Sneak Food Into Class! 13 School Supply Ideas and More Back to School Hacks!

Sneak Food Into Class! 13 School Supply Ideas and More Back to School Hacks!

Emily is in the middle of chemistry
class drawing some atomic doodles. Sadly, her last marker is about to run out. And this is a time where we put
Sarah’s perfume to good use. The alcohol in the
perfume will melt and liquify the tip of the dried marker. It worked!
The lines are sharp as ever! Emily can get back to her doodle coloring with a
newly refreshed marker! Girls are back at school after a long weekend. It looks like Ashley and Emily are starting this week off with a new accessory. Oh look… we both got the same notebook… Yaaay… No, this will never work. Let’s cut a diamond shape out – set it aside. You’ll need baby oil and a glass of water mix
with food coloring. Grab a handful of glitter. Drop it inside the baby oil
together with the star mix. Stir for a bit and fill it with food coloring to
give it some depth. Place it on the side for now. We’ll need acetate plastic and a
piece of baking paper. Heat the edges with a hair straightener in order to
seal the sides and make a container. Pour the liquid inside before you seal the
last edge. Remove the baking paper. Give yourself a second to appreciate these
cosmic galaxy colors! Now use hot glue to make a square shape
around our diamond. And neatly stick the seal in. Fill the rest of the cover with hot glue and attach the first page in order to prevent it from getting damaged. Flip it and enjoy your new custom galaxy note
book cover! *mua mua* Ashley is back at school again –
this time with a modified accessory. Looks like Emily might be a bit jealous
of Ashley’s new shiny diamond. Emily keeps getting hit on by guys that just
don’t seem to get the message… Have you ever tried pretending to be crazy by
eating your own makeup? Maybe that’s just what it’ll take for the guy to leave
Emily alone. Here’s how to do it: Grab a finished lipstick from an old purse. Use an alcohol mix cotton swab to clean it until nothing is left. Put it aside for now. Grab a glass and fill it with a handful of white chocolate. Melt it in the microwave for no more than a minute Add some red food coloring to give it a warm
lipstick glow. Now pour the mixture inside the lipstick tube, just make sure not to get it over the top. Lastly, freeze it and it’s ready to go. Emily is ready to push those boys away. But maybe that kind of crazy is what
they are actually looking for. Cheating is not cool and should be avoided unfortunately some of us can get mixed up and overwhelmed with all those math formulas. Grab a small piece of transparent tape and stick it over the desired formula. Cut the piece out and soak it inside a bowl of water. Give it a second and remove all of the excess paper. The formula will stay intact. Once the water is gone it can be taped to a glass water bottle. Obviously there
should be NO cheating in class. But sometimes our memory can abandon us when
we need it the most. Everyone gets snack cravings from time
to time. Unfortunately Emily got carried away – forgot that food is not allowed in class and ended up getting busted. Luckily with
a simple enhancement you can get around this rule. Roll the Pringles tube inside
a decorative paper. Use a transparent tape to hold it together. Add a zipper using some hot glue and neatly stick it on top of the can. Eureka! Enjoy your mid class goodies without getting caught. Emily will be able to restock more treats inside the tube and the teacher will be clueless. Maybe just one more bite… How come all of your shoes are white? Why not try to bring them to life? Grab a pair and cover the sole outline with tape. Set them aside for a minute to draw a custom shape, something like a cloud on a sticker paper. Neatly cut it out with scissors and stick them all around the shoe. Using a brush add
textile paint to color the shoe. Skip the outlines but don’t forget the holes. Gently remove the excess tape and your custom shape stickers. It’s done! Your newly redesigned shoes! Grab some air and take that DIY pair out for a spin! Looks like Sarah can’t stop herself from
eating Oreos in class. Whoops… It’s painful to watch them being taken away. How can we prevent this from happening in the first place? Cut through the
middle of the package. Hot glue the outside lines – just make sure not to get any of it inside. Stick a zipper on top of the package and use an old scarf as a cover. Cut out the remaining flaps and stick
the corners with hot glue. Add a hairband on both ends and tidy up. All done! Use your newly made custom pencil case in class for a quick Oreo fix. I won’t tell if you won’t The teacher will never know a real
reason behind Sarah’s happy face. Well the morning meal is sorted. What about lunch? Broken lunchbox? How did this even happen? Did Superman laser through the box or what? This should probably go straight in
the trash. But now what can we use to pack our lunch instead? Let’s check the craft box. I think we’ll have to get a bit creative now using all
these washi tapes. We’re gonna use baking paper as a base. Cover it with some duct tape. Gently peel it off, flip it and cut the
excess tape off. Don’t stop there and add more tape. This time together with the
decorative tape for a lovely outside layer. Flip it again and remove the left
over bits. Use a ruler and a pen to shape a narrow end. Chop chop the edges. Cover the longer sides with more tape and cut around
one-third of an inch. peel off the piece, duplicate it and make
a bigger copy. Attach the smaller parts to form a cross. Make cuts in the corners
in order to make them flexible. Flip it – whoops! – didn’t mean to. Lift the end and stick all four edges together. Attach sticky pads to the lid and the
front. Amazing it’s done! A fabulous DIY lunchbox alternative entirely made from
tape which you can take to school. Emily is enjoying her cup of morning
coffee before going to class. No rush, let’s just grab books, pencil case and
all the other girl stuff we probably won’t use. Oh darn it, Emily forgot about gym class meaning she needs room to pack way more inside her backpack. This is not gonna work out. When it comes to clothes we need to relax and take a
minute to organize it. Firstly lay down the shirt. Leggings on top folded by the knees. Sports bra by the chest and a single sock in the middle. I know, just bear with me… Let’s fold it in half and make a burrito roll out of it. Grab the remaining sock. Turn it inside out and use it to tighten the roll by
inverting it while holding one of the ends. That’s it. A bunch of clothing
neatly stacked together. And it looks like there’s still some spare room left in
the bag. Alright, Emily, don’t be late for school! It looks like Emily’s dull backpack could use some brightening up. Step one,
cut a sponge one-third will be enough. Step two, grab some color and paint your
galaxies! Be generous with the color – we want to soak it. Step three, smooth out
the paint by brushing back and forth. Step four, fill the rest of the bag by
adding spiral Milky Way’s using white and violet colors. Step five, use black to add some shadows and depth to our galaxy. The dark shade will sharpen the edges of the shapes and bring out overall detail of the piece. Step six, grab the small brush and use white to
add a couple key stars. Steps seven, lastly dip a used toothbrush into
white color to fill the rest of the galaxy with sparkle by brushing it through your thumb. Brilliant, we complimented that dull black color and designed a whole star system within the bag. Some of us buy white converse with creative ideas in mind. Take the shoelaces out. Cover the front and sides with tape – we’d rather keep them white. Store a sheet of
newspaper to keep the shoe tacked in place. Use a fishnet stocking to cover
the shoe and make sure to tighten it on the end. Grab a third of a sponge to push the paint inside through the net. Violet is a good transition color between red and blue. Wait a couple of minutes for the paint
to dry and feel free to gently remove the net. Remove the tape and put those
shoelaces back in place. There we go! Stylish looking converse are back in
streets! Hey, Crafty Pandas! I hope you enjoyed
these school hacks! Let us know which of them you’re going to use next to the
comments down below! If you want to learn more feel free to check out our older
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