SOME TIME AWAY // CatCreature

SOME TIME AWAY // CatCreature

everyone would think that we’re tourists -yeah -first time we go to san francisco! -yay! I got filmed because I’m finally using
my 35 mm for the first time since I got it five years ago it was a gift
and I never thought about actually using it so that’ll be exciting to try it out this
break hi, we’re here! the egg died -I know I just peed. so I might’ve forgotten my toothbrush don’t know how that happened
– found it thank goodness, it was in another bag yay I get the kind of beige colored towel- I like this color quick night routine for you guys, just showered, I used the clarins exfoliating face wash that’s actually my mom’s
-now I’m applying my favorite face cream which is the Josie Maran
whipped argan oil face butter it’s amazing I normally get really flaky skin
around my eyebrows my nose and ever since using this you just never get it
it’s great and it’s not too thick or oily either
– little truly goes a long way did my mom legit bring a shower cap on vacation
-whenever I bleach my hair it creases so easily because it’s like really weak I
think so hopefully I can sleep this off I love this down he has thick stripes as well but they
do not go all the way around his belly this is a bachelor herd of grevi zebra, so two males these are two of our hartman’s mountian zebra another hartman’s mountain zebra we’re officially checking out of the B&B
it was an amazing cabin I really recommend it to anybody
in NorCal I’ll leave the link below in case you want to check it out with a

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  1. my bestfriend took her own life on the 30th of august, this year (which is extremely recent) & i'm still in such a bad state of mind, & with everything going on right now, everytime i watch your videos i feel peaceful. thank you for giving me peace…💗

  2. my family lives in point arena- their farm is actually right next to the reserve 🙂 i visit there all the time!! i hope you enjoyed your stay there- it's such a wonderful little town 🙂

  3. Any vlog where you get to be with your family is always so heartwarming and special to watch. I feel so lucky to be able to see bits and pieces of your time together and it reminds me to extend a little extra love and light to the people in my family. xxx

  4. AHHHH so glad i found your channel today 😭😭😭 i love love LOVE your videos and content and aesthetic 😭😭💖💖 ive just been bingewatching nonstop 😭😭😭😭 thank you for your wonderful videos and for just being you 😭😭💖💖💖💖💖 much love from a business major at the ohio state university

  5. Her videos are just perfect for Autumn! They just have this cosy element to it. And the quality of the camera was perfect!! Definitely High definition

  6. i love the mood shifts throughout this vlog; watching it honestly made my day better and i feel so peaceful. (this is pretty random but i had the same instant noodles at 2:20, just a few hours ago!)

  7. Chemo doesnt cure cancer, PLEASE look up natural cancer cure on youtube n youll find lots of REAL testimonies from healed people. I really hope u read this, hv a nice day! <3

  8. It's so hard when someone you love is constantly in pain 🙁 Good for you giving your mum a nice little break! Best wishes to you all <3

  9. When you have your camera on the side while shopping, do you use your phone or Canon? Was wondering if you ever get comments from people browsing near you if they spot the camera! I love the style of your vlogs and really want to try out the look but not sure what to say to people if they notice the creepy peeping camera on store shelves ahaha 😄😄

  10. I'm in love with the aesthetic and vibe your videos give off<3 those film pictures are gonna look great! whats the song you used at the end?

  11. hey annabelle! its kinda late to ask but I was wondering where did you purchase or find the film for your 35 mm camera? my dad has one and can't seem to find film for it. but anyway hope you see this and thanks for reading my comment if you ever pass by it. btw love your videos!

  12. This made me feel so inspired to just get out of my comfort zone and see the beauty of the world. I feel so uplifted. Thank you.

  13. Hey love! What kind of camera was in the beginning of your video? And is that what you use to film or just to take pictures?

  14. You are such a good story teller! ILOVEEVERYTHING!! you are amazing. I hope you are happy most of the time. Thank you for inspiring us!

  15. I know it's a old video but i'm in a binge watching mode right now and I just wanted to say that I really like your sister's style and overall she looks like a nice person! 10/10 would like to be friends with her lol

    your videos are so relaxing to watch, keep up with the good work! lots of love

  16. I love everything in your videos, and the way your capture and express all those beautiful moment your you life!

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