Spring Backpacking the Ganaraska Hiking Trail, part 2

Spring Backpacking the Ganaraska Hiking Trail, part 2

I just made it to victoria lake, its pretty
windy and wavy as you can see. So supposedly this section of the trail is called, well…
they say its extremely rugged and non-maintained. Definitely not maintained as well as the rest
of it and uh its pretty rugged compared to the rest of the trail too. After hiking in
the rockies this doesn’t seem all that rugged to me but you know its rugged for Ontario.
Hiking on Victoria lake here. Really really scenic, really pretty. See these are kind
of, I don’t know if you can see that white mark there… thats what you have to follow
a lot of the time and sometimes, sometimes they’re faded out by the sun or washed away
or what have you. So uh its actually not as bad now, trying to navigate this trail. I
think at the beginning um it was hard because I wasn’t used to looking for the white markers,
I had to I think just train my eye to look for those because you know I’m used to blue
markers or um you know looking for orange or yellow for canoeing and the white does
tend to blend in a bit more. Alright so I’m stopping here on victoria lake um at this
uh trappers cabin here that I remember from last year because right across there, that
point right there is where I camped with a big group with toronto outdoors club. Really
awesome camp site by the way, especially for big groups. I think there was like twelve
of us and we each pretty much had our own tent, we had like eight or nine tents it was
ridiculous and they all managed to fit over there. Uh its right across from the trappers
cabin on victoria lake um about half way, half.. like in the middle of the lake on the
south side. So um look at the map right here, uh we’re right there in wolf lake… er victoria
lake sorry. There’s a really nice camp site up ahead, its not marked on the map but I
remember it from hiking just along victoria lake last year and uh the thing is I could
camp there… I guess I could camp on wolf lake, too. Um but supposedly this camp site
way over here on Look lake is really nice, so I wanted to get over there to check that
out. Problem is this section between victoria lake and wolf lake last year when we tried
to hike through there it was real sketchy like there was no land there it seemed really
just like a swamp so we’ll see. We’ll see how it is. So these are what I’m using for
water treatment on this trip. These are what I have been using uh when the water is too
cold for my filter because it can screw up your filter if the water is too cold and I
quite like it I might even start using it sometimes in the summer, who knows um but
basically what you do is you just uh mix up the two into this cap here and then let it
sit for five minutes I think, I haven’t done this in a bit. Um mix five drops of part and
five drops B, sit for five minutes and then you put it in your one litre bottle, so I
just bring these plastic one litre bottles and shake it and twenty minutes and its good
to drink. It doesn’t kill crypto, BUT I haven’t had a problem and supposedly its usually not
an issue so not too worried about it. One other thing that I forgot to mention about
the uh pristine drops is it says that if your water is cloudy or very very cold, then you
should triple the amount so thats what I did and uh you can see its getting yellow. That
means its activating and you can add it. So I just put thirty drops because I’m doing
two litres here, so I’m just going to split that between the two. Here’s that really sweet
camp site I was talking about. I mean it is uh really exposed, but look at the view. Holy.
Really nice. Okay so here’s that uh dicey section between victoria lake and wolf lake
that I was talking about. Last year it was even worse because everything was so overgrown
and now there’s really nothing growing yet. Maybe this way… see its like where do we
go? Okay this is not bad. I think through there looks promising. Hard to tell whats
solid ground or not. Through here… lets try that. Hmm this looks dicey. Now what?
haha. Step on these uh things whatever these are, they’re not that solid whew. Feel like
I’m going to step on a beaver or something. Woah jeez! Woah jesus. Okay. Man, this is
not easy. Might be able to get over to that log there. Can I jump onto that? Is that gonna
be solid? Could be disastrous. Looks solid enough. Oh man! Ugh. okay this is solid-ish.
Now I’m gonna go to that log. This will work. Alright. Okay! Whew. As long as I don’t fall
into the water. Yes! Victory! Ahh. Phew. Wolf Lake. Whew boy is it windy! Oh man so it is
