SML Movie: Bowser Junior’s Doll!

Chef Pee Pee: Mmm-mmm-mmm! Man, this smells delicious! (Splash) Chef Pee Pee: JUNIOR!!! Chef Pee Pee: Did you just throw that water balloon?! Bowser Junior: Uh, no. Chef Pee Pee: Well, who threw it, then? Bowser Junior: Uh… I don’t know. Chef Pee Pee: Look, Junior! If you throw another water balloon in this house, i swear to god i’m going to tell your dad, and you’re gonna be in trouble! You’re gonna get grounded! Chef Pee Pee: Jun-Junior. Junior, put that water balloon down. Chef Pee Pee: Pu-put it down. Junior! I swear to God if throw that stupid water balloon, I’m… (Shatters) Chef Pee Pee: JUNIOR, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!!! (Stammering) I didn’t throw the water balloon, I threw a cup! That doesn’t make it better! Look, I’m going to tell your dad right now, and you’re getting grounded! 𝔣𝔞𝔱𝔞𝔩𝔦𝔱𝔶 ᗩᑎGEᖇ BOWSER!!!!!!!!!! ANNOUNCER: Charleyyy & Friends is filmed in front of a live audience. Charleyyy: (Making weird noises) Oh, hi, guys! I’m Charleyyy. (Audience cheering) And today, I’m gonna be a fish! (Imitating chicken clucking…) (Audience laughing) I’m a fish! Bowser: (Hearty Laugh) Oh, my God, Charleyyy! You’re not a fish! You’re so hilarious! Oh, Bowser! What do you want, Chef Pee Pee? Well, your son, Junior, is in the kitchen throwing water balloons and breaking cups! Wait, he’s what? (Growls) Junior! (Grunts) Junior! Uh, yeah, Dad? Chef Pee Pee said you’re making a mess! Well, uh… Chef Pee Pee’s a snitch! SO YOU DID DO IT. (Grunts) Junior, come here! (Bowser Junior screaming) BOWSER: Oh, you’re grounded! #childabuse I can’t believe you tried to throw a water balloon at me and mess up the kitchen, Junior! I’m sorry, Dad! Uh-uh-uh! No sorry! You’re grounded for a week, Junior! A week?! Yes!, a week! I’m talking no toys, I’m talking no friends! (Whimpers) No toys? Oh, yeah, no toys! So, I’ll be taking this with me Dad! (Bowser Grunting) And I better not see you leave your room, Junior! (Door slams) (Growls) Stupid Dad! Oh, this is all Chef Pee Pee’s fault! If he wasn’t a big, fat snitch, and didn’t tell on me, I wouldn’t have gotten in trouble! (Pants) (Screams) (Snickering) Oh! Hey, Junior! It’s me, Thomas! What’s the matter, buddy? (Sniffles) Thomas? Nah, it’s just me, Nigga! (Laughing) What the?! I hate you, Chef Pee Pee! I hate you! (Doorbell rings) Wait, Somebody’s at the door? Hello? Joseph: Hey, Chef Pee Pee! Uh, can I come in to play with Junior? Oh, no. He’s grounded for a week! No toys, no friends! Oh, it’s the best of both worlds! so just leave. (Panting) Joseph? (Grunting) Joseph! God, is that you? Wait! Why did you take my mother from me?! (Sobbing): Why?! (Window slamming shut) (Sighing) No friends, no toys, there’s nothing to do! (Grunts) (Chuckles) Oh, hey, dude. It’s me, Joseph! What’s going on, bro? Wha, Joseph? How did you get in here? I’m not allowed to have friends over! Nah, it’s just me again, Nigga! I got your ass twice! Got you twice! (Laughing) (Growls) Chef Pee Pee, I hate you! (Knocking) Hey, dude, it’s me, Joseph! Open the window! (Sighs) Nice try, Chef Pee Pee. I know it’s you. Wait, what are you talking about, dude? (Grunts) I know it’s you, Chef Pee Pee! (Punch lands) (Joseph Exclaming) Oh, dude! (Grunting) Dude, what was that for?! Nice try, Chef… Wai-wait, Joseph?! Yeah, it’s me, dude! Who else could it be?! I thought you were Chef Pee Pee. What are you doing here? Well, I brought some toys for you, dude! Wha, Y-You brought me some toys? Yeah. Well, I’m not allowed to have friends over, but, uh, come on up, come on up. Okay, okay! (Grunting) Sorry about that, Joseph. Yeah, it’s not easy climbing up here, dude. All right, come on in. All right. So Joseph, you brought me some toys? Oh, yeah, dude! Chef Pee Pee told me you were grounded, and you couldn’t have any toys, so I brought you stuff from my room! Well, thanks, Joseph! Well, what’d you bring me? Aw, dude, the best stuff! I got you all the best stuff that was in my room. Okay. First off, I brought you some Swiss cheese. Wait, Swiss cheese? Oh, yeah, dude, you can count the holes all day. I always lose count.. Okay! Um, let’s see what else I got? Oh, I got a pair my mom’s panties! Oh, dude, they’re like a scratch-and-sniff sticker, you just scratch it, and… (Sniffs) Oh, God! They smell like she had an infection, or something! Hold these. And what else we…(Screams) Goddang it! Holy Jesus! Joseph, are you okay? Oh, dude! Oh! (Screams) You brought me a mousetrap? Yeah, dude! I mean, they’re fun to play with, but when they get on your face, it hurts! Dude, let me see what else I brought. Okay. (Grunting) Oh, yeah, I brought you one more thing. It’s a voodoo doll, dude! Ew, it’s ugly! What’s a voodoo doll? It’s a cool doll! It’s like whenever you’re mad at somebody, you imagine it’s this doll, and then you take your anger out on it! Wait, wait, really? Yeah, yeah. Dude, you