hey what’s going on guys it’s your boy
NightlyPower here bringing you back with another GTA 5 video in today’s GTA
online video I’ll be showing you guys how to get the coloured duffle bag from
the new casino heist dlc so if you guys do happen to enjoy today’s video why not
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in the comment section below now with that being said let’s get straight into
the video to get started you will need to start one of the high sub that gives
you the coloured duffel bag if you have the same high setup as me go ahead and
select the high set up called infiltration suit this high setup will
give you the coloured duffle bag when you’re in the mission complete the
objective as normal but when it’s time to deliver the package back to the
arcade get an oppressor or a buzzard and fly high up in the air and then jump out
of it and try to land on the yellow circle after you complete the mission
make your way over to ammunation now you’re going over to the parachute
section and you’re going to select the Israel parachute bag once you have
purchased the Israel parachute bag you’re just gonna open up your
interaction menu you’re going down to styles parachute and you’re going to
equip the Israel parachute bag next you’re gonna make your way over to the
math shop you’re going to take your oppressor or your Buzzard and you’re
gonna fly high up in the air you’re going to jump out of it and you’re going
to try to land in front of the math shop right before your character takes off
the parachute you want to spam right on the d-pad – into the math shop from
there you’re going to save the outfit if you guys want to see an alternate
method on how to get any colored duffel bag using the direct mode glitch let me
know in the comment section down below if you guys enjoyed the video why not go
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