5:25 and I’m still hiking along wolf lake, this section is pretty overgrown and not maintained.
It is pretty much bushwhacking the whole way from where you cross over from victoria lake,
but this spot is super cool check it out. I don’t know, I might just eat dinner here
and then keep hiking to loon lake, but i’m a little nervous because of how bushwhack-y
its been, that its gonna take me a little too long. So we’ll see what time it is after
I’m done my dinner. Check this out. Wilderness table. I don’t know how they got this out
here, I guess they probably brought the wood and made it here? Alright so it is quarter
past six now and I’m thinking I’m going to keep moving, I ate my dinner and this is a
decent spot but I still have lots of energy, I want to keep hiking and I think that I can
make it if not to Loon Lake, then to another small lake before that, I think its an unnamed
lake. Well it is just after six now, and I made it to loon lake… er not after six,
sorry after seven. So it took me forty five minutes. I didn’t stop and film anything because
I was losing light and I just wanted to get here. I’m pretty exhausted now. Gonna have
some water. So I hiked for seven hours today. Not sure exactly how many kilometres, I’ll
have to work that out when I’m in my sleeping bag later thats usually what I do. But I’m
glad I made it here, its a pretty nice spot look… two picnic tables! How they managed
to get those out here, I don’t know. Its pretty rocky and open. There’s a bunch of stuff that
people have left here like all these pots and kettles and stuff and I think I see a
tarp over there. But its gonna be pretty nice for star gazing tonight because its nice and
clear. I’m super looking forward to that because when I was in algonquin earlier this month,
it was too cloudy and I miss the stars. But uh I’ll probably sit out here tonight. There’s
some loons out there on loon lake. Whew. I was yeah like I said I was losing light, but
it was a beautiful walk. The bugs were chirping, the sun was setting, it was real nice. And
there was this one section where I had to walk over a waterfall it was really cool.
So I set up my tarp, I had to do it with um… see its right there… had to do it with rocks
cuz my stakes would not go in this soft mossy ground with rock underneath. Man I love this
uh, I love this tarp for one person its massive, look at it! oh man, look how… look how cozy
that looks! ugh. I’m gonna sleep well and to be perfectly honest like it’s 8:00?And
I could go to sleep right now. Whew. Thats the most I’ve hiked in a long time. It wasn’t
that much. I got a lot of training to do this summer to prep for this big hike that i’m
doing in august, but uh I did more than i thought I would. I thought it was a lofty
goal for me to reach this lake here so I’m proud of myself. It can’t be more than like
ten or fifteen kilometres that I did but I’ll add it up and see. Whew it was hotter than
I thought it would be. I got a sunburn today. For sure. I dont know if my face is sunburnt
but I guess i’ll see on video when I edit. But my arms are definitely sunburnt, I did
not expect that. I’ll stay up for an hour. No keeping your feet dry through here! I have
to go help my mom move tomorrow and she is gonna be curious as to what happened to me.
And this is where I’m sleeping tonight.

5 thoughts on “Spring Backpacking the Ganaraska Hiking Trail, part 2

  1. I would like to have been there with you. You werent going to keep your feet dry going through that swamp. LOL great views. In the national parks out here the trail markers are 3in orange plastic triangles usually nailed to trees or rock at about chest height and 5in triangles where a trail crosses a river (on either side). Those white trail markers there are hard to see. It would be easy to get turned around and sometimes you think, past landmarks are a lot closer than they are when you retrace your steps. At least thats what i've found. It seems that way if there arent that many memorable trees or rocks. LOL  cant wait for part 3. :o)

  2. I watched and enjoyed all three videos, especially all the UL gear. Keep them coming! I had a question regarding the unmarked campsite near the trapper cabin on Wolf Lake, how long do you think it would take some out of shape backpackers to reach it? (Too many boston creams from Timmies during the winter lol) I'm not expecting the site to have much in creature comforts but did it have anything besides the fire pit (thunderbox, picnic table, decent trees for bear bagging)?

  3. This is getting me excited to visit this park soon. I am glad I found your videos. I am going to enjoy watching more.

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