should try it. I do it all the time since my mom’s dead. Chef Pee Pee (in distant): Junior! Chef Pee Pee’s coming, Joseph! Jump out the window! Okay, dude! (Panting) See you later, dude! (Screaming) (Grunting) (Panting) Oh, no! Uh, Junior? What do you want, Chef Pee Pee? (Sighs) I made macaroni and cheese, and I brought your food to you because you can’t leave your room! But, be careful, it’s kinda hot. And I brought a napkin just in case you make a mess. Chef Pee Pee, made macaroni and cheese? Well, that was nice of him! Nah, Nigga! Just me again! Got your ass three times! (Laughing) Chef Pee Pee, I hate you! (Chef Pee Pee laughing) Stupid Junior! That’s what he gets for being a brat! And now, I got a big bowl of macaroni and cheese all to myself! (Sighs) (Growling) Stupid Chef Pee Pee! Won’t give me any macaroni and cheese, and always telling on my dad! I hate you, Chef Pee Pee! I’m just gonna go to bed! Wha, What? Wait, The voodoo doll. You know what? I wish you were Chef Pee Pee! Then, I would teach you a lesson! You know, I would punch you right in the face, like… (Punch landing) (Groaning) Oh, damn! What the hell was that? Did someone just punch me in my face? Oh, that’s what it felt like! Oh yeah, you like that? You like getting punched? You know what? (Grunting) That was weird. (Exclaims) (Grunting) (Yelps) Oh my God, what’s going on? Oh, my back! You want some more, dollie? Huh? Junior, what’s all that noise in here? Uh… Junior, I said no toys! Now, give me that toy! No! It’s my-that’s my toy! No, you’re not supposed to be playing with toys! Give it here! (Exclaiming repeatedly) Dad, I wanna to play with it! No, give it here! Now, you’re grounded for two weeks! (Growls) (Pants) Jesus Christ, what’s happening to me? (Screams) Junior knows how to piss me off! What is this stupid thing anyway? I mean, it kinda looks cute. You know what, it looks damn sexy! Ooh hey, baby. The things I’ll do to you. Oh my, God. I just wanna… (Groans) Wait, what’s going on? What’s going on! (Shrieks) Wait, where’s my shirt?! (Exclaiming) (Sexual moaning) Baby, you are amazing! Oh, you’re the best I ever had! Ten, you’re a ten baby! Oh, let’s go get you cleaned up. You don’t want to get any stains on you. All right, baby, let’s wash you off. (Faucet running) (Groans) Wait, what are you doing? Wait, no, no, no, no, no! All right, I’mma let you soak for a minute. I’ll be right back, okay, baby? (That is enough time for Chef PeePee to drown.
Thanks, Bowser!) (Sloshing) Uh, Dad? Wait, what are you doing out of your room, Junior? I gotta use the bathroom. (Sighs) Well, you get one bathroom break, so you better make it count! Okay. (Sighs) Stupid Dad. (Gasps) The doll! (Grunting) What are you doing in here? (Grunting) I’ll take you back to my room. (Breathing for air) Oh, Thank God! (Grunting) Well, I’m glad to have you back voodoo doll, so I can beat you up and pretend you’re Chef Pee Pee! Now, if you were Chef Pee Pee, what would I do to you? Um… Oh, I know! I would tie you to a rocket and send you into space, so I never have to see a big, ugly face again! #bestideaever Wait, I think I have a rocket left over from the Fourth of July. Possibly from 2015, because there was not a video of the 4th of July from 2016… great thinking! Oh yeah, you’re going to space! Okay, Chef Pee Pee, are you ready to go to space? (Grunting) Yeah. All right, Chef Pee Pee, I’ll see you in space! (Groans) Hello? Yes, 911? Something’s wrong with me, I think I’m possessed! (Crashing and blasting) (Screaming): What the hell’s going on?! #getrektbyrevenge Oh, man, that was really fun! I need to get back to my room though. Well, well, well. You left your room, Junior. You know that means, right? Uh, No! (Bowser yelling and beating up Junior) And Junior, now you’re grounded three weeks! Wha, Three weeks? Yeah, three weeks, and did you apologize to Chef Pee Pee for making that mess? Wha, No. Well, go and apologize! Wait, what’s this? Oh, those are Joseph’s mom’s underwear. Oh, really? (Sniffs) Oh, man. Finders keepers, losers weepers! Dad, no, no, no! Those are mine! Go and apologize to Chef Pee Pee, I don’t care what’s yours! (Groans) I’ll apologize to Chef Pee Pee. (Sighs) Chef Pee Pee, I’m sorry for making a mess… (By the looks of it, maybe Junior shouldn’t apoligize…) Chef Pee Pee? Chef Pee Pee! Where did Chef Pee Pee go? (JUNIOR, YOU SENT HIM TO SPACE, DON’T YOU REMEMBER?!) (Chef Pee Pee murping like an alien in space) ᴊ ᴜ ɴ ɪ ᴏ ʀ! (Thanks for watching! What’s up, it’s MasterFlame 365! If you liked the video, you might also like his other videos, and if you like them, you might also like his other other videos! Have a nice day!=D) P.S.: SuperMarioLogan, I have spent hours making these subtitles! Can you (please) make the next video one of my requests? My request is… Jeffy’s revenge!

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