Spooky Scavenger Hunt with Benson The Dummy from Toy Story 4! Benson Plays with My PB and J!

Spooky Scavenger Hunt with Benson The Dummy from Toy Story 4! Benson Plays with My PB and J!

Thank You Kelly toy for sending us the
squish Mallos in this video for free that’s it’s gone scavenger hunts hey I
just I was under the couch and I and I’m a ghost so I could go through stuff so
guys it’s almost Halloween and it’s pretty spooky in here oh look look at
all of our lights we turn them on just right now so we haven’t carved our
pumpkins yet we still have to do that we’re gonna do it Craver for Halloween
tomorrow have you guys at home carved your pumpkins what do you guys think we
should carve our pumpkins as yeah let us know should we do scary pumpkin silly
pumpkins or traditional looking pumpkins give us some ideas guys well I happy
pumpkins oh my god are you okay I’m spooky I got
scared did you guys hear that noise at home
that was really spooky did you hear dad like okay this is super
spooky what do you think that wise I get back Margaret that’s it’s gone it says Spooky scavenger hunt all right
it says first up in the hunt it’s delicious and sweet you’ll need this to
carry when you say trick-or-treat what do you need when you go
trick-or-treating Oh something you carry what do you carry thanks we’ll check
some of the bags here’s a bag Halloween bags Halloween bags where thank you oh
yeah there’s a bunch of Halloween decorations in there up there let’s
check it off you guys think this is it look guys it’s a squishmallow Halloween
plushie they’re candy corn so I guess this is delicious and sweet if you like
candy corn all right so it looks like we have another clue
this one says another one is hiding use this rhyme as a map he likes to be
snuggled and enjoys a nice wrap well what’s wrapped guys got
any ideas what what type of things are wrapped with it your mom was wrapped as
a mummy remember that all right could be like us or it could be like a birthday
present or something like a wrapping paper okay it could be like a rapper? something musical yeah let’s go find you what else gets
wrapped mummies mummies get wrapped all right guys mummies get wrapped so what
do you use like fabric fabric maybe it could be fabric or maybe yeah I think
maybe like DIY at a budget oh maybe it’s toilet paper? that’s true guys toilet
paper toilet paper guys Oh and use the last of a toilet paper and
didn’t change the roll very rude mummy is all the 12 I have another clue guys
says you’ll need to search high start by leaving this room
she likes to float around and she uses a broom I know it I know it a chimney
sweeper uses a broom maybe it’s Santa Santa doesn’t use a broom who uses a broom? people who do curling use a broom your curling use a broom do you have a
curling iron check your curling iron let’s check the curling iron guys let’s
see there’s curling irons in here that’s right high places it said that all right
I guess we’re gonna go upstairs upstairs as hi guys something about a broom okay
good points around oh I know what it is but which which is it
I thought it’s gonna be a sandwich oh I was gonna check the fridge next. Wow
Oh there’s a note! There’s another squishmallows. How cute are these guys all right
oh this last one is unlucky but cute as can be it might be hard to find start by
searching a tree right here well I see a nest up here should I go in the nest? no that’s where birds live. Or stuff live. Or squirrel. A squirrel lives in there. There’s another nest over there. Birds live in that nest. I think I see something down. Do you see something down there? I think so. There might be something down in the tree down there. Maybe we should go outside and look should we go
outside and look guys yeah yeah okay let’s go yeah we’re going their shoes on guys okay so
little chilly what do you think could be outside in a tree Bash?
wait it’s a cat! A cat? No. Could it be a panda bear yes panda bear it’s something
unlucky fuzzy brown bear all right guys let’s go look in the
trees. let’s go. A cat! See something? there’s a cat. back in guys it’s like raining crazy.
tomorrow it’s gonna rain all day yeah I know
but we can’t have outside recess did you find a note out there alright
guys I didn’t see more notes I guess the scavenger hunts ended what do we get thank you I’m Kelly toy and squish
Mallos for sending us this yeah thanks guys thanks for sending this to us for
free yeah you guys are so awesome so this was
quite the scavenger hunt huh spooky Halloween scavenger let’s go put these
guys up and Benson’s back where he belongs
oh yes if you liked this video give up catch on the flipside

11 thoughts on “Spooky Scavenger Hunt with Benson The Dummy from Toy Story 4! Benson Plays with My PB and J!

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    I visited:Bulgaria,Austro-Hungary and Czechoslovakia. I would like visit Lebanon,Turkey,Greece,France,Britain,Spain,Italy,Sweden,Croatia,Poland,Germany I would like to go visit them

  2. I am going to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween what is penny going to be for Halloween what is penny little brother going to be for Halloween I craved my pumpkin as Minnie Mouse you should do your pumpkin like a poppy from the trolls I love you guys so much πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ

  3. to my PB&j I love you channel so much is the best friend but make sure you watch Corey HD and papa Jake please have fun videos crazy have some doll makers butt and check out fun and crazy kidsbut it was a little spooky did you know tomorrow's Halloween

  4. Hi friends!!! Omg Benson left a super spooky hunt! Haha the mummy used all the paper!! Omg a ghost!! omg a witch on the bed!! Wow!! Thats a cool ghost it has lights!! oh a black cat!! Omg it's supposed to rain here too!! loved this video!!❀❀

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