Spring 2019 Luxury Shopping Haul | Christian Louboutin GIVEAWAY | 早春豪华购物分享 | Jing Leng

Spring 2019 Luxury Shopping Haul | Christian Louboutin GIVEAWAY | 早春豪华购物分享 | Jing Leng

Hello~ This is ModeSen’s Fashion Director Jing. Welcome back to my channel To be honest. The night before I film my youtube video I am always so nervous. Sometimes I can’t even sleep. But on the day of filming, I also feel so excited. I have to thank you all for all your likes and support. I love sharing new content with you and also to be able use my platform to connect with you. Today, I am sharing with you my March and April purchases. Stay till the end of this video to see what’s in that orange box. I would also have a Christian Louboutin GIVEAWAY at the end of this video. You can see that my spring clothing purchase are very colorful. I picked out a lot of new designer brands. I also bought four different matching sets. Matching sets are my personal clothing preference. Firstly, Picking a matching set makes me feel more complete. Secondly, when you find something with the design elements that you like. Matching sets will provide you more ways to style the pieces. Lets take a look at all the clothing items I bought this Spring. First set is from A.W.A.K.E. This brand name is very interesting. It is actually an an acronym for All Wonderful Adventures Kindle Enthusiasm. In Chinese it says: 奇遇点燃激情 This designer is very much a storyteller and artist. Looking at the blouse All the buttons are made from cow bone. The fabric of the blouse and skirt creates great structure when you put it on. Especially the skirt. Although it is only connected by three pieces of fabric but when you put it on. It is very form fitting. and the overall structure gives it a very sculptural silhouette. One tip about this skirt set is The top runs small I am an A cup I usually wear FR 36 But after I tried on the FR36 the buttons were very hard to button. Since it was way to tight on me. That’s why I picked size FR 38 The skirt is my normal size. Second matching set Equipment I love this brand for awhile now The reason why I picked these out this season is because This matching set has the very classes stripe design It can be business casual or it can also be a very vacation look The design of the blouse is a classic button up. With two front pockets Furthermore Stripe design is easily another great closet essential. If the pants are too long on you. It is easy to tailor it to be shorter. For this brand you really need to buy one size smaller. Especially for asian women with a smaller frame. You should definitely pick the smaller size. I started doing stying videos. For the US. You can watch the videos on Instagram or TikTok For China. I am back on RED. I will share with you many ways to style one item. This dress is by A.L.C I really like the bright color. Personally I love solid color one piece dresses. My favorite part of this dress is the fabric. It is not too thin and it has great stretch. And it is super form fitting Look at the two layer skirt design kind of like wearing a pencil skirt under the dress. On the outside there’s a one piece coverup This dress really highlight the best part of your body. This is the third matching set that I picked out this season. All the matching sets you can buy separately. A lot of my friends asked where I get all my fashion ideas. I recommend checking Vogue.com They will post a lot of designer look book. I actually pre-ordered this skirt set last year. When the brand first showcase their Spring Summer collection. When I received this set. I found out ModeSens has a lot of merchants carrying this skirt set. There’s also a price difference depending on the merchant. I want to talk about this brand SALONI This brand is new to me The designer is base in London she grew up in India A lot of her design is influence by her grandmother and also the vibrant color of India. That’s why you will notice her brand being very colorful. This set is also made with Silk. Which is one of my favorite material. For the spring time I recommend picking silk fabric with bright colors and fun prints. So when you wear it it wont be too see-through. Next one is this pencil skirt Pencil skirt is another personal favorite I want to mention this brand because I was surprise to find out the brand designer is a men And this brand started as a furniture brand Then they started their men and womenswear even have a kids line This skirt is only $195 usd I will put all the product link and price in the description box I recommend this skirt to you because Often when I shop online, I will buy two different sizes to try. I got a size 0 because this skirt is made from 100% cotton Cotton can easily be stretched out Especially on a stretched cotton fabric For this skirt, I also recommend you to purchase one size smaller Next one are these jeans. I really like these jeans Although it looks very vintage and very simple These jeans are by SEE by CHLOE Chloe’s main line is very expensive. The second line is great I really like these jean Firstly, the fabric is 98% cotton Although there’s only 2% stretch but it is still super comfortable when you wear it and it is great for spring summer It is not too thick Also the high waist design I really like a fitted high waist design For these jeans, I suggest you to buy one size smaller I usually wear a size 26 and this one is a size 25 The next one is this trench dress This is another classic piece that can be one of your closet essential The beige camel color trench style Is very easy to mix and match I also made a five ways to style video with this trench dress The brand Derek Lam 10 Crosby Is the second line of Derek Lam Designer’s second line is usually great for everyday wear. Firstly, the price is much better Secondly, It still has the main line’s design style and aesthetic This trench dress has a lot of great details. For example at the belt part they have a button design to secure your belt so it wont move around Although this brand’s clothing is in US sizing But the sizing is still pretty standard to your own size. Usually I wear a size IT 40 or US 4 I had tried both size 2 and 4. Size 4 is definitely my size for this brand The next one is also from the designer’s second line. Michael Michael Kors. The reason why I bought this denim dress Is because Chanel has a very similar dress last season We all know Michael Kors deisgn is um… very “original” Although this dress’s color is not the same but the design is so similar Price around $100 USD This type of overall denim dress is very easy to style in many different ways I also made a 5 ways to style video with this denim dress. um. The main reason is this one is so similar to the Chanel one The next one is this one This matching set is from Chanel’s spring summer collection The reason why I bought this set is um This was a one piece dress and you can only buy it as a one piece Once I got it… there was a lot of funny things that I encounter with this dress At first the sales told me I can wear this as an one piece dress and I can also take it apart to wear it as a two piece set I was like oh that’s so great At night around 10pm I decided to try on this dress I was so shocked I was able to put it on Actually, you cannot wear this as a one piece dress I can’t believe I put myself through this tiny hole and then… something even scarier happened When I tried to take it off… I couldn’t The only way out was to cut this dress into two I kind of mess up a little while I was cutting too Other then this little side story This Chanel dress

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