SPICE BAG (Music Video) JAMESMITCHELL[TV] (Your Body Christina Aguilera Parody)

What do you mean, “What did I say?”
I told her! I said, “Listen, Breda O’Brien, you don’t get to talk to me like that, with your Lego hair!” “Don’t you dare!” I’m just so p****d off, I want to forget it happened! All I wanna do is get a Spice Bag. I’m just in the door,
Left work at twenty past four. And I feel f****d like a w***e, oh-oh yeah. I open the fridge, but the only thing in it, is Vegetarian s**t, oh-oh yeah. I’m gonna have something to eat,
That’ll burn like hell on the toilet seat. Want something spicier. All I wanna do, is get a Spice Bag Don’t want to Paleo, shove it up your c***k! Want that gym body for Grindr,
But I gotta eat. So I’ll get a Spice Bag,
Eat it on the toilet seat. But before I get to there, I have to stop off at the fridge. I keep the wet wipes in the freezer,
‘Cos it’s gonna hurt to s**t. Every bite that I take is f****n’ loaded with calories.
One a day, every day, fillin’ out my mammaries. Look at me, see my eyelid twitch.
“Can I take your order?”
Get me a Spice Bag, bitch! Hello? Can you hear me? Sorry, yeah I said… I think you already know my name! Sorry? What’s a Spice Bag? Oh, hi! Why don’t you Google it? You stupid fu- All I wanna do, is get a Spice Bag Delivery Man’s Kids; put them through college.

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