall and wide landing gear. Do you think it will fit in this bag pack? I would think there is prob with the wider issue but im worried about on the height

  15. Do you think if I put the remote control with FPV monitor attached in L shade and put at the bottom, will it work?

  16. I customized my Uprise 46 by taking out all the dividers and sewing in elastic bands.

  17. I might get that Vanguard 48 backpack. It would be used for all my DSLR equipment and my P2 w/ Zenmuse.

  18. cheaper:

  19. Just thought I would throw this out there for a laugh …. An thanks for all the info guys . . . in joy lol

  20. I just stumbled onto this interesting backpack for the Phantom. Can anyone that have used it share how the motors hold up please? I am concerned about the possible lack of protection since the motors seem to protrude up a bit and look exposed to impact damage. Otherwise I am up for a purchase!

  21. Just wanted to say that yes, this looks really great.  My concern is how much can the pack with stain pressure when your Phantom is in there?  I'm concerned that when traveling and you stick it in the overhead compartment on the plane, other fools may keep trying to more bags in the overhead compartment and this pack may crush?  Am I over concerned?

  22. Did you try to see what size laptop would fit? I've heard it only fits 14" ultrabooks, also read somewhere that it fits a 15" macbook pros. I have a 15" Dell Ultrabook that i would love to carry with me for travel too.

  23. I really like this backpack, especially that I don't have to remove the FPV monitor from my remote when stored sideways in the top compartment. I also use the Vanguard to carry my camera equipment and lenses, so it's nice to have this bag for multiple uses. I wish it came with Velcro straps but nothing a trip to the hardware store didn't fix. As for which laptop this will fit, I don't a laptop so I don't know. I'll take it to work and try different laptops and let you guys know.

  24. I purchased this backpac from Amazon. EXCELENT purchase. This is in my oppinion the best Phantom backpac of the market!!! Excelent review man!!! I can transport now my complete Drone gear in all circunstances, bike, urban, outdoor, etc… The quality is excelent, and is a nicely and discret backpac. I can transport my iPad, the macboock or lattop, iphone, batteries, FPV system, RC, etc… You can configure this backpac

  25. I just bought this backpack as soon after watched your review. Great backpack, fit all the gears and convenient for travel.

    But wonder, did the motor shaft will damaged over time as I am noticed it make a contact with the bag material when I closing it down. (I already unzipped the extra space features off the bagpack)

    Appreciate your feedback.

  26. Thanks for the great review. I bought it 2 days ago, and received today. I must say I'm impressed. The quality seems good, ton of space, and good looking. This will defiantly serve as a multi bag, and on holidays for for camera equipment. 

  27. Hei.Smart and god bag. I have a suitecase fore my Phantom 2 vision+ but yesterday I order a bag fore travell around With my Phantom. This bag In my country Norway coust a hell of mutch Money so I order It from China. Same bag 10 times cheaper and that is With delivery. Nice video!

  28. Do you reckon you could squeeze a dslr with lens into that side access pocket bit (where you put your props)? I really need to carry both in the same backpack!